Mega Joker

Providers: NetEnt

A slightly retro atmosphere in the Mega Joker slot, but a progressive jackpot and Supermeter mode capable of giving us great emotions.

Mega Joker

3 Lines
1 min bet
5 Paylines
3 Rollers


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Mega Joker
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Mega Joker review

Three reels, five paylines and a fruit cascade. For lovers of slot machines of the past, "enjoy" the Mega Joker, made by NetEnt . The display is divided into two quadrants, featuring the symbols of "Mother Nature" but with the winnings increasing, and not a little. The icing on the cake progressive jackpot .

How I tested the Mega Joker video slot

But where did I end up? Did I, by chance, get into the DeLorean this morning with Marty and Doc and take a trip to the past? Being in front of the video Slots of Mega Joker, in the beginning, you might have this feeling.

Do you remember those bulky games that are still found in bars and authorized stores? Well, the interface is exactly like that, divided into two parts (for desktop computers). It's hard not to be intrigued by such a product, and in fact, I want to know a little more about it. As always, before starting to play for real money, it is necessary to learn how to navigate. Let's see how:

  • It all seems very simple, so go for the demo version. One spin, another spin, and another one. Some wins and occasionally the action moves to the upper reels. Maybe this slot isn't so "mingherlina" after all!
  • The "i" of Informazioni is always there, in the bottom left. I do some research to find out more, also making further inquiries about user satisfaction and finding, not without surprise, excellent feedback.
  • If the "good" Loki, Thor's stepbrother, warned the kneeling crowd that there were no men like him, this slot machine makes me think of the exact same statement. If you happen to encounter some fruit and some old wild (or "joker," as it used to be called), you will hardly find slots like this up and down the web.

Mega Joker – Where to bet the bonus?

Are you "intrippando" with the Mega Joker, huh? I can't blame you! So let's find out a little more. If you want to continue with the demo version, do it as long as you enjoy it. If instead you feel ready to challenge Lady Luck and want to bet some real euros, we are here for that too, to give you the right advice and direct you to our trusted online casinos, namely those legalized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (Legal), which involve the use of Netent software, such as:

Did you know that as a new user of a legalized platform, you will have a Welcome Bonus And in the coming months, additional and varied promotions to further enhance (hopefully) your bets? Be careful with the desert water, though. Always be very careful when something is proposed to you. There are terms to be met and, no less, a deadline to look out for. The welcome bonus, among other things, but certainly not the only one, is also only given for bets and cannot be withdrawn. This, let it be clear, is a general statement and each online gaming house will have its own specifics.

Mega Joker symbols and payouts

Lemons, cherries, watermelons, oranges, plums... I hope you are not fruit lovers like myself, because playing Mega Joker, I literally made a clean sweep. Along with them, bells, the joker, and the number 7. The paylines in this case are very easy to keep an eye on: the three horizontal lines and the two diagonals that cross the display.

The symbols

From a win of 20 coins to a maximum of 2000. Not bad, huh?!? For all the details, let's take a look at the tariff directly on the slot machine. As with all online slots, the overall win is obtained by multiplying the value of the coin by the specified win of the winning combination.

Minimum and maximum bet

The slot indicates three possible token values at the bottom right (0.1 - 0.2 and 1), but the bet always remains fixed at 10 tokens. As a result, the actual bet can be 1, 2, and/or 10 euros. Now imagine, having bet the maximum and hitting the combination of three 7 symbols or even three Jokers. How much would the winnings be? Almost, almost...


Yes, you got it right. The return to the player in this atypical slot can even reach 99% in the Supermeter phase and therefore placing it among the online slot machine with highest RTP Always be cautious with the data provided, though, I recommend. Use them as a push to prepare a strategy and also draw from your direct experience, which will never be the same at the end of each game.


If so much gives me so much, it was inevitable that with a more than good RTP, the volatility had a medium-high value, in other words, keep in mind that big wins will not be so easy to trigger but hey, no one has ever said that participating in a marathon is something within everyone's reach. GaymerX supports the Responsible Gaming "and therefore reminds you to always be focused and measured when taking a position in front of the reels."

Win frequency

Inevitably, statistically speaking, the winning frequency per roll is medium-low. So be careful! Playing a slot machine can be very demanding, and even a bit frustrating if luck doesn't smile on us at the desired times. For this reason, it is essential to approach the slot machine fresh and with a rested mind. And if things don't turn around or do so abundantly, close it and start again another time.

Which jackpot will I win?

Given that the progressive jackpot It could be activated on any spin, it should also be said that when you start a game, knowing the exact amount of it is very pleasing to me, also because, for better or for worse, I can consider whether it is worth starting this session or waiting for the amount to increase even more. The jackpot is not fixed, but it changes.

The features of the Mega Joker slot

Being a slot machine sui generis, here the classic functions are nowhere to be found: no Wild symbols or Scatters to trigger anything. On the contrary, the SuperMeter mode is nothing short of engaging, and it is the upper quadrant of the slot that is accessed after a mysterious win between 20 and 400 coins.

The other function, if you want to call it that, is the progressive jackpot, which can only be triggered in the main game (the basic one).

The automatic game

Make yourselves a reason, my dear ones, if you want to tempt your bank account with the fruit of this online game, you will have to work for it without the possibility of programming any turn. Let's be clear: your humanoid counterparts with the crank, they didn't have anyone to entrust their effort to.

Can you buy free spins bonuses?

Free spins can be won and that's it, not in the literal sense of the statement. Let me explain better: there are no classic "free spins". However, by accessing the Supermeter, you will continue to spin starting from the just obtained win. But if you really wanted to buy spins, we suggest you do a thorough search on our website and you will find what will satisfy this desire.

The dress makes the… “support”

In the next paragraph, you will find some details about smartphone optimization in a very schematic way. What I don't have space to tell you, but is equally important, I will do so here. If you look at the previous paragraphs as well as in the first screenshot published, you will see a graphic of the slot extrapolated from the tablet. What awaits you on mobile, however, is completely different. You will only see the SuperMeter when you make the winning that will lead you there, leaving it again when you return to the initial game.

Graphics and music

Graphics and sounds But is it a one time slot or is it always a digital game? The answer
it won't be automatic, however trust me it's the second one. For a graphic
decidedly apt, a sound reduced to a minimum.
Optimized for smartphones I will tell you that I prefer the "telephone" version over the landline one,
which is a must try. Far clearer display and a
my opinion, even engaging.
Music The noise of the reels and some sounds typical of physical casino slots. Nothing
more, but that's okay. A more incisive sound impact would have been out of tune
with the theme of this game.
Special functions Supermeter – Jackpots

A clarification before the grand finale

But how sweet and juicy is the fruit of the Mega Joker? It's not a game for everyone, that's for sure, and perhaps for this reason it is so sought after. Around here, there is no room for entertainment but for decisive action focused solely on the slot and its possibilities.

Problems? They can stay there, that's why…

  • Even slots have a (digital) soul, after all! Stay calm. If ever the software or hardware were to create problems during the game, causing it to be interrupted, the bet will not be calculated and you will find your balance exactly at the same level as before the, let's call it, temporary "blackout".
  • As long as you are in demo mode, okay, nothing really happens, but if you are playing with real money, even more so, you should rely only and exclusively on legalized platforms. By doing so, for any problem, you will always have a serious and reliable interlocutor. Otherwise, well... good luck!
  • Watch out for viruses! I cannot speak on behalf of platforms that do not meet certain quality and safety standards, so here is one more reason to always choose authorized casinos and avoid problems from the start.

Mega Joker – Verdict

  • Marvel superheroes? 3D cinema effects? They don't live here, but the arrows in the arc of the Mega Joker slot are nothing short of lethal, and if you have the patience to get to know it, it will become a more than pleasant experience for your bets.
  • Ok, I'm being honest. When I came across this slot machine, I thought it was a joke, but then I started playing and I wanted to thank the joker who led me here. I'm already looking forward to playing again... with a good supply of fruit in the pantry, this time!
  • "The essential is invisible to the eyes," said the Fox to the Little Prince. In this online game, available at any time of the day on any device, you will have your hands full trying to hear the bells of victory.

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Mega Joker


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