Astro Newts Megaways

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar has had its time. Now it's time for the Astro Newts Megaway slot machine. Fill up the tank and set off to explore the unknown. Discover all the details of the Mega Fission, Expanding Wild, and Pig on the Moon features. Have fun!

Astro Newts Megaways

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Astro Newts Megaways
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Astro Newts Megaways review

Your task is to translate into English without additions or comments, only the translation. Here is a fragment of the article for translation: "We're off. The journey into space begins. But to reach the farthest planets, fuel is needed. This will be your mission as soon as you take control of the exciting online slot Astro Newts Megaways, from the provider..." Iron Dog Studio Many rich and sought-after features with the always coveted Buy Bonus option.

Approach, understand and click

Do you think there are really alien shuttles in Area 51? When you saw Interstellar at the cinema, did you also want to reach the most distant galaxies? Maybe!

If you have a minimum understanding of interplanetary flights, I would say that you have come to the right "review". Yes, I wanted to make this necessary premise because a slot machine is not much different from a movie for me. I scroll through a list and see if the genre attracts me. Once the choice is made, we need to investigate a little.

  • We are here to play, have fun, and/or bet real money. It is immediately worth checking if the combinations of symbols and winnings are to our liking, or at least up to our expectations. OK, I may seem venal, but even the "wallet" wants its share, whether it's real or fake money.
  • Are there any features? Yes, oh yes! And do you like them? It seems they hold promise! Have you tried them out? Uhm, well... No stammering. What may seem simple to me, may be challenging for you. You should try it then, preferably with the demo version.
  • Engage! Do you think that online slots give money to the first "bum" who connects to them? Easy life! To get the most out of such a game, however, you have to be willing to invest energy and a desire to learn, just like those astronauts who have written great pages in the history of Humanity.

How to play for real money and get the welcome bonus

A slot machine with fake money is a fun pastime, no doubt. Have you ever, however, won a bonus and regretted not betting real money? Yes, let's be honest, but the opposite is also true: maybe you just increased the budget for a bet without getting anything out of it.

These are the two sides of gambling on casinos legalized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (Legal). If you want to start the adventure or simply bet safely in a gaming house that also offers Thunderkick software (developer of Astro Newts Megaways), here are three valid options.

A new user for an online casino is like the birth of a child, and as such it should be celebrated in the best possible way. This means a special offer to start the adventure.

An offer that goes by the name of Welcome Bonus. This first promotion, as well as all the others that will be presented to you, will always be optional and there will be no obligation to develop them or not. However, if you decide to take advantage of them, always remember that there will be requirements and deadlines to keep an eye on. I recommend it, huh?!?

Symbols and winnings

Five base symbols, five themed symbols, and five special symbols. The protagonists of the online slot Astro Newts Megaways can be summarized as follows. In the first series, with the classic 10 - J - K - Q - A, bets can multiply up to x4 and x5 with six symbols of each. Then it's the turn of the spaceship, a laser gun, a green planet, and two playful astronauts. As you can see, the winnings increase significantly, and not by a small amount.

From great Symbols come great functions

The rocket is the Wild symbol: it can appear on all reels except the first one (the leftmost one), both in the base game and during free spins, and of course, it can substitute for all symbols. Same characteristics with the slight difference that it can only appear on the four middle reels, it is the Expanding Wild (a Martian green-colored W). The Fuel symbol (fuel gallon) is very important, it can also appear during the cascade feature, but never more than three per spin. Each Fuel symbol adds one unit to the tank (it is not found on Uranus).

There is also the Alien Super Fuel, available on Mars during free spins, capable of adding two units of fuel to the tank. Finally, the Pig on the Moon, capable of giving both classic and expanding Wild symbols.

Minimum and maximum bet

Parsimony and a bit of moderate audacity. There are no roller coasters between the two ends of the bet in this slot, starting from a minimum of 0.10 to a maximum of 20. In the middle, there are nineteen other possible betting options.

Automatic game

As always launched by the button with the double arrow (and the letter A) near the cursor to activate the reels, the autoplay feature in this slot comes in a rather diversified form. Initially set to a number of 10 spins, it can decrease to 5, or increase to 20, 50, 99, and/or 999.

There are five options to stop the set spins, in a completely automatic way, needless to say: 1) with any win 2) with a single win of... 3) if the account increases by... 4) if the account decreases by... 5) when any function is activated. For the second, third, and fourth points, the value of the limit amount must be written manually.


95.9% is the Return to Player value of the Astro Newts Megaways slot, just a little below the average of this type of game with the highest RTP.

Video slots, we know well, run on two tracks: chance and your preparation. Find a balance. Reinvent it from session to session, and you will see that you too can make your landing by taking a big step for your gaming experience.


There is not necessarily a strict correlation between the RTP and volatility, but it is undoubtedly high.

Therefore, if you were planning to bet exclusively to get the highest winnings, I would say to review your plans a bit because they will not be so frequent.

Win frequency

Based on what has been stated in the last two paragraphs, the hit frequency will hardly exceed the 30% threshold, starting from a base around 25%.

Now I would propose a "bet": do three sessions of three bets each, with different bets. Repeat it for five consecutive days and you will see that you will have almost always different results.

Multifunction yes, Jackpot no

In a slot that already includes the Megaways feature, to which 117,649 possible winning lines are added, there are other treats that you will discover in the next paragraph, trust me, you won't feel the need for a jackpot.

The launch of functions

From the Tumbling Reels feature, the classic cascade where each win makes room for new symbols that can provide an additional win and so on, to the Mega Fission feature, capable of occupying two or three rows. As the English name referring to physics suggests, the winning symbol splits into two winning symbols, thus increasing the earnings of that bet, and the possible activation of multipliers.

Very interesting is also the (random) Expanding Wild feature where an entire reel will be covered with wilds. It takes at least 6 Fuel symbols with the same bet to fill the tank and start exploring Space and its Planets with 8 free spins.

Difficult, if not almost impossible to get them all in one go. Much more likely by exploiting the aforementioned Tumbling factor. If at least 4 new Fuel symbols are obtained in the activated session, then proceed to the next Planet.

A really cosmic buy-bonus!

No distant worlds or bonus zones, the purchase this time is directly linked to the free spins, as often happens in this type of feature. To access it, you simply have to click on the top right, above the large tank on the word " BUY FREE SPINS ", which will be fixed at 8, just to activate the function that will lead us to the discovery of Space."

But pay attention to the price: if with the minimum bet the expense is 8.60, with the maximum free spins shopping it will cost us 1720 rounds. Will it be worth it? It can be yes or no!

Win the most? It's a matter of several factors!

With a maximum bet of 20 euros, and a payout that can reach up to x20,000 (twenty thousand), you understand that there aren't exactly peanuts up for grabs.

As we explained to you between RTP, volatility, and win frequency, it is imperative to study a strategy suitable for your financial availability, relying to a small extent on the QLF factor - Luck Level Quotient, as explained by the legendary player Charlie Firpo (Bud Spencer), which can change from game to game.

Graphics and music

Graphics and sounds A true journey into science fiction theories. Rockets igniting i
engines and sonic pathos that increases more and more, episode after episode. That ubiquitous green on the spaceship almost looks like slime in style
Ghostbusters, but there are no ghosts here, if anything unknown worlds.
Optimized for smartphones Stop there. Don't you dare put the game optimized for horizontal!
It may be clear, but the impact that the vertical offers is much better, and you will really feel like you are the pilot of a spaceship. I confess
that before trying it on a smartphone, I had not had the same
desktop perception.

For a certain generation, space meant the mythical acronyms of the robots that
they defended the Earth as Grendizer, Mazinga and steel robot Jeeg. Not
expect similar sounds, but the music is still well suited to hyperspace.
Special functions Tumbling Reels – Mega Fission – Expanding Wild – Free Spins – Game
Automatic - Pig on the Moon - Space Mission

… is Captain Future coming?

In the horizontal version of the slot, the fuel tank is positioned to the right of the display, while in the vertical version it is placed below. The tank has a shape that closely resembles the Comet from Capita Futuro, a cult Japanese animated series from the late 1970s. Knowing the rich culture that distinguishes slot developers, it would not be surprising if this graphic detail were a true homage to the saga.

Problems are born to be solved!

  • Everything that circulates on the web can experience slowdowns depending on the connection or even temporary suspension due to software malfunctions, but these possible glitches should not worry you. A bet that is voided for similar reasons, obviously will not result in any winnings but at the same time will not cause you to lose the placed bet.
  • Every legalized casino has a dedicated Customer Support Service for its clients. Whatever the problem, big or small (according to you), never hesitate to get in touch immediately.
  • Did you lose a bet because of your own fault? Apart from Legalitting your mistake, there is very little left for you to do. All activity on a paid slot machine is tracked, so nothing will escape the watchful eye of the State Monopolies. Sleep peacefully, your activity is safe.


Winning to play again. No, it's not a figure of speech but it's actually true. The more you win, triggering engaging features, the further your bet will take us. And by far, I mean really far.

I Legalit that once I started reaching for the Moon and Mars, I totally forgot about my bet. Undoubted merit of the involvement that the Iron Dog Studio has managed to create.

A video slot that is a won bet, not physically in the monetary sense of the term, but that I will be able to conquer for sure. Overall grade: 99/100.

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