Final Bosses of Honor Announced + Backerkit is LIVE!

Hey Gaymers!

Backer surveys were sent out on Monday! Please make sure to check the email account associated with your Kickstarter to get your goodies!

Also, if you missed the campaign, you can still get your stuff now by going to the GaymerX Year Four BackerKit Page!

Now.. Meet our final Bosses of Honor!

Donna Prior

Okay, all, this is super important!
Not only is Donna Prior an awesome RPG Boss from Green Ronin who will be joining us in playing tabletop games throughout the weekend but she is also running Orca Con!

Orca Con is an inclusive tabletop convention in Washington and the KICKSTARTER IS LIVE RIGHT NOW!! So make sure you back them so that you can check out this awesome event!!

David Gaider

Formerly BioWare’s lead Dragon Age writer and currently BeamDog working on Baldur’s Gate franchise. (Yes, the Baldur’s Gate) David now returns to us as our Grand Marshall!

Well, that’s the title we’re currently giving the guy who’s not only responsible for some of the best games writing the world’s ever seen through the Dragon Age series but also
a man who’s been to more GaymerX’s than some of our staff! (Lookin’ at you, Toni!!)

Mark Barlet

We’re extremely excited to be bringing Mark Barlet, founder of the AbleGamers Charity! AbleGamers have done a lot over the years to make gaming more accessible and
we’re super proud to have Mark joining us!

Brandon McGill

Brandon McGill, artist and creator, will be joining us this year offering
his incredible body painting talent to GaymerX fans!
Make sure you stop by to get a little, or a lot, of his surreal and vivid artistry on yourself!


If you went to the first GaymerX you might recall an awesome chiptune artist who whipped out a violin and started playing it during his set. Well that’s the one and only Aethernaut!
One of our long time favorite musicians, Aethernaut’s been so close to the family he’s
debuted songs at GaymerX and even did some tracks for Read Only Memories!

New Boss of Honor and Press! :D

Hey everyone!

Announcing our very first Boss of Honor, you may know her voice as Shepard, or from Halo, or God Of War, or Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic or Diablo IIIor Metal Gear Solid or..well..she works really hard to voice some of the most awesome characters in gaming today…

It’s Jennifer Hale!

Hooray! We’re excited to announce some other awesome Bosses of Honor as we get closer to the event next year, but we’re so excited to have our first new Boss of Honor be such an awesome and prominent female voice actor in the video games world. Thank you for joining us Jennifer!!

We also wanted to share some super sweet articles that have been written about the convention/interviews we did. Please read if you’d like more insight into our thinking w/ GX3 or want to share the good news!




DOT 429  –

Some other cool ones at launch:



Also big thanks to Game Politics, Kotaku & Kotaku Australia, Polygon, Eurogamer, Nerd Reactor and everyone else for helping spread the word. It’s very likely now that GX3 is going to happen (6 1/2% left!) and we wouldn’t be in this spot without YOU helping spread the word and letting these publications that you like a little queer content now and then 🙂


The Final Boss of Honor is… A POTATO!

We’re pleased to introduce our final Boss of Honor. This Boss of Honor has spent time as an administrator of mass destruction, a robot, and yes, briefly as a potato. She thinks you are fashion-stunted, unlikable, and a horrible person.

You’ll love her.

She’s Ellen McLain, the voice actress from many of Valve’s games, including Half-Life 2 (as the Combine Overwatch) and Team Fortress 2 (as the Administrator). Her most recognizable role is that of the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, also known as the villainous sentient robot GLaDOS. Initially seen as a guide to Chell in Portal, it soon becomes clear that the AI in charge of the Aperture Science Research Facility wants nothing more than to kill her off. Needless to say, when she is reactivated in Portal 2 she is NOT happy to see Chell.

With a snarky, passive-aggressive personality that is sinister to the core (pun intended), GLaDOS was ranked by IGN in 2010 as the number one video game villain of all time. GLaDOS and Ellen have won several other video game awards, and Ellen herself won the Spike VGA for “Best Performance by a Human Female” for GLaDOS in Portal 2 in 2011. Ellen has long been a supporter of GaymerX, including being featured in one of the early advertisements for the convention (formerly GaymerCon):



When she’s not busy voicing homicidal robots, Ellen is a diva! But not, like, divas you find in the gay bars… she’s an actual diva in the world of opera. Her singing talents can be found at the end of both Portal games, as she sings both “Still Alive” and “Want You Gone” from Portal and Portal 2 respectively. Her operatic talents are also featured in Portal 2 in the track commonly referred to as the Turret Opera, “Cara Mia Addio.”



Ellen’s work is expanding beyond the video game – her voicework will be featured in the upcoming film Pacific Rim, directed by Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth). Del Toro has confessed to being a huge Valve fan, and insisted on Ellen as the voice of Jaeger AI as a tribute to her work in the Portal series. She will also star in the web series Wish It Inc. as the Fairy Godmother, which recently met its Kickstarter goal.

Ellen is married to fellow Boss of Honor John Patrick Lowrie and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She’ll be featured in the opening ceremonies as well as panels and two autograph sessions! You can follow her on Twitter at @EllenMcLain.

And now, Ellen doing what she does best… voicing a murderous piece of machinery:



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Who’s Got Two Thumbs and Will Be Totally Awesome at GaymerX? These People! (Though I suppose between them that’s 10 thumbs.)

Who wants more GaymerX news, raise your hand?

Oh, good. I have more and I really wanted to tell someone. Introducing Boss of Honor Anna Anthropy and GaymerX rockin’ musicians Crashfaster. Anna and Crashfaster kick all sorts of butt from all angles of the spectrum. GET IT? LIKE THE GAMING SPECTRUM AND THE RAINBOW??? FREEEEEEEE COMEDY, RIGHT OVER HERE!



First, we start with Anna Anthropy. Anna Anthropy is an important person. You know why? She has her own Wikipedia page. I’m impressed already. Billed as the “90th Hottest Queer Woman in the Galaxy,” Anna is more than just hot, she’s a talented artist and game creatrix too. Her first book, Rise of the Videogame Zinesters, champions the idea of “small, interesting, personal experiences by hobbyist authors,” much like she did with dys4ia, a largely-autobiographical game about her experiences with hormone replacement therapy. Her work explores the interplay with video game dynamics and the world of kink, as well as promoting queer visibility in gaming.


Indie Games Searchlight did a whole episode on her awesome game that was picked up by Adult Swim Games with an incredibly fun title to say, Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars:

Crashfaster is not just one awesome musician, it’s FOUR awesome musicians for the price of one! Crashfaster combines chiptune/8-bit music with rock and synth to make some seriously bangin’ music. I’m actually downloading this track below as we speak, from BUTCHERED: Splatterhouse Remixes:

Crashfaster also created the soundtrack to the throwback RPG series “Dragon Fantasy,” and has contributed to Caustic’s 12 Remixes and C418’s One.


Crashfaster features Morgan Tucker (programming, vocals), Devin Nixon (drums), Ryan Case (guitar), and Keiko Takamura (vocals).

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