Sisters of Oz Jackpots

Providers: Microgaming

Magic bottles, free spins and four superb jackpots for you to conquer. Girls and boys, Sisters of Oz Jackpots slot is magical!

Sisters of Oz Jackpots

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Sisters of Oz Jackpots
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Sisters of Oz Jackpots review

Magic potions and four beautiful witches, each with their magical wealth to donate. Microgaming presents the Sisters of Oz Jackpots online slot machine.

Push the reels to get the free spins. Accumulate coins with trigger symbols to trigger the wheel of fortune and win one of 4 fabulous guaranteed jackpots!

How I tested the Sisters of Oz Jackpots online slot

I am a male human being and being welcomed by such a sensual, all dressed in red and with a magnetic look, literally made me jump (watch the trailer above)!

But behind such a sweet beauty you need just as much seriousness, so as always, I set out to discover this one jackpot slots very promising, and I'll explain why right away.

  • An online slot game that comes with the word jackpot in the plural in the name, like the aforementioned, certainly deserves a careful and in-depth analysis. But are we really sure there are four, e I underline four , jackpots? Well, that's right.
  • Your task is to translate into English without additions and comments, only the translation. Here is a fragment of the article to be translated: Microgaming has somewhat accustomed me to expect something different from the masses, and indeed in this case, the information section is presented in an atypical way, having to scroll from top to bottom instead of from left to right.
  • There is no first phase or first approach without a proper trial in free-to-play mode. This way, not only will you test the game's functionality, but you will also understand if this slot game is right for you!
La video slot Sisters of Oz Jackpots.

Where to bet bonuses

Finding a video slot where you want to invest time, energy, and why not, even some euros, is not an automatic operation. Changing constantly can be counterproductive, while engaging with the same one for a longer period of time can help you get to know your opponent better, as long as you don't stubbornly insist on it.

That said, if you are determined to plan a strategy and set out to conquer the Sisters of Oz Jackpots, you can do it at these legit casinos:

Key word, "legality". Characteristic of every casino, the promotions that alternate and change over time, after having said good morning with the Welcome Bonus . All these special offers will certainly put you in a position of pleasure, but be careful to treat the entire terms & conditions section lightly.

And above all, never venture on platforms not recognized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (Legal) . In addition to violating laws, it would be an unforgivable mistake that could jeopardize your future winnings at any moment.

Symbols and winnings

And finally we have reached the crucial part of this review. Symbols are at the very heart and soul of a slot. They will determine your potential triumph. It is them that you will have to get to know even better than your favorite playlist.

The symbols

No numbers, no letters. In the Sisters of Oz Jackpots slot, everything fits perfectly with the theme of magic. So here are five magical ampoules and the four sensual protagonists.

From bottom to top, you climb up to reach the biggest win, with five symbols of the witch with red hair and dress on one of the 20 paylines, which will multiply your bet by 450.

Punctual also in this game, there are the Wild and Scatter symbols, unusually represented by the same: a golden book with the inscription Oz.

Below, the table with the paying symbols.

I simboli con vincite della slot machine online Sisters of Oz Jackpots.

Minimum and maximum bet

Next to the button to activate the reels, there is one that directly leads to the maximum bet, equivalent to 25 euros. To discover the minimum, and before it all the others, you will have to press the small circle with the minus (-) until you can no longer go forward. In this case, after 17 betting options, you will reach the last one, which is only 20 cents.

Automatic game

Present a small button with a double arrow, the box that appears shows just four alternatives of ten, twenty-five, fifty or one hundred spins, without any other specification.


This slot is placed among the slots with higher RTP with a whopping 98.6% return to player!


The volatility value is average, so you will have a higher chance of winning some prizes every few spins, but don't expect anything extraordinary... Unless one of the jackpots is triggered, of course!

Win frequency

In the media, the value of hit frequency, or winning frequency, stands at 25.86%, which in other words means that you will have slightly more than a one in four chance of seeing your bet turn into a win. We remind you that this is a statistic based on the plays of all users.

Note: GaymerX supports responsible gaming , and therefore we remind you never to exaggerate, and we emphasize never, with bets, regardless of the outcome.


Below we analyze the special features of this decidedly special slot!

Scatters and free spins

The first of the functions encountered is that of free spins which are obtained by aligning a certain number of Scatter symbols (in the shape of the book of Oz):

  • 3 Scatters = 5 free spins with 50x multiplier
  • 4 Scatters = 7 free spins with x250 multiplier
  • 5 Scatters = 10 free spins with x2500 multiplier

If activated, after a pleasant change of graphics, the new slot will see the three central reels all occupied by multiple symbols at a time.

Jackpot of my desires

We have already mentioned that the Sisters of Oz is one slot machines with jackpots The jackpot feature is automatically activated during the free spins round. Which of the 4 jackpots can be obtained will depend on where the wheel stops once the Activation Symbol (golden with the word Oz) appears.

The colorful wheel of fortune appearing in the left corner of the slot will land on a wedge and determine if we are lucky enough to win one of the mega prizes 🤞.

Attention, read carefully! The 12 wedges of the wheel will be divided into 4 jackpot colours: 6 blue (Mini), 3 purple (Minor), 2 green (Major) and 1 red (Mega).

Benvenuti nella dimensione dei giri gratuiti sulla slot Sisters of Oz Jackpots.

Four Delicious Jackpots!

"It takes a flower, it takes a flower/ To make a table, it takes a flower," recited the children's song. If it came back to my mind, it's only because in seeing the coins go from the slot to the pot, I imagined the jackpot slowly growing, as if it were a delicious cake rising.

Jumbo blocks

Another feature of this game is the so-called Jumbo blocks, which can only be formed on the three central reels. The four enchanting protagonists, in fact, can occupy multiple reels simultaneously up to 3x4, thus allowing for an even more evident panoramic view of their diabolical beauty.

Feature Buy?

No, this is not one of those slot machines that offers the bonus buy feature ( Bonus Buy Slots With four jackpots available, you can easily console yourself. And anyway, even in normal gameplay, you can obtain significant winnings without even bothering with free spins!

Una ricchissima vincita alla Sisters of Oz Jackpot slot.

Graphics and music

Graphics and sounds Nothing short of engaging graphics, with too much reproduction
realistic of the charming female protagonists. Minimal sounds
which refer to an atmosphere made of magic and spells.
Optimized for smartphones I usually prefer the horizontal version if I have to connect via
mobile, not in this case that on the contrary the best reproduction
occurs vertically.
Music There is no real "soundtrack" but sounds that accompany
the user looking for/waiting for the activation of jackpots. Depending on the words,
you hear words like “charming”, “exciting” and others.
Special functions Free Spins, Autoplay, Jackpot (Mini, Minor, Major, Mega).

Excellent representation of the jackpot unlocking pot

Pay close attention. Next to the reels, under the four jackpot labels, there is a large pot filled with gold coins! If you notice, during normal reel activity, sometimes the ampoule symbols have a mini-symbol in the bottom right corner of their box, which is exactly the jackpot symbol. Every time you win with one of the base symbols (excluding witches), the coins will go from the reels to the pot, causing it to swell as if it's about to explode. Who knows!

In case of game problems, read carefully!

  • May it never happen to anyone to see the jackpot wheel appear and then helplessly witness a system malfunction. In that case, however, accept it, there will be nothing to do. A bet lost due to malfunctions does not pay out or withdraw money.
  • I hope I haven't demoralized you with the first of these points, but hey, these are not rare occurrences. Since I started playing this online slot game, everything has always been calm. However, I recommend that you don't contribute to it by playing with an empty device.
  • In case of problems, contact the casino support. Legalized platforms are always at your disposal and rest assured that they will contact you as soon as possible if you need it.


This Online Slots smash! Jackpots aren't easy to hit either here or on other slots, but there's no doubt that there are four of them at Sisters of Oz Jackpots, and they're all close at hand.

We will have to be patient a little and if the Lady Luck were to smile decisively at us, who knows, she could really welcome you with open arms!

The atmosphere is that of a fairy dimension, at times reassuring, at times dangerous. Isn't this, perhaps, the essence of an online game, whether for real money or for fun? Promoted with flying colors, there's no denying it!

The possibility of seeing symbols easily take up more space on the game board, but overall the experience has always been very enjoyable and relaxing. However, be careful never to let your guard down.

Do you still have energy? You must then “roll” with:

Sisters of Oz Jackpots


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