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Our guide to the best casinos with SPID

The introduction of registration via SPID further facilitates online casino gaming with Legal license. In this guide, we explain why playing on casinos with SPID is fast, secure, and convenient, as well as showing you which operators offer this service!

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SPID casino game guide

Usually to register on a Online casino To start playing, you need to fill out the registration forms and manually enter your personal data, such as your tax code and an identity document.

Immediately after, the creation of new credentials follows (username and password). And finally, one must wait for the operator themselves to complete the verification of the gaming account. In some cases, the entire procedure can take up to 36 hours.

Now however, thanks to SPID, the creation of a verified gaming account takes no more than 60 seconds!

The diffusion of SPID (Public Digital Identity System) has exponentially increased in recent years. With SPID, each individual is assigned a unique digital identity that is applicable to all online services provided by the Public Legalinistration and private entities that adhere to it.

Millions ofs use SPID every day to access INPS bonuses, book healthcare services, and so on. Naturally, the world of online casinos has also seen an opportunity and has seized the moment.

After all, why keep offering a complicated registration process when you can achieve the exact same result with just a couple of clicks?

✅ Safe, easy and fast
✅ The same login credentials for all sites, hard to forget the password
✅ You can play for real money immediately after creating your account

How to register with SPID in online casinos

Let's see in detail how to proceed when you want to use the SPID in online casinos.

First of all, it is necessary to access the casino area with the new member registration form. Its appearance varies from site to site, but generally it says "Register", "Sign up" or something similar (see the example in the image below).

SPID vs Classic Logging on Snai

At this point you will have to choose the welcome bonus to activate.

You will then need to select the identity provider with which you created your SPID and then click on "Log in with SPID".

You will then be redirected to your identity provider's page, where you can complete your identification!

Log in with SPID after selecting the bonus (screenshot of betflag )
Richiesta di accesso SPID dal sito delle Postee

And this is the last step of casino registration with SPID.

Now your account doesn't need any further verification and you can start playing immediately!

How to activate SPID to play on online casinos

To obtain the SPID you must be of legal age and have:

You can receive your SPID credentials only from the following identity providers accredited by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID):

Often to complete this procedure it is not necessary to leave the house, but it can be done comfortably online.

Bonuses with SPID

Given the advantages inherent in registering a game account with SPID, casinos could encourage the registration of new players with gods Welcome Bonus increased or with more convenient terms and conditions than standard promotions.

For example, new members at Betflag casino can choose between a no deposit bonus of up to $1,000 with classic registration and a No Deposit Bonuses up to $2,000 with registration via SPID, which doubles the standard offer.

For the moment the Legal operators that offer this type of registration Snai , Sisal e betflag .

That said, always remember to read the terms and conditions before accepting any bonus. As far as we're concerned, it's something worth doing even before signing up at a casino.

We strongly recommend that you also carefully read our reviews of the best Legal/ex Legality casinos. This way, you will be able to compare the bonus terms and features of each casino before you start playing.

We explain better how to do it in ours bonus guide and on our page dedicated to Bonus Calculator .

Advantages of SPID for registering in Legal casinos

It is easy to understand why the application of SPID has enormous potential among online casinos.

This service offers several advantages to both players and operators.

Below we will take a closer look at all those aspects that are simplified when playing casinos with SPID online.

Registrazione efficace con SPID al Casino

Smooth and secure account verification

Thanks to SPID you will no longer have to worry about sending all the documents necessary to prove your identity to online casinos.

On the contrary, it is sufficient to access the operator's website by clicking on "Enter with SPID", which is somewhat the digital equivalent of signing the guest register.

The entire procedure takes seconds, as it removes the need for casinos to check and compare data provided by new entrants, thus saving time and money.

Your personal data will be automatically entered into the casino database.

Furthermore, by logging in with the SPID, you can take advantage of further security checks, such as sending a temporary password.

One password

For SPID users, one of the main advantages is the ability to use the same credentials to access multiple portals. This way, you will no longer be required to remember or keep dozens of password and username combinations.

If registration via SPID were adopted by all Legal casinos, in theory every player could register on all certified operators always using the same credentials.

Play immediately after registration

Registering a casino account with SPID allows you to play much faster. Indeed, access to the games practically coincides with registration on the platform.

In the absence of a lengthy registration and verification process, players who log in via SPID can immediately enter the casino lobby and start playing.

What is SPID?

SPID is the acronym of Public Digital Identity System and consists of a pair of unique credentials (username and password).

These credentials are used by the individual user to prove their identity on the internet and access portals of public Legalinistration and participating private entities in a simple, secure, and fast manner.

The SPID is free and can be used from any device on all sites or apps that show the "Enter with SPID" button.

Certified casinos Legal (Customs and Monopolies Agency) can accept the SPID as a login method.



Accessing casinos with SPID simplifies the gaming experience from many points of view.

The entire registration process is much faster and does not take more than a minute. Furthermore, the registration through SPID is structured in such a way that it happens smoothly, with very few clicks.

Access to casinos with SPID allows you to safely and freely use the same credentials on numerous portals, many of which are commonly used, without being forced to save or remember your username and password.

In our opinion this mix of convenience, security and flexibility is destined to make its way into the world of legal gaming and we can't wait to see it put into practice by other Legal licensed online casinos .

Frequent questions

To obtain the SPID, you need to contact one of the authorized operators (Identity Providers) and choose the preferred recognition method. You can choose from various options, both remote and in person. The request for SPID is reserved for all adults who have a valid identification document or a health card with a tax code, an email address, and a mobile number.
Registration on an Legal/ex Legality casino with SPID is safe and fast. The procedure takes less than a minute and your personal data is automatically loaded from the digital identity recognition system.
For now the only online casino that offers SPID registration is Betflag.
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