Christmas Carol Megaways

Providers: Pragmatic play

Up to 200,704 ways to win. Bonus purchase free spins, Cascading feature, and an engaging multiplier activity triggered by at least 4 Scatter symbols. Get ready to celebrate Christmas with the exciting video slot Christmas Carol Megaways!

Christmas Carol Megaways

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Christmas Carol Megaways
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Christmas Carol Megaways review

The odious Scrooge, the ghosts of Christmas and the whole epic of the Dickensian fairy tale relives, magically and wonderfully, on the reels of the Christmas Carol Megaways online slot, created by Pragmatic play .

Winnings up to 20,000 times the stake, multiplier with unlimited winnings in free spins, the latter also directly purchasable and in quantity.

How I tested the video slot

Fashion trends come and go, but when the most celebrated holiday arrives, the one that falls on December 25th without fail, it is impossible not to be indulged by the atmosphere of Charles Dickens and his timeless tale "A Christmas Carol," also brought to the big screen (2009) by Robert Zemeckis.

The provider Pragmatic Play, which created the online video slots Christmas Carol Megaways. And like the protagonist of this ageless story, I too was literally thrown into this new dimension.

  • The game loads and... surprise, surprise! A large image of an old stern man appears immediately. There is no doubt, it's him: Ebenezer Scrooge. The first information about the features urges me to click the cursor, thus revealing everything I can have fun with.
  • Thanks to the demo version, I start doing some test rounds. Not that I don't trust the information I read, but everything that is specified, I want to search for (and find) through my own direct activity: from the minimum and maximum bet values, to the paylines, features, etc. Verifying is knowing. Knowing is already (partially) winning.
  • Do I really like it? It may seem like a piece of advice for hot, lukewarm, or cold water on a hot day, yet many underestimate this aspect. If you want to play for real money with an online video slot, make sure that the chosen one engages you! Winning will be more intuitive, losing will be less bitter. Check it out and see the difference with a slot that just didn't win you over.

Where to bet bonuses

Ok, I understand you, even you secretly can't resist the lights that illuminate the streets on December nights. So it's time to go further and get some additional information about the Christmas Carol Megaways online slot.

Would you like to enter the Christmas magic by betting on some casinos legalized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (Legal), and don't know which ones? No problem! Know that the provider Pragmatic Play is available on:

Once you have made your choice, every single gambling house where you register will welcome you in the best possible way with a Welcome Bonus , which will be followed by special and additional promotions, of which we invite you to read all the related information carefully. Each individual offer, in fact, almost always has a deadline to adhere to, but for all the specifics, if you ever need them, we recommend that you don't be shy and contact the casino's Customer Support: it's there for you!

Symbols and winnings!

Now it's serious! The symbols of a slot machine are like the players of a volleyball team. They are the ingredients of a panettone, just to stay on theme. They are the pawns with which you will challenge the unpredictability of a slot machine to earn, hopefully, as many euros as possible.

In the Christmas Carol Megaways, as soon as the software has finished loading, here is an eloquent screen with all the relevant info:

The symbols

In addition to the classic A, K, Q, J, and 10, the three spirits of Christmas (past, present, and future), the young writer Charles Dickens, the little Tim Cratchit with his crutch, and of course, he couldn't be missing, him: for better or for worse, the symbol of Christmas par excellence: the hateful then redeemed Ebenezer Scrooge, the Wild symbol.

The clock of Time that inexorably passes, is instead the Scatter symbol, which can appear on all reels and with four of which, the Free Spins Round is activated.

Minimum and maximum bet

From a minimum of 20 cents to a maximum of 100 euros. There are bets for all tastes on this Christmas-themed video slot. Numerous other options, more than 35, are also available. Rarely have I come across so many betting possibilities, which makes the game even more interesting!

There is also the coin option, but personally I always prefer the one that reflects the actual monetary value. De gustobus!


A player's return not among the highest, in fact, ranging between 96.47% and 96.58%, but this should not make you think you have less chance of winning. The rich features are a great diversion to obtain certain types of winnings, although for those at the highest level, there will be some effort required, as we will explain in the next paragraph.

Remember well: stubbornness, yes, blind pursuit of wealth, never ever (see also the life of Scrooge). GaymerX supports responsible gambling, for the best possible gambling experience.


Scrooge was an old miser, but his Christmas repentance was genuine and not dictated by fear of ending up like his former partner, Marley.

Why this premise? To explain to you that in order to achieve the best things in life, it takes courage despite difficulties and fears. Volatility is high, so you will need to be patient if big wins are delayed. One hand on the heart, one on the wallet... one on the head, and off you go!

Win frequency

The hit frequency, or as it is said in, frequenza di vincita, is 32.3%. A value that is not bad at all, on which you can build your strategy and maybe hit a win to make yourself a nice Christmas gift. However, no impulsive decisions and always keep an eye on your account, balancing income and expenses wisely.

No Jackpots

Jackpots can pay out a lot of euros, but as you know very well, they are not so easy to activate. In this slot game, you won't have to wait because there isn't even one, but as you are about to "magically" discover, you will have plenty to marvel at. Indeed!


Let's start with the so-called cascade function. Each win can trigger a series of additional payouts, without limits. Symbols are replaced by others until a non-winning combination is obtained. Let's continue with the Double Chance to Win.

If you look closely at your display, in the bottom left there is a box that allows for an increase in bet compared to your initial bet, and by choosing it, the chances of seeing a payline payout in euros are doubled. Initially, it is set to OFF. Despite the amount that will be shown to you, you need to click ON for this new type of bet.

The best features in Christmas Carlo Megaways are unlocked by at least 4 Scatter symbols (up to a maximum of 6). When this happens, as you can see from the screenshot, the options are definitely enticing. Which one do we activate? I'll choose the mystery of the last one. Let's see what happens.

... 15 free spins and initial multiplier x1, too bad! Attention, during the free spins, this will increase and in fact, after just a few spins, they are at a much more interesting level of x5! When I still have four free spins left, my multiplier has reached x11 and my winnings, from an initial bet of 4 euros, have already become over 240! Don't believe me? You're right! Because in the end, it became even more generous:

Unlimited win in free spins

I want to remind you well. No, there are no jackpots, but there is no limit to the winnings that can be obtained during the free spins bonus feature. Starting from a small amount, the final amount can really be bigger than you imagine. At the same time, however, do not be misled and use your head even when your balance is in super-active.

The automatic game

From 10 automatic spins up to 1000, deciding on its own (obviously) the amount! No extra settings, but for those of you who don't have time to waste, the possibility to check the fast spin or even the turbo spin. The latter is a lot of fun, I confess that although I'm used to going quite fast, I had difficulty keeping up with it.

Can you buy free spins bonuses?

And here is finally a video slot that offers the bonus buy function (Bonus Buy Slot) , aimed in this case at the free spins, which you can see on the left side, above the double chance to win box, which we wrote about previously.

The price is directly linked to the amount of the bet at that precise moment, multiplied by 100. For example, if you wanted to bet sixty cents, the price for this specific feature would be 60 euros. Second thoughts at the last second? No problem! Once clicked, you will have to confirm or you can cancel.

There is Scatter and… Scatter!

We have told you about the exciting features that can be activated with Scatter symbols, shown images and winnings! Attention attention, all that concerned the world triggered by 4 clocks. Even richer features if 5 of them were to appear on our slot, choosing this time among the options:

  • 19 free spins starting with x1 Multiplier
  • 14 free spins starting with x5 Multiplier
  • 9 free spins starting with x10 Multiplier
  • Random number of free spins and random starting multiplier

With six Scatter symbols finally:

  • 23 free spins starting with x1 Multiplier
  • 18 free spins starting with x5 Multiplier
  • 9 free spins starting with x10 Multiplier
  • Random number of free spins and random starting multiplier

Graphics and music

Graphics and sounds A snowfall all around the display and an atmosphere that more
couldn't be magical!
Optimized for smartphones Definitely yes! It is possible to play horizontally small on the vertical screen or unlock (recommended) the correct position, enjoying the video slot in the best view.
Music The music always remains on the tracks of the "fantastic", with Christmas rattles and bells that make you want to drink a hot chocolate and decorate the tree.
Special functions Drop, Multiplier, Free Spins, Buy Free Spins

For problems…

  • Calm down, don't panic. In the normal use of an online game, it can always happen that software or hardware throw a tantrum. You will never lose your bet. You will start over.
  • For any hitch on the web and/or if you don't understand something, remember that there is always assistance that any online gaming house, in compliance with current regulations, will make available to you.
  • Always and only legalized casinos! As long as the Agency watches over you, problems will never exist.

My final verdict is that:

  • For lovers of Christmas-themed slots, you can't do without Christmas Carol Megaways. To fully appreciate it, I personally recommend playing it in the right atmosphere: late afternoon (at least) when it's already dark outside and/or even better, with snowfall to make our souls dream.
  • By activating the Double Chance to Win and Buy Free Spins functions, it is much easier to find at least 4 Scatter symbols and therefore enter the rich bonus section
  • Complex and at the same time very simple. Graphics and sound, in perfect harmony with the most loved party of the year. Charles Dickens would agree with me!

Absolutely play:

Christmas Carol Megaways


Probability of winning