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A complete guide to online jackpot slot machines

On this page, we have gathered all the information you need to immediately identify your favorite jackpot slot. From fixed jackpots to progressive ones, you will also discover our tips for choosing, playing, and aiming for the win of your dreams!

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Complete guide to jackpot slots

On this page we have collected all the essential information to start playing the different types of Online Slots with jackpots!

Let's start with the basics. The prize pool, called "jackpot," is divided into two main categories: fixed jackpot or progressive jackpot. The first ones offer different levels of prizes already set by the provider, which you can increase or decrease by changing the amount of your bet. The second ones, instead, are increased through the bets made by all players on the same slot or on a network of connected slots.

Are you curious to know more? Read on for our guide and find out below our top 5 with the best jackpot slots.

Top 5 slots with progressive and fixed jackpots

To make it easier for you to choose among the countless alternatives, we already have a ranking of the top 5 slot machines with both fixed and progressive jackpots, available in the casinos authorized by Legal.

1. Sisters of Oz Jackpots (Microgaming)

Mysterious vials, free spins, and above all, four superb fixed jackpots to conquer: starting from the Mini (x15) and reaching up to the Mega (x10,000), for a maximum win of $250,000.

Signed by the provider Microgaming , the slot Sisters of Oz Jackpots commands our ranking of the best jackpot slots, giving us a magical gaming experience!

RTP 98,80% min bet 0,20$
Volatility Average max bet 25$
Max payout (excluding jackpot) x100 Paylines 20

2. Age of the Gods: God of Storms (Playtech)

The slots of the Age of the Gods series by the provider Playtech offer players a network with 4 extraordinary progressive jackpots and numerous adventures inspired by Greek (and lately also Norse) mythology.

Age Of The Gods: God Of Storms it is certainly the episode most appreciated by players, but the saga of the gods (accompanied by jackpots) continues in Age of the Gods: King of Olympus and of course in the original Age of the Gods .

RTP 96,10% min bet 0,01$
Volatility Medium/high min bet 250$
Max payout (excluding jackpot) x500 Paylines 25

3. Wild Link Cleopatra (Microgaming)

It's not just about the incomparable charm of the famous Egyptian queen, or the characteristic Wild Link feature that adds up to 6 extra lines in free spins, resulting in an increase in the number of paylines... In the slot... Wild Link Cleopatra The provider Microgaming has integrated three enticing fixed jackpots into the regular game payouts.

The Mega multiplies your bet by 200 and gives you a maximum win of $10,000!

RTP 96,40% min bet 0,20$
Volatility Average max bet 50$
Max payout (excluding jackpot) x5 Paylines 243+

4. Divine Fortune (NetEnt)

In the slot Divine Fortune is the provider NetEnt to take us back in time, building a plot based on some of the most famous Greek myths.

Your task is to translate into English without additions or comments, only translation. Here is a fragment of the article for translation: Two fixed jackpots (Minor x20 and Major x100) are up for grabs during the Jackpot Bonus, to which a mind-blowing progressive jackpot (Mega) is added, which can be reached once we have filled the grid with only coin symbols.

RTP 96,60% min bet 0,20$
Volatility Average max bet 200$
Max payout (excluding jackpot) x30 Paylines 20

5. Congo Cash (Pragmatic Play)

The jungle of slots Congo Cash it immediately attracts us with the thoughtful looks of its animals, its 432 paylines, and a jewelry collection feature that allows unlocking the captivating free spin mode.

But the adventure conceived by the provider Pragmatic play also includes the challenge launched by its three fixed jackpots: the Grand is worth x2,000 and is therefore linked to the maximum win of $200,000!

RTP 96,5% min bet 0,20$
Volatility Medium-high max bet 100$
Max payout (excluding jackpot) x10 Paylines 432

List of slots with fixed and progressive jackpots

What are Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Progressive jackpot slots are largely very similar to standard slot machines, meaning they are simple slots that add the payouts of other jackpots to the regular game payouts. The crucial difference is the presence of existing jackpots within them!

These are able to grow exponentially and reward the luckiest players with astronomical payouts. Even with just one spin.

Progressive jackpot online slots can be described with a handful of main variants. Here they are in a brief overview below.

Standalone progressive jackpot

The simplest variant is the stand alone. It is an independent slot, not connected to other machines, so its jackpot comes from a single source. This makes it the option with the least generous payouts in the category and also the least sought after by the public.

Progressive jackpot in a shared network

Online slots with progressive jackpots can be connected together through a shared network, like the one we saw with the Age of the Gods series. In these cases, bets on the entire network of slots contribute to the growth of the jackpot.

Daily Jackpots

In slot machines with daily jackpots, a jackpot is awarded within a predetermined time limit. Usually, you will find the amount next to the game board, along with a countdown indicating how much time is left before the jackpot is paid out.

Mega Drop Jackpots

Mega Drop is a three-level progressive jackpot feature by SG Digital. The system is designed to ensure faster jackpot drops, thus encouraging players to stay active on these slots. Prism Blast and Lucky Lanes were the first two titles to integrate the Mega Drop jackpot.

Dream Drop Jackpots

The Dream Drop jackpots, on the other hand, are a novelty from Relax Gaming. It is a system of progressive jackpots with five levels, with the maximum prize increasing by $500,000 every two wins, up to a maximum limit of $10,000,000. The Dream Drop was launched on the Temple Tumble 2 slot.

How do jackpot slots work?

As we have seen, whereas slots with fixed jackpots offer prizes that are predetermined by the provider and vary based on your bet in the round, progressive jackpot slots reward the luckiest players with one or more jackpots that accumulate all eligible bets from the players.

Once won, the progressive jackpot returns to a predefined starting value (called "seed") and starts increasing again from subsequent games.

Compared to slots with fixed jackpots, slot machines with progressive jackpots allow for an exponential increase in the final prize, as more and more players place their bets on them.

Are progressive jackpot slots safe?

Progressive jackpot slots are controlled by third-party auditors to ensure that they meet the safety criteria established by regulatory bodies., for example, supervision is the responsibility of the Customs agency and monopolies .

This causes the results of these slots to be completely based on chance, also thanks to the use of a random number generator .

As with normal game winnings, the possible collection of a jackpot will also be 100% random and will not follow any pattern or cycle repeated over time.

Tips for winning the jackpot at slots

As tempting as it may be to dive headfirst into the world of online jackpot slots, only if you follow our advice can you enjoy a satisfying experience with fixed or progressive jackpot slots.

1. Choose jackpot slots where you can win big with little

Ideal slots give you a chance to hit their jackpot even with a small bet.

Maybe luck will kiss you and you can be as lucky as that player Mega Moolah who won a jackpot of over $18 million in 2015 for just 75 cents!

2. Prioritize progressive slots with high RTP

If you focus on slots that combine progressive jackpots and a High RTP , you will have more chances to register some winnings, big or small.

3. Quantity = quality

Of course, the jackpot size will also help you determine which slot is best to risk. Usually the best picks are those with the most jackpots.

4. Check if your bet size affects your chances

In some slots, your chances of winning the jackpot are closely tied to the amount of your bet. In these cases, the larger your single bet, the greater your chances of winning the coveted jackpot.

5. Don't bet more than you can afford

The allure of jackpot slots may sometimes lead us to spend more than we previously intended. Our advice is therefore to remind you as always of gamble responsibly , by betting amounts that allow you to keep your bankroll in check.

The best jackpot slots providers

In the diverse landscape of Online casino there are several providers who, given the enormous appreciation for slot machines with jackpots, have increasingly specialized in this kind of jackpot over the years.

Below we show you those who in our opinion currently sit on our podium of the three best jackpot slot providers.

1. Microgaming

We've already featured it twice in our top 5 jackpot slot machines, but the jackpot fame of Microgaming does not stop at Sisters of Oz Jackpots e Wild Link Cleopatra , nor to the record winnings of Mega Moolah (we will see them better in the next section).

Other flagship titles are those connected to the WowPot progressive jackpot network: from the depths of Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon WowPot to the Egypt of Queen of Alexandria WowPot, passing through a version of Sisters of Oz WowPot and many others!

2. NetEnt

Our favorite jackpot slot from NetEnt remains Divine Fortune "che abbiamo piazzato al quarto posto della speciale top 5, ma dobbiamo ammettere che la scelta nel catalogo di questo fornitore può rivelarsi davvero dura! Per chi va in cerca di atmosfere un po’ retro consigliamo senz’altro" Mega Joker The fruit-themed slot enriched with a juicy progressive jackpot.

The dream of becoming a millionaire can also be pursued through other game plots: the ones that attract us the most are staged on the reels of Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights!

3. Playtech

Huge jackpots and mighty gods go hand in hand in the highly successful series of Age of the Gods , where the provider Playtech "si cimenta non solo con l’universo della mitologia greca, ma anche con il fascino dei vichinghi e dei miti nordici in titoli come Age of the Gods: Norse Ways of Thunder ed Age of the Gods: Norse King of Asgard." It engages not only with the universe of Greek mythology, but also with the fascination of the Vikings and Norse myths in titles like Age of the Gods: Norse Ways of Thunder and Age of the Gods: Norse King of Asgard.

A progressive jackpot is also the one up for grabs Gladiator: Road to Rome , official slot of Ridley Scott's film, while in Grease we even find two: in short, everything could also depend on our cinematic tastes!

Online Jackpot Slots - Biggest Wins Ever

Curious to know what were the biggest wins ever at online progressive jackpot slots? Here is a list of the most impressive ones:

  1. Absolotly Mad: Mega Moolah – $23.6 million
  2. Mega Moolah – $23.5 million
  3. Mega Fortune – $21 million
  4. Mega Moolah – $17.2 million
  5. Mega Moolah – $16.7 million

Where to play jackpot slots?

There are many Legal online casinos that boast some of the most popular progressive and fixed jackpot slots in their lobbies. In the following table, we see five of those that undoubtedly stand out for their offerings.

Review Welcome offer Casino links
LeoVegas 100% bonus up to $1,500 + 300 free spins Go to the site
Snai 100% bonus up to $1,000 + $15 free Go to the site
PokerStars Up to 550 free spins with 1 deposit Go to the site
William Hill Up to $1,000 + 200 free spins + $20 on Playtech slots Go to the site
Unibet 100% bonus up to $500 Go to the site

Jackpot slots - fun and dream winnings

On this page we have seen why jackpot slot machines have always been among the types of slots preferred by online players.

In the face of the stratospheric collections, especially as regards slots with progressive jackpots, the providers certainly do not spare themselves even in terms of features and game plots!

In short, for those who love slots, fun is guaranteed as always, also given the quality guaranteed by the names of the suppliers at stake, always ready to challenge each other with titles and ideas.

If the jackpot should also arrive during your game, you understand that even in the adventure of a game it is not that complicated to give life to a real dream.

Frequent questions

Slot machines with jackpots, both fixed and progressive, work in the same way as standard slot machines, with the only difference being that in addition to the normal game payouts, you will have the opportunity to aim for much higher payouts offered by the slot's jackpots.
The jackpot of a slot machine is defined as progressive when it is constantly fed by the bets made by all players on the same slot or within a network of different connected slots.
The fixed jackpot slots have a predetermined prize pool that you can view within the game window and adjust based on the value of the bets you are willing to invest per spin.
You will have nothing to worry about as long as you play on an online casino site with a regular Legal license. Thanks to the use of a random number generator, as well as for regular game winnings, the possible jackpot payout will also not follow any repeated pattern or cycle over time.
Several online casinos offer the opportunity to play slot machines with both fixed and progressive jackpots in free demo mode. You won't have access to the jackpots, of course, but at least you will be able to try out the slot that interests you using unlimited virtual credits and completely for free.
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