Blood Suckers

Providers: NetEnt

Vampires, garlic, evil creatures, bloody stakes. What more do you want from a slot machine? Ah yes, Blood Suckers has an unmissable and lugubrious Bonus Game.

Blood Suckers

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Blood Suckers
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Blood Suckers review

Bloodthirsty vampires, on one side. Cloves of garlic and the inevitable stakes and hammer, on the other. There in the middle, the five reels of Blood Suckers online slot, produced by NetEnt . Wild and Scatter symbols and a Bonus Game for daring hearts, which will take you (armed) before the tomb-beds of the deadliest creatures of Evil.

How I tested Blood Suckers online slot machine

I plunged into the rolling abyss of the "Bloodsuckers" with desire and determination, immediately finding myself a Online Slots ideal for properly celebrating the Halloween party, and in general perfect for all lovers of vampire horror. Let's proceed then:

  • Attracted by the apparent simplicity of the online game, I immediately tried a few laps in the fun mode, just to test the mechanics, and the result is that I was very intrigued.
  • A slight difference depending on whether you play on mobile or desktop. In the first, to obtain the information, you have to click on the three horizontal lines at the bottom right; in the second, however, a white "i" inside a green circle at the bottom left will lead to the same section.
  • Having filled up with everything I will need to achieve the best performance, I have tested the accuracy of all the symbols and related functions. And at this point, the question arises spontaneously: where did I carry out these operations? I will tell you right away.

Paid bets and bonuses

From theory to practice, the step on the web is very short, indeed very short! Despite being a veteran of gambling, this slot is still a highly appreciated game today and is also available for real money betting on some of the best casinos licensed by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (Legal), such as:

If you are ready for the big step, we want to make sure that you are well versed in some topics, such as Bonuses and promotions. When you sign up for an online casino (legalized), there will always be welcome offers and often specific ones for games like slot machines. Whatever it may be, there are always requirements to be met, not meeting which would result in losing the benefit of being able to take advantage of the aforementioned. So, read carefully and with great attention, okay? If I hear any complaints of "I didn't know", I'll have Dracula himself pay you a visit!

Symbols and winnings

Yes, my dear occult hunter. Here are the sinister characters against whom you will have to navigate in your descent into the reels and paylines of the online slot Blood Suckers. But this is only the beginning.

The symbols

Did you see well? Have you recovered? Can we continue? Oh yes, there are three other symbols where your soul will have to show courage: the Wild symbol, represented by a vampire biting a maiden's neck, can multiply the bet up to 7500 times with five symbols on a payline. Multiplied by 2000 with four, by 200 with three, and by 5 with two. The wild symbol can also replace all symbols except the Scatter.

And let's go then to find the latter, a terrifying bride of Dracula with bloodshot eyes. Two symbols of the aforementioned multiply x2 the bet; three x4, four x25 and five x100, all three with the addition of 10 free spins. Finally, him, the Bonus symbol (crossed stake & hammer dripping with blood). Three or more are needed, in succession from the left reel to the right on a payline to activate the Bonus Game.

Minimum bet, maximum bet and automatic game

Four levels of betting, six coin denominations (0.01 - 0.02 - 0.05 - 0.10 - 0.20 - 0.50) which, when combined with the 25 paylines, result in a minimum bet value of 25 cents and a maximum bet of 50 euros. The autoplay option is available, allowing for 10 spins without further human actions, or even 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, and/or 1000 spins.


With a 98% Return to Player percentage value, Blood Suckers ranks in the gambling scene among the slots with higher RTP A piece of news/data that will surely please (and tempt) the many enthusiasts of this online game, but at the same time we ask you to calibrate your acumen and resourcefulness, also because there are other values to consider in the overall economy of a slot. Let's discover them together, without fear. I've got your back.


A high RTP almost always coincides with equally high volatility, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised. We are facing one of the rare cases of a slot with a high RTP but rather low volatility, which means that we will be able to enjoy slightly more frequent wins compared to other slots.

Win frequency

A spin, not a win. A spin, a win, etc. etc. etc. Who knows what will happen? In general, the win frequency is low in the Blood Suckers slot, which means that the chances of having multiple consecutive wins are slim, but this should not discourage you. It is necessary to plan your bets well and adopt a strategy that is foolproof against any loss. Try the fun version first, to begin with, and only when you feel truly confident, switch to betting with real money.

Jackpot and maximum win

In this online slot machine game, there is no jackpot to hope for, but it is still worth investing some time to understand the structure and to get involved in the name of saving souls. Who knows, maybe you will receive a rich reward for your effort, but I want to be clear: I cannot be a mediator between you and Good to have shortcuts. However, know that the maximum win can exceed 50,000 euros!

The functions of the game

Apart from the function of free spins awarded by (at least) three Scatter symbols, the only but tremendously unsettling feature of the online slot machine Blood Suckers is the Bonus Game, where we will be invited to literally kill vampires with our faithful hammer and sharp stake. There are 12 graves. Most of them are occupied (9), while others are empty with only bats (3). A click on the chosen coffin and if there is an occupant, they will meet their end.

If, on the other hand, the tomb were empty, the bonus game will end there, even if it is the first coffin, with the next screen showing us all the occupied and unoccupied ones. Remember that when the bonus game is about to materialize and there are already two adjacent symbols, the next three reels will spin faster, in addition to making a more impactful sound.

Automatic game

As anticipated in some paragraphs above, the online slot Blood Suckers offers the possibility of automatic play, activating up to 1000 spins without lifting a finger. There's more! Just above the number of spins to select, there is an arrow with the wording "Advanced Settings" from which a dropdown menu with six options (to be checked) appears, aimed at interrupting the automatic spins: 1) on any win 2) on a single win that exceeds... 3) If the money increases by... 4) If the money decreases by... 5) If a Bonus Game is won 6) If free spins are won.

Even if you do not choose any of the options provided, you can manually interrupt the delivery of the automatic spins at any time.

Is there a free spins bonus?

Video slots of the third millennium are increasingly offering the bonus buy function (Bonus Buy Slot) , but that's not the case with Blood Suckers. The more we raise the ante (bet), however, the more theoretically the chance of entering the vampire catacomb increases. Always play with your head!

Before proceeding…

By comparing the above-mentioned percentage values, I found a high-quality product that knows how to alternate between moments of slackness and activities full of satisfaction. We need to get the hang of it a bit and strike (mercilessly) against Count Vlad & various friends at the right moment.

Graphics and music

Graphics and sounds 🧛🧛‍♀️🧛‍♂️ Screams of suffering for bites received and terrifying of brides
vampirized make the most of the context in which we have fallen.
Optimized for smartphones 📲 Promoted with full marks. It looks great on the phone in full screen,
with the dial slightly modified.
Music 🎃💀 Minimized, but even if it had been more incisive,
it would have been completely irrelevant. That's okay, and perfect for Halloween.
Special functions 🦇 Free spins. Wild symbol. Scatter symbol. Bonus symbol. Bonus Games.

One success calls for another

The success of this slot was such that a second version was released. But if in the first, the protagonists are, let's say, the "bad guys", in the Blood Suckers 2 At the center of the scene is a fascinating and deadly vampire hunter armed with a crossbow, who seems to wink at Gretel (Gemma Arterton) from Hansel and Gretel - Witch Hunters (2013).

What to do if you have a game problem

  • It happened to me. Yes, it did. Oh, how it happened to me, and I was even in the Bonus Game, "darn it" 🤬🤣 (as Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory would say)! A software problem and the game was interrupted? Exactly! Automatically reloaded, and placed back in the same gloomy room.
  • Be smart, don't wait for problems to come to you… anticipate them! If you already want to know how the casino/site you are playing will behave, contact them already.
  • It can also happen because of you, huh? Maybe your phone ran out of battery or a simple power outage at home caused your computer to lose power. There's nothing to fear. A game interrupted by external causes is a game to be replayed.


  • There are definitely more engaging horror/Halloween-themed slot machines, but this is not a demerit for Blood Suckers, which, in its simplicity, finds the strength to still be, and rightfully so, on the market.
  • The Bonus Game is almost a vintage video game. Doing it once will make you want to do it again right away.
  • What else can I tell you? Now that I have finally finished this review, I'm going to take another spin on the Blood Suckers, and if anyone tries to disturb me, they will have to deal with all of its "loving" and hungry creatures!

And after the Blood Sukers, come play with

Blood Suckers


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