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The best casinos to play online


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Programma VIP VIP program
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200$ Bonuses
35x Requirements
- Free Spins
At the casino Review
18+ | Play responsibly | Only for new users of Maximum bonus of $200 on the first deposit. Distributed in 10 installments of 100%. Minimum deposit of $10. Wagering requirement x35. 30 days to activate and 60 days after activation to complete. Terms and conditions apply.


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1 010$ Bonuses
25x Requirements
30 Free Spins
35x Requirements
At the casino Review
18+ | Play responsibly | Only for new Eurobet users. 30 free spins upon registration. On the first deposit, $10 of real bonus to play on Premium slot machines and on the Crazy Time game show, plus a bonus of up to $1,010. Minimum deposit $10. Wagering requirement 25x and validity of 15 days. Active free spins for 7 days with a wagering requirement of 35x. Terms and conditions apply.

PokerStars Casino

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- Bonuses
550 Free Spins
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18+ | Play responsibly | Only for new players on the site and only through our registration link. Up to 500 free spins + 50 free spins upon account verification. Maximum deposit of $50 required by entering the code 'ITALY500'. The bonus is given in two installments, 24 hours apart, and must be used within 7 days. Terms and conditions apply.

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Below are some quick links to the guides curated by GaymerX team .

How to Manage a Bankroll

Online Gaming Account

Guide to the RNG Mechanism ("Random Number Generator")

House Edges at the Casino

Wagering Requirements

Casino Terminology

What will you learn from our online casino guides?

Our online casino guides will help you navigate the world of online casino THE . This sector is in continuous, rapid evolution, and new trends and regulations are the order of the day.

And that is why it is important to stay informed and learn how to identify casinos with Legal license that offer safety and reliability.

As you can see from our table of contents, the topics we are going to cover are the following:

  1. Casino terms
  2. How you can improve your game
  3. Learn to manage your bankroll
  4. Wagering Requirements
  5. How the Random Number Generator works
  6. The house edge
  7. Check out the best casinos for high rollers
  8. How to set up your game account
  9. How important is the casino license?
  10. Blacklisted casinos

1. Terms of the casino

Whether you are new to the world of online casino gaming or are just starting out on new types of games, it is always best to be aware of the terminology used in this field .

Below we have compiled some of the most essential terms you should know before setting foot in a casino:

Term Explanation
Auto Exclusion A responsible gambling measure available in all online casinos that allows players to opt out of real money gambling for a certain period of time or permanently.

Self-exclusion from an Legal gaming site means that you are also unable to access all other operators with that license.
bankroll The amount of money you have in your player account.
Contribution By contribution, we mean the percentage that a game contributes to the wagering requirement (for example, if a game contributes 100% to a 40x wagering requirement, then you must wager the bonus amount on that game 40 times. If a game only contributes 50%, you will need to wager the amount 80 times).
House edge This is the advantage that the casino has over the player when it comes to each individual game and is calculated over a large number of spins. The house edge is the opposite of the RTP and is expressed as a percentage (for example, a 2% house edge or 98% RTP).
Wagering Requirements or Wagering Requirements It refers to the number of times you have to wager a casino bonus before it becomes withdrawable. It is usually indicated by a number followed by an 'x' (for example, 35x, or 35 times).
RTP RTP or Return to Player refers to the percentage that can be won from a game in the long run. For example, if a game has an RTP of 96%, then you can expect to win 96 euros for every 100 euros played, but only in the long run.
Bonus balance The bonus balance consists of money that comes from a bonus and therefore must be wagered at least once before it can be withdrawn.
real balance With the term real balance we refer to those funds that you have deposited and to those winnings that are not linked to bonuses (and are therefore immediately withdrawable).

2. Here's how you can improve your casino game

Below we have listed some simple tips that you can follow to get the most out of your favorite online casino. After all, knowledge is power! And if you play smart, you can avoid unnecessary losses and disappointments.

The our reviews Their purpose is to let you know whether it is worth playing at a particular casino or not. Nothing is left to chance. We evaluate the game selection, the platform interface, the convenience of the Bonuses and the Payment Options available.

And finally, we give our honest opinion, based on comparisons with many other casinos and our personal experience as players.

Today, you can see dozens of online casino streamers trying their luck and strategy on Twitch and Facebook Gaming.

Watching this player in action can help you a lot in understanding a game, from the dynamics to the best strategy to use.

Regardless of the game you intend to play, understanding its rules and features is essential. For example, even if you are playing a Slots , knowing something about win size and volatility can help you considerably in setting up and refining your strategy.

In the case of table games especially, knowing the rules is even more important so that you can make the most of their low house edge. For example, if you play a Blackjacks according to the basic strategy, the RTP can go up to 99% (depending on the variant you are playing)!

One of the benefits of playing online casino games is that you can always play for free!

Most casinos allow you to play their slots and table games in demo mode after registration. This way you can familiarize yourself with the game and hone your skills!

3. Learn to manage your bankroll

Never forget to keep tabs on your bankroll! Even better if you prepare in advance a plan on how to manage the money on your account during the game session.

As a basis for your account, you should allocate a budget that fits your income and lifestyle. Keep in mind that the flexibility of online casino games allows you to bet both small and larger amounts on virtually every game.

All Legal online casinos include tools to help you manage your bankroll , as part of their policy Responsible Gaming . Such as the ability to set deposit and loss limits, which automatically warn you to stop playing if you reach certain pre-set limits.

4. Wagering Requirements

In our reviews we always clearly state the wagering requirements linked to a bonus . But how exactly do wagering requirements impact your play?

If you are claiming a bonus then you should know all about the wagering requirements! In practice, these requirements determine how likely you are to keep your winnings from a bonus.

If a bonus is subject to a 40x wagering requirement, it means that you must wager the bonus amount 40 times before you can cash out. For example: with a $20 bonus, you must wager a total of $800.

And it is for this reason that bonuses with low (or even no!) wagering requirements are the most convenient option.

5. How does the Random Number Generator work?

An RNG, also known as Random Number Generator , is the program or microprocessor of a casino game that generates random results in the form of numbers or combinations, based on a specific algorithm.

Each random number corresponds to a particular outcome in a game (such as a particular winning combination in a slot).

Software RNGs continue to generate new random numbers milliseconds apart even when no one is playing. When the player clicks on a spin or play button, the result they will get will be correlated to the number that was generated in that fraction of a second.

This is why there is no way to influence the outcome of a game that uses a random number generator! If you want to know more, read ours casino RNG factor guide .

6. Keep in mind the impact of the house edge

Every single casino game has a House edge . This means that in the long run, the operator will make some profit from this game, and that overall, there will be more losses than wins.

That said, the house edge can be quite thin in some cases. In certain variants of Blackjacks e Baccarat it can even go up to 1%.

When it comes to online slots, the house edge is typically around 4%. In this case, this advantage is also expressed as RTP (Return to Player). A slot with an RTP of 96% will have a house edge of 4%!

Both the house edge and RTP are calculated over thousands of spins, so that doesn't mean you're always guaranteed to lose 4%. Maybe you could get very lucky and hit the jackpot!

That said, the house edge gives you a good indication of how much you can expect to win in the long run.

7. Check out the best casinos for high rollers

Some online casinos are more suited than others to those players who are accustomed to wagering large sums continuously, the so-called high rollers.

So, if you like to bet big and can afford it, then you might want to consider operators with loyalty programs specifically designed for players like you.

Indeed some of the casinos you find reviewed on our site they boast loyalty programs for their VIP players or allow you to unlock bonuses and special prizes in direct proportion to the game volume generated by your bets.

If you're a high roller, you'll also want to find a casino with high withdrawal and deposit limits, as well as flexible table limits. LeoVegas , for example, has various VIP live dealer tables where you can bet big!

8. How to set up your game account

Every time you create a New online casino account you will be prompted to set up a username and password. Make sure you do not share this data with anyone and change your password if you suspect unauthorized access.

On your casino account, you can view various personal data such as bankroll and bonus balance, among other information. You can also use the casino's responsible gaming tools (for example, setting deposit or session limits).

9. How important is the casino license?

Any casino intending to operate in a certain jurisdiction needs a license. The latter serves to ensure the fairness and security of that particular casino.

In our case, all casinos catering to players must be authorized by the Customs agency and monopolies THE .

Casinos with Legal license are required to adhere to certain measures and common standards. For example, all operators must provide some responsible gaming tools and cannot offer games from unlicensed providers.

All the sites that we recommend on GaymerX are licensees licensed by the Legal. Check out our reviews page to find them all!

10. Blacklisted casinos

Gaming portals that do not meet the standards required by the Legal are placed on a "black list", which is continuously updated and currently contains more than 9,000 illegal casinos .