1429 Uncharted Seas

The online video slot Uncharted Seas will take you on a journey to unexplored seas. Your navigation may be suddenly interrupted by a "terrifying" Expanding Wild symbol and a Bonus Game that will take you to the ends of the world.

1429 Uncharted Seas

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25 Paylines
5 Rollers


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1429 Uncharted Seas
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1429 Uncharted Seas review

Twenty thousand leagues... among the reels of the 1429 Uncharted Seas online video slot, created by the provider Thunderkick ! Are you ready to challenge the pitfalls of the abyss to win the bonus game, free spins up to a maximum of 50 and a tempting and monstrous expandable feature?

The first approach is never forgotten

Slot Uncharted Seas calls, computer keyboard answers. As for the explorers of the 19th century, even for those who review one online video slots , there is a large margin of unexpected surprises.

At the same time, however, there are some fundamental operations that will make your first approach the best possible guide to discovering the secrets of the game in question:

  • A few rolls to test the feeling is an interesting operation to do regardless of whether you are interested in it or not.
  • The unscrupulous practice is okay, but always remember that every online slot game has a section with all the information about winnings, symbols, features, etc. They are not there because the slot developers had nothing better to do. They are there for you to read, so take advantage of it.
  • When I hear people say that slot machines are purely a game of luck, it's like saying that all rock music is the same. These are statements based on sheer ignorance. Of course, you can play by going with the flow of chance, or you can set a strategy based on your financial availability. This is a choice that I highly recommend to everyone.

Do you want to play for real money? Ok, with a welcome bonus

I understand that you enjoy marine adventures and a bit of Jules Verne's blood runs in your veins. Okay, then let's continue. If it's time to leave demo mode and start playing for real money, you will need to choose a reliable online casino Where to register. Yes, but which one?

The specific case does not interest our editorial staff. What we want you to know are two aspects:

  1. The casino must be strictly legalized by the Customs agency and monopolies
  2. The casino must host Thunderkick software games

In this regard, we recommend a few:

Once you have chosen your gambling house, you will be rewarded by the aforementioned with a Welcome Bonus which will allow you to make your first bet thanks to a specifically paid contribution.

Symbols and winnings

Only a few but carefully chosen symbols, all of them themed. 8 in total, with winnings ranging from a minimum bet multiplied by x0.30 (three symbols of a circle with stars inside) to a maximum of x50 with five symbols of a mermaid, always on one of the 25 active paylines.

In addition to these, of which we will then see the details better, prepare to also deal with the Bonus symbol (compass) and the Expanding Wild symbol, which obviously can replace all symbols except the aforementioned Bonus, and can only appear on the three central reels (2, 3, 4).


  • Star Circle, Half Moon and Sun: Three symbols (bet x 0.50) - Four symbols (bet x 0.80) - Five symbols (bet x 3.00).
  • Menacing sea creature (purple) and Giant Lobster: three symbols (bet x 0.80) – four symbols (bet x 1.50) – five symbols (bet x6.00).
  • Octopus: Same payouts as Menacing Sea Creature (green) – here “screenshotatta” together with the highest paying symbol, the Siren:

Minimum and maximum bet

14 betting options, climbing from a few cents (10) up to a maximum of 100 euros.

Mica male, huh? If we find five creatures that are half woman and half fish on a payline, we will win five thousand euros! Between the two extremes, there are additional low options (0.20 - 0.50 - 1.00 - 1.50 - 2.00 - 3.00); medium values (5.00 - 7.50 - 10) and finally, the higher ones (20 - 50 - 75).


Between slots with the highest return to player , with a 98.6% the Uncharted Seas is a candidate to become one of your favorites, highlighting an excellent (overall) ratio on income and expenses.

However, be careful not to overestimate the data. Never let your guard down and always keep an eye on your online account. Organize multiple gaming sessions, comparing winnings and losses. In short, make good use of the initial advantage.


Playing the Uncharted Seas means dealing with a low volatility slot machine, therefore the winnings will be recurring even if never of too high a value.

An interesting condition for those beginner players and at the same time for those users who do not want too many distractions with multifunctionality and only want to focus on the goal, without getting lost in the dark ocean in search of who knows what mythical wrecks full of gold coins.

Win frequency

Finally an online slot with a win frequency of over forty percent. Yes, this game stands out with an excellent 41.2% hit frequency. You will therefore have excellent chances of hitting a winning bet, theoretically/statistically, every 2-3 spins.

No Jackpot, but that's okay!

As we have already half anticipated, or you probably already guessed for yourself, in the Uncharted Seas slot, search as much as you can, you will not find Jackpots .

Functions… in the heart of the abyss!

Your task is to translate into English without additions or comments, only translation. Here is a fragment of the article for translation: Two functions, but truly "monstrous". Let's start with the simpler one, which can manifest itself at any time, just as it can happen to find oneself in the midst of the whims of the most stormy waves in unexplored seas.

The Expanding Wild symbol is initially a ship resembling Christopher Columbus' caravel. Once it appears on a payline, it expands to the full length of the reel like an unsettling sea dragon.

Even more exciting is the bonus game or Bonus Game, activated with at least three Scatter symbols (compass). The scenery changes: the ship heads towards the heart of the storm and as a result, the display becomes darker blue.

With three Scatter symbols, you will get 10 extra spins, with four you will get 20, and finally, with five you will get 50. If during the free spins you are lucky enough to hit one of the three combinations just mentioned, the spins can obviously increase.

It goes without saying that the final winnings could be very generous, as you yourself can see, even if you started with a bet of only 20 euros.

And to end the bonus adventure exactly as it began, here is the ship heading back, this time towards a calmer sea, thus returning to the base game.

Thunderkick strikes again!

The best youth still hits the mark. In a mix of cinematic references, the young Swedish studio still definitely hits the mark with yet another quality product, without overdoing it and offering a slot... for all seasons!

Graphics and music

Graphics and sounds The setting reminds me of the paintings of a fish restaurant, therefore spot on perfectly. Very simple design
and never invasive sounds.
Optimized for smartphones "Rotate the screen for a better display. I would say that this notice, once connected from your phone, is enough to make you understand that the optimization is in perfect harmony."

We certainly cannot speak of a soundtrack but hearing the sound of the sea water, as if we were offshore, is really great.
Special functions Expanding Wild Symbol – Free Spins – Bonus Game – Autoplay

Horizontal or vertical?

I am always used to giving a preference when playing a slot on a smartphone, not in this case where both options have their reasons. Playing horizontally is full screen and it's a beautiful sight. However, vertically, it really feels like being on the deck of an ancient ship.

Problems? We know how they resolve

  • Malfunctions are part of a very normal activity on the web, whether it's a video slot, an online newspaper, or a writing program. In the event that it occurs during a bet, all bets and payments will be canceled.
  • If you are playing at a legalized online casino, any problem can always be brought to the attention of Customer Support, who will assist you by providing all the help possible to resolve the situation.
  • Has your hardware failed? Has your cat cut the cable of your tablet and you were out of power? All your activity is recorded: if the winnings have been paid/recorded, you can always recover them!


Simplicity in power. These are the first words that will come to mind as soon as you start playing with the video slot Uncharted Seas. The marine setting is perfect! Of course, I don't envy those who don't live by the sea because you will feel like setting sail as soon as you decide to close the connection.

Only two features, but extremely engaging. Have you seen the movie “The Perfect Storm” (2000) with George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg? I'm just saying that I want to see it again.

Of any similarities but between the Expandig Wild and the dear old Scottish Nessie (the Loch Ness monster), I leave the judgment to you.

Do you like slots and nature, then you must try:

1429 Uncharted Seas


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