GaymerX • Year Four #GX4


GaymerX is back for GX4! Welcome Digital Monsters!

GaymerX is an annual convention focused on games and gaming culture – Video Games, Tabletop Games & Card Games.

We focus on creating a fun and safe space for gamers and gaymers of all identities to have fun and hang out with like minded folks. GaymerX is a “queer space”, in that many of the panels revolve around queer issues or queer devs, but GaymerX • Year Four #GX4 is made for everyone and everyone is welcome!

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If you haven’t been to GaymerX before, here’s what you can expect!



From DDR machines to the classic consoles, we always try to bring a fresh mix of retro, modern, and indie to keep everyone interested. We’ve even got competitions and prizes for those of you who wanna show off your stuff!



Every year we add to our MASSIVE selection of tabletop games for you to play for FREE throughout the event! You can even play some games with the creators!



From cosplay contests, to dances, concerts, etc, we’ve always got something fun going on no matter what you’re into!





Our Bosses Of Honor are carefully selected to give a fascinating range of keynote topics for those of you looking to learn a little something!



We always have lots and lots of great speakers for loads of amusing panels and talks.


I’m white/cis/straight/male. Can I still come?

Absolutely 100%. That ‘everyone’ part of our little hashtag? We really mean it! For real reals. Here’s a little more about our mission statement.

We focus on creating a fun and safe space for gamers and gaymers of all identities to have fun and hang out with like-minded folks. GaymerX is a “queer space”, but is made for everyone! We stand side-by-side with any communities who have been left out of or discriminated in mainstream gaming culture, and we are dedicated to providing a unique, safe, harassment-free space for all marginalized people.

This includes not only queer folk, but women, people of color, and of course the intersections of these identities. We also work really hard to remain the most interesting, engaging, and entertaining gaming convention this side of the ‘sippi. If those values are in line with yours, our invitation is extended to you.


For more of our mission statement, read it on our website here.

For more on what we do to welcome and care for our diverse attendees, read our Code of Conduct and general rules here

GaymerX is an 18+ event, but if you’re with a parent or legal guardian you can join us! No unsupervised kids – we don’t get paid enough to babysit, and this allows our discussions to stay high level and discuss topics that may not always be all ages.

We couldn’t be here without your support. So thanks, everyone, and we’ll see you soon at GaymerX Year Four.

With love,

Matt Conn and the whole GaymerX team!