Vikings go to Hell

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Last May, the third creation of the series of video slots with a Viking theme Yggdrasil was launched: Vikings Go to…

Vikings go to Hell

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Vikings go to Hell
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Vikings go to Hell review

The third creation in the series of Viking-themed video slots was launched last May Yggdrasil : Vikings Go to Hell. With 25 paylines and 5 reels, the vicious Viking warriors will once again be entertained!

Vikings Go to Hell - Il gioco Yggdrasil

Vikings Go to Hell – The features of the slot

The Yggdrasil warriors will have to descend to the Underworld and face demons this time! We can say that there are many features that the slot shares with the previous 2 in the Vikings series by Yggdrasil Gaming. First of all, we will also find the rage feature here. As soon as you start the spins with the wild Vikings, you will start collecting the so-called rage points, starting from 150 for each Viking. The remaining points will be obtained with the wild symbols, which are found when a battle is won or through the base game with treasure chests.

La slot di Yggdrasil

The symbols in this game change partially compared to previous versions of the slot machine, as we have here 4 weapons and 4 Vikings, but also the wild symbol, which can replace any symbol except the scatter symbol. The latter will be, as in Vikings Go Berzerk , a free spin symbol, which can appear anywhere on the reels. If the player were to find only 2 free spin symbols on the reels, they would be entitled to a re-spin, so that the player can try to find a third one. During this re-spin, the wild symbols will remain on the reels to increase your chances of winning.

Vikings Go to Hell – The free spins

In the base game, players will be able to try to make the treasure chest appear on the fifth reel, which can reward them with an "Epic" or "Good" tablet, which will give prizes to the lucky winner, including free spins, rage points, and tokens. The Epic Tablet guarantees the highest rewards between the two tablets.

During the base game, the player who finds 2 or more free spin symbols will activate the Demon Fights feature, in which the demons and Vikings, who are the protagonists of the game, will unleash a fierce battle. If the Viking defeats the demon, he transforms into a wild symbol and the player earns a rage point!

But, in addition to these possibilities, the slot Vikings Go to Hell will certainly be loved by players for the chance to get free spins in 3 different modes or levels. Let's take a closer look at what it's all about!

If you were to find 3, 4 or 5 free spin symbols on the reels, you would be rewarded with 7, 12 or 16 free spins respectively! In these same circumstances, the Viking symbols will have to fight against a demon to earn rage points and transform into wild symbols. The evil "Lord of Chains" will appear at the end of each free spin that shows at least one Viking on the reels, and a battle will begin between the two. If the Viking were to strike the demon, it would transform into a wild symbol and one of the Lord's 3 life bars will be removed.

Vikings GO to Hell - La lotta tra demoni e Vichinghi
  • What happens when all 3 Lord of Chains life bars are removed?
  • If the player is lucky enough to clear all the evil demon's bars and kill him, he moves on to a second level of free spins!

This level has 7 free spins, at the end of which a random Viking character is chosen from those available to try to defeat the demon Lucifix. In this game feature, there are sticky wilds that can increase the chances of turning every spin into a success! If you are able to eliminate the demon's 3 life bars, you will receive a 3x multiplier that will be applied to the overall winnings of the free spin round. In addition to this feature, all demons will be defeated by the Vikings for the remaining free spins! And this will also lead to an increase in the number of accumulated rage points.

And here it is, she has reached the third level of free spins, where the Berzerk feature is activated. This feature begins when you manage to collect 300 rage points on a Viking. In this feature, we see all the characteristics of level 1 of free spins, but in this case, only 7 free spins will be granted, along with the Berzerk mode, which ensures that the Viking can always defeat a normal demon if they were to encounter one. Another fundamental aspect of the Berzerk feature is the fact that if a Viking were to be in Berzerk mode, they would remain so even if the player manages to activate the second level of free spins.

Le funzioni della slot Vikings Go to Hell

Vikings Go to Hell – Bonuses

The game is truly full of surprises and different features, and for this reason, it is a success, just like the two previous games in the same series. You can try it at the StarCasino star casino. Click here To read our review of the gaming site and click on the link below to start the battle against demons immediately, with Vikings go to Hell.

We also know that there are video slots inspired by Nordic history in other casinos, where the battle can begin by playing without having to spend your own money. We present you some casinos with bonuses from the house, all recommended by GaymerX and certified by Legality.

If you want to try one of the other Viking-themed creations from Yggdrasil Gaming, namely Vikings Go Wild and Vikings Go Berzerk, we recommend StarCasino, a reliable and 100% secure casino certified by Legality, with a rich welcome package! click here To visit the operator's website immediately and discover what other offers and promotions it has in store for new players!

Vikings Go to Hell di Yggdrasil è qui!

Vikings Go to Hell – The graphics and sounds

The same Vikings from the previous Yggdrasil slot machines return here more formidable than ever and a little changed. Just like in Vikings Go Berzerk, where the heroic warriors had the mission to defeat beautiful yet cruel sirens, in this video slot there will also be flames and music capable of inciting the characters and players to fight. The music is epic battle music!

The tones of the slot are exactly the dark ones of Vikings Go Wild and Vikings Go Berzerk, and the battle takes place between lava and flames. The faces of the Vikings seem to encourage you to choose your weapon and start the fight!

Vikings Go to Hell – Minimum bet, maximum bet, RTP and volatility

The minimum bet on the slot machine is $0.10, while the maximum is $125. The RTP of the game is 96.1%.

The volatility of Vikings Go to Hell is high.

Vikings Go to Hell slot – Our conclusions

The wait for this slot had become really difficult but, after finally trying it in an casino, we can say that it was worth it!

With more and more possibilities to multiply free spins and winnings, and with 3D graphics with attention to the smallest details, we recommend StarCasino to try the work of art!

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The video slots inspired by the cold lands of the North, with the most accurate graphics and with protagonists such as the fearsome Vikings, aurora borealis, bears, wolves and much more have been collected here . Good fun!
Vikings go to Hell


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