Final Bosses of Honor Announced + Backerkit is LIVE!

Hey Gaymers!

Backer surveys were sent out on Monday! Please make sure to check the email account associated with your Kickstarter to get your goodies!

Also, if you missed the campaign, you can still get your stuff now by going to the GaymerX Year Four BackerKit Page!

Now.. Meet our final Bosses of Honor!

Donna Prior

Okay, all, this is super important!
Not only is Donna Prior an awesome RPG Boss from Green Ronin who will be joining us in playing tabletop games throughout the weekend but she is also running Orca Con!

Orca Con is an inclusive tabletop convention in Washington and the KICKSTARTER IS LIVE RIGHT NOW!! So make sure you back them so that you can check out this awesome event!!

David Gaider

Formerly BioWare’s lead Dragon Age writer and currently BeamDog working on Baldur’s Gate franchise. (Yes, the Baldur’s Gate) David now returns to us as our Grand Marshall!

Well, that’s the title we’re currently giving the guy who’s not only responsible for some of the best games writing the world’s ever seen through the Dragon Age series but also
a man who’s been to more GaymerX’s than some of our staff! (Lookin’ at you, Toni!!)

Mark Barlet

We’re extremely excited to be bringing Mark Barlet, founder of the AbleGamers Charity! AbleGamers have done a lot over the years to make gaming more accessible and
we’re super proud to have Mark joining us!

Brandon McGill

Brandon McGill, artist and creator, will be joining us this year offering
his incredible body painting talent to GaymerX fans!
Make sure you stop by to get a little, or a lot, of his surreal and vivid artistry on yourself!


If you went to the first GaymerX you might recall an awesome chiptune artist who whipped out a violin and started playing it during his set. Well that’s the one and only Aethernaut!
One of our long time favorite musicians, Aethernaut’s been so close to the family he’s
debuted songs at GaymerX and even did some tracks for Read Only Memories!

Boss of Honor #4! Musician of… uh… Music #4!

More Bosses of Honor! More GaymerX musicians! More more more! (The Andrea True Connection.) Gimme gimme gimme! (ABBA.) I want, I want, I want, me, me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, mine, now, now, now, now! (Dustin Hoffman in Hook.)

Calm yourself, Iago. I have more for you.

The fourth Boss of Honor at Gaymer X this August is none other than video game voiceover artist legend John Patrick Lowrie. Don’t recognize the name? You’ve probably heard his voice though, if you’ve played games like Half-Life 2 (Odessa Cubbage), The Operative: No One Lives Forever and No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s Way (Bruno Lawrie), and Team Fortress 2 (The Sniper).

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Lowrie lived the hippie life until picked up by the draft. He bravely served America in the United States Navy. That’s right: he was a seaman.

Lowrie graduated with highest distinction from the Indiana University School of Music and began composing and touring with his acoustic fusion duo, The Kiethe Lowrie Duet. He took to acting for better pay and steadier work, making him the reverse of pretty much every other actor ever. 2013 will see Lowrie in his latest role as the narrator of Uber Entertainment’s Planetary Annihilation. Lowrie published his first sci-fi novel, Dancing With Eternity, in 2011.


Aethernaut is our musician du jour, and I’m completely in love with his music already. He’s a classical musician who’s gone electro, taking chiptune/8-bit music and remixing it with everything from house to rock to hip hop and even electric violin. A violin that’s electric, people! Is your mind blown yet?

Aethernaut has released three works: 2011-2003=8, Super Mega Ultra, and Steam Fist Island II. Check out this remix of one of my ABSOLUTE favorite NES tracks, the music from The Moon from Capcom’s Ducktales.





The big Boss of Honor comes tomorrow!

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