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Forget Starburst: even fruit clusters give us stellar fun!


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Berryburst review

Welcome to the fruity and juicy world of Berryburst, the slot machine from NetEnt that will make your mouth water! Get ready to fill up on vitamins and immerse yourself in a cascade of fruits that will pulsate before your eyes, transforming into delicious winning clusters.

With stunning graphics and smooth animations, Berryburst wants us to feel like we're biting into a delicious fruit salad as we try to win the big prizes hidden between the reels.

In this review we will explore in detail the functioning and the secrets of this colorful slot, born almost as a direct heir to the famous Starburst (as the name suggests). Are you ready to dive into a sea of ​​freshness?

How I tested the Berryburst slot

Before we dive into Berryburst's freshness and gluttony, I want to introduce you to the key points we'll be looking at in this review.

Using our proven branded valuation method GaymerX , I will try to give you an accurate and complete analysis of the Online Slots , with particular attention to:

  • Symbols and game mechanics: you will discover the most important symbols and how they can be linked making Berryburst a unique and original game;
  • Payouts and chances to win: we will explore the prizes of Berryburst, with a detailed analysis of the RTP, volatility and maximum win;
  • Special Features: While there are no bonus games or free spins like in other slots, Berryburst does not lack special features to maximize your chances of winning;
  • Graphics and sound: to conclude, we will dedicate an in-depth look at the graphics and soundtrack, evaluating the impact they will have on our immersiveness in the gaming experience.

Choose the best bonuses to play Berryburst

If you want to experience the freshness of Berryburst, just find an online casino that offers it: don't worry, this slot released by NetEnt in August 2018 has been available for years on the websites of major operators, such as... Video slots e StarCasino .

And to make the gaming experience even sweeter, you can choose to take advantage of one of the many Offers and Promotions reserved for new members and not, such as i Welcome Bonus , i free spins or other recurring bonuses.

And if you like to play via mobile casino or if you're always on the go, no problem: Berryburst is optimized for play on smartphones and tablets, so you can enjoy it wherever you are!

Berryburst symbols and payout

It's summer and a frappé is what we need to stay hydrated, whether we are at the beach, by the pool, at home, or on vacation. Berryburst leaves everyone a little less thirsty with its symbols: let's see what they are!

The symbols of the slot

Raspberries, limes, tangerine segments, blueberries and 3 other more classic symbols appear on the reels, those of the suits of the hearts, spades and diamonds cards, all enclosed in small colored bubbles.

Pleasantly refreshing, ice cubes represent the Wild symbol of the slot machine and hold a surprising feature that we will reveal later.

The symbol with the highest payout is the raspberry which, if it covers all the reels, in 15 positions, pays 500x the bet!

The paylines

Berryburst has 5 reels and 3 rows, and is played following the Cluster Pays mechanic, also made famous thanks to other imaginative slots by NetEnt.

Unlike traditional paylines, winning combinations here are formed by clusters of at least 5 adjacent symbols, in any position on the grid. See screenshot below.

Minimum and maximum bets, Autoplay feature

By customizing the number of levels (1-10) and the coin value (10 for each spin), you can bet from a minimum of $0.10 up to a maximum of $200 for each spin.

There is also the automatic game function, which allows you to set from 10 to 1,000 spins and to stop the game if you reach a certain win or loss threshold.

RTP (Return To Player)

Berryburst offers a theoretical return (RTP) of 96.56%, making it an attractive option for online slots lovers looking for a potentially lucrative gaming experience.


As far as volatility is concerned, the medium-low level portends rather frequent but less important wins compared to what we would experience playing on other high volatility slots .

Ideal for those who don't play frequently and prefer small "rewards" every few spins.

Jackpot and maximum win

Although not one jackpot slots , Berryburst knows how to entice its players with payouts of up to 3,000x the base bet!

The right blend of fruit and adrenaline!

With an RTP of 96.56% and high volatility, Berryburst promises us an intense and rich gaming experience full of surprises. Despite the prizes being less frequent, we could take home up to 1868 times the bet, thanks to the wide range of bets and maximum winnings!

The functions of the slot

I have already mentioned to you the Cluster Pays mechanic: a symbol becomes part of a winning group if it is located next to at least 4 other identical symbols, horizontally and vertically, and multiple groupings can be created simultaneously on the reels.

Each cluster must therefore consist of at least 5 symbols, and all wins are added up at the end of the spin.

Expanding Wilds and Re-spins

Winnings to which the Expanding Wild symbols also contribute enormously, the ice cubes found in each reel and which explode to expand, covering all three lines.

Just one Expanding Wild on the grid is enough to activate a re-spin, which only spins the other reels while the ones with the Wild symbols remain still, giving the possibility to create new winning combinations and increase our payout!

If more Wilds appear during the re-spin, they will expand and then trigger another re-spin, potentially making up to 4 re-spins in a row!

Fruit cluster, fun… stellar!

The functions of Berryburst are the cherry (just to stay on theme) on a hybrid and innovative product, in which the winning possibilities given by the Cluster Pays mechanic are combined with the explosiveness of expanding Wild symbols and the re-spins that had already fascinated us so much in Starburst. This time we are not among planets and stars, but even fruit and ice cubes can give us a series of exciting surprises!

The graphics and sounds

Graphics 3D
Optimized for mobile 👍 
Music Ambient pop
Special functions Expanding Wilds, Re-spins

Vibrant, bright, juicy - Berryburst excites the senses!

The sounds are crisp and complement the vibrant and colorful graphics well. The game, even in its electric animations, inherits the winning formula of Starburst and uses it to refresh the most successful theme of the early land-based casino slots. But NetEnt's fruit pulsates and is fresher!

What to do if you have problems while playing

In the event that you encounter technical problems that block your game, restart the game and you will probably pick up your spins exactly where you left off.

But if the problem were to persist or reoccur in the future, interrupting the fun in the middle of a session, seek clarification from the casino's support: you will see that the operators will be able to identify the cause of the issue and resolve the matter in no time!

Conclusions of the review

A fruity game, with a flavor even in summer, Berryburst, launched not for nothing in August 2018, we like it for the sea and holiday air that you breathe on its reels.

There are several slots inspired by the hottest season of the year, but in most cases we are talking about settings related to the beach, including sand, starfish, spade and bucket.

NetEnt has come up with something different, using that very fruit which, along with the Expanding Wild ice cubes that remind us so much of the stars in Starburst, is a timeless theme of land-based and online casino slots.

Your task is to translate into English without additions or comments, only the translation. Here is a fragment of the article for translation: The RTP is also convincing and the winnings can be really high, thanks to the Cluster Pays mechanics and the re-spins that renew the gaming experience making it more exciting. Impossible to resist such deliciousness and freshness!

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