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Read our guide before diving into the online slot reels - Here we will explain how to play slot machines with real money, how to win, and everything you need to know to enjoy the most entertaining product of all online casinos!

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First name Total rating RTP Probability of winning Lines Paylines
1 Million Megaways BC 67 96.2 - 7 1058841
1429 Uncharted Seas 71 98.5 41.2 3 25
300 Shields Extreme 91 95.29 - 3 25
9 Mad Hats 86 96.24 - 3 20
9 Masks of Fire 67 96.24 - 3 20
Age of the Gods 83 95.02 34 3 20
Age of the Gods Fate Sisters 60 93.02 - 3 25
Age of the Gods God of Storms 93 96.14 - 3 25
Age of the Gods: King of Olympus 85 95.98 - 3 25
Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness 93 96.2 - 5 -
Aloha! Christmas 85 96 25.21 6 -
Amazing Link Apollo 89 94.2 - 3 20
Amazing Link Bounty 93 96.4 - 3 20
Ankh of Anubis 66 96.02 - 4 576
Apollo Pays 94 96.56 - 6 117649

The best online slots

In this section we have collected for you an always updated list of the best online slots available on sites. Rigorously tested and approved by GaymerX team !

Below, however, you will find all our musings on the hottest product in every respectable casino: online video slots. Everything you need to know about slot machines is here, on a single page curated by our team of experts.

Online casino sites to play the best slots for real money

Below we list some sites where you can find hundreds of slots of different categories (free slots without registration, real money slots, etc.).

These Legal licensed gaming operators are especially distinguished by the attention they give to our favorite gaming product!

Review Welcome offer Links
Snai 100% bonus up to $1,000 + $15 EXTRA Go to the casino
LeoVegas 100% bonus up to $1,500 + 300 free spins Go to the casino
Digital Game 100% bonus up to $1,000 + $5 bingo + 500 free spins Go to the casino
StarCasino   $2,000 cashback bonus + 50 free spins Go to the casino
Video slots 100% bonus up to $200 Go to the casino

Why play online slots for real money?

Slot machines are the most popular games in online casinos. Despite being around since the 19th century, it seems that in recent years, thanks to technological advancements and the creativity of developers, slots are experiencing a new golden age!

The core of the game is always the same, however, a thread that connects traditional fruit machines and modern 3D slots: to win, you have to spin the reels in order to obtain certain combinations of identical symbols.

One of the greatest strengths of the best slots is the ability to combine a simple and immediately appealing gaming experience with a level of variety, unmatched in the panorama of slots. Online casino . 

On one hand, every spin is always just a click away (when automatic spins are not even set), on the other hand, flexible variables such as themes, grid types, paylines, and jackpot types constantly lend themselves to new possible combinations.

There are also other excellent reasons that make real money video slots so beloved by gamblers all over the world. To name one, this particular format of game (repetitive, intuitive, and with minimum bets starting from 0.01$) lends itself particularly well to the provision of bonuses by operators, often in the form of Free Spins .

Not to mention how the higher pace of play helps make wins more frequent, compared to other digital casino game categories.

Furthermore, the unique possibility to play for free (in demo or free to play mode) makes online slots an ideal choice for novice users, who can gradually approach practically any title without risking even a penny of their own pocket.

Entrate fiscali dello Stato provenienti dalle slot machine

What are online slot machines?

Online slots are digital versions of slot machines that you can find in a traditional casino, a tobacco shop, or an arcade. The main difference is that in the case of online video slots, you can play comfortably from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone at home!

How do online slots for real money work?

Here is a basic explanation of how online slots work and pay out:

  1. Select the desired bet value and press the spin button (spin or spin); the minimum bet usually ranges from $0.01 or $0.10 and goes up to a maximum of $100 or $500.
  2. Each reel has a selection of randomly lining up symbols; the reels spin and stop in position within a few seconds resulting in a sequence.
  3. Based on the number of paylines or the winning sequences provided by the slot, you will win a certain prize in euros or tokens if you manage to match three or more symbols diagonally, horizontally, or vertically (usually from left to right, unless otherwise indicated).
  4. The slot payment is made automatically at the end of each spin; based on the aligned sequence and the type of symbols positioned on the reels, the winnings are credited to the player's game account and can be immediately displayed within the game window.
  5. To help you create more lucrative winning combinations, a slot machine can contain special symbols (in the base game there are Wild symbols and Scatter symbols) that have extra functions; for example: Wild symbols can replace any other symbol except Scatters, three or more Scatter symbols usually activate the bonus round.
  6. If provided by the slot, the bonus round (also called bonus round or bonus game) is activated with a specific sequence of symbols or a specific placement on the reels; this bonus allows for the awarding of free spins or other game options such as re-spins, jackpot wins, or game screens where prizes are "picked" or selected with the mouse cursor (pick & click).
  7. By law, every slot machine must pay out a certain amount of winnings every certain number of game cycles. Each slot machine is also configured to have a maximum payout per spin, which is usually based on the bet value or the number of lines being played; all winnings and payouts can be viewed at any time in the information table within the game window.
Come giocare alle slot online

Are online slots for real money legal?

Yes. First of all, let's touch on the aspect of the legality of slot machines, especially those played online with real money. The decisive factor to check every time we are on a casino site concerns the presence of the Legal logo, and therefore the relevant license from the customs and monopolies regulator (source: ). Legal/former Legality licence ).

If you find the Legal sticker on the platform where you intend to play the slot machine, you don't have to worry.

The other important thing to underline is that the results of the slots are truly random: the Legal game software is programmed to create new numerical sequences every millisecond, to which a result is then associated, ensuring the correct progress of the game.

Online slot machines use an internal microchip called a random number generator (RNG) , which is used to determine the results of the spins and therefore of your bets.

Keep in mind that all online slots must also comply with the parameters imposed by the practices related to the Responsible Gaming . This also ensures an additional level of security!

How to choose the slot that's right for you

The timeless charm of classic casino games is well known, but video slot machines leave room for imagination and fantasy that always reignites the interest of players, with some new themes or special graphics.

Given the popularity of video slots, the number of their creators is constantly increasing. This is why we need to be able to choose, among the available video slots, those that meet our criteria as players.

Keep in mind that there are many different ways to classify a slot machine! Below we list for your convenience some categories of popular slots, so you can get an idea of the diversity of this product.

Classificazione di slot online

Number of reels or win sequences

How many reels and how many win lines can there be? If you've ever wondered, here are a couple of points you'll find interesting.

3 reel slots

These slots recall the games that were popular in the '70s and '80s. Sometimes they are called fruit machines or classic slots or even bar slots (see above). Often the payline sequences range from 1 to 5, as in the slot. Lucky lady .

Slots with 5 or more reels (multi-line)

Most online slots typically fall into this category. The classic Book of Dead , or Book of Oz , make it a perfect example.

This section is not definable by a specific theme or feature, but generally the most common video slots feature 5 reels and a selection of Wild, Scatter and bonus round symbols.

The structure substantially expands the number of sequences and features compared to 3-reel slots; today it is possible to find online slots with 6 or even 7 reels.

Grid Slots or Cluster Pays

There is also a lot of variety in terms of winning sequences, which can include, for example, paylines, as already mentioned, or groupings of symbols with Cluster Pays mechanics (initially invented by the legendary Netent).

In this case, it is not necessary to align winning symbols, but it is usually sufficient to obtain a group of at least 5 or more symbols on a game grid, which can have a variable format: 5×6 as in Aloha! Christmas or 8x8 as in the case of reactoonz . 

Some games can also use an Avalanche system, which is a cascade of symbols, where these symbols fall until they stop creating new winning combinations (see for example Moon Princess or Gonzo's Quest ).

Game theme

The endless themes of slots are one of the reasons we like them so much and make us want to try our luck and try to win amazing prizes.

In addition to themes in Western, Greek, Egyptian or festive style ( Christmas slots , Halloween slots , etc.), some of the most famous groupings are:

Bar slots and fruit machines

It is still possible to find online versions of the more traditional slot machines, those with a classic look and fruit symbols, as in slot Fruity 3Ă—3 , or with BAR symbols and/or the typical jester, as in Mega Joker .

Sometimes these games are extremely faithful to the original models, but there are several occasions where developers choose to go beyond the nostalgia factor by adding special features or unique bonuses, as is the case with... Fire Joker .

3D Slots

Some of the best video slots take advantage of 3D graphics, taking the entertainment to the next level. Let's take slots as an example Wolf Gold or vikings .

Risk and gameplay style

Obviously, a player can also choose based on the type of risk they are willing to take. Do you like to play occasionally and receive small winnings every few spins in return? Or do you prefer to try your luck and patiently wait for the biggest prize?

Remember that you can assess the potential risk/reward ratio by looking at a slot game's volatility, maximum payout and its RTP. Details below.

According to the RTP

This term is used to indicate the house edge: RTP is the percentage of profit that players can derive from the game, but in the long term and taking into account the bets of all players on a specific slot.

We can define it as a complementary value to what the house keeps for itself and therefore to its profit. For example, if the house has a margin of 5%, the player's return on investment will be the remaining 95%. Note:, the minimum RTP of online slot machines in casinos with Legal license is 90%.

Luckily for you, we have already prepared one for you list of slots with higher than average RTP .

According to the maximum payout

The potential win is among the defining elements of every online slot with real money, whether it's winnings with a maximum limit or progressive jackpots that reach millionaire amounts. We always recommend choosing your next game from the slots with the highest payout !

According to the level of volatility

Volatility is a term that represents the probability of hitting the jackpot on a slot machine, and it can be high, low or medium. The higher the slot volatility in question, the higher the jackpot up for grabs, but the difficulty of obtaining it will also be higher.

The opposite happens in the case of low volatility video slots, which will therefore have a lower risk, as well as the potential winnings that can be drawn from it.

Le slot piĂą popolari nelle promozioni con free spin - Starburst e Book of Dead

But how many types of online slot machines are there?

In addition to the general theme of a video slot and the related game risk, each product has different technical characteristics that differentiate it. Here are the main ones.

Slots with Jackpot and Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot slots Those are the ones where the jackpot prize will increase in parallel with the money bet by the players, unlike those with a fixed jackpot where the provider puts a certain amount of money at stake.

For this reason, the jackpot is also called progressive: it does not have a fixed amount and instead continuously increases or decreases. Your bets also contribute to the increase of the total prize pool, allocating a small percentage of each bet to the jackpot prize.

If you are looking for the big shot you will certainly aim for the titles with the highest jackpots; among our favorites we want to mention you Divine Fortune e Sisters of Oz Jackpots . 

Megaways slots

The Megaways slots they are an idea conceived by the provider Big Time Gaming , then also expanded under license to other operators such as Blueprints , Iron Dog Studios e Relax Gaming .

In these games, the number of symbols that fall on the reels varies with each spin, thereby changing the possible winning combinations, which can exceed tens of thousands. Some famous examples are... Who Wants To Be A Millionaire e Genie Jackpots Megaways .

Feature Buy slots

It is also worth talking about the Bonus Buys, or those slot where you buy the bonus within the gameplay. These games grant you a bonus round or access to a special feature upon payment of a certain amount.

The cost varies depending on the size of your bet. The concept is very simple: you can immediately enjoy the best that a slot machine can offer through a payment upfront! To get an idea, check the purchase option on... Dead or Alive 2 .

Hold & Win slots

I'm also recently in the development of new ones slots called Hold & Win . This new "re-spin" feature allows active bonus symbols to stick on the reels (hold), and continue with a new free spin that can create further winnings (win).

Often there are also special symbols, such as multipliers and other win boosters, like in the slot Apollo Pays or Money Train 2 .

How to win at online slots?

Winning or not at online slot machines simply depends on a single fundamental factor: luck. This is indisputable.

Even if on some occasions you may have heard about tricks to win at slot machines, always remember that the house always has a significant advantage over the player, thanks to mathematics and large numbers.

This is especially true for online casino games, real money online slots included!

That said, there are some steps that are worth taking to try to win online slots more intelligently and consciously.

By following these tips you will improve your chances and, more generally, your gaming experience.

1. Read more about the best online slots

Reading our reviews dedicated to the best slot machines on the market should be the starting point for any aspiring player. We publish reviews of brand new slots , weekly!

This way, before playing you will also find out how to activate special features such as bonus games and free spins, which usually generate the biggest wins.

2. Watch online slot player streams

There are slot machine enthusiasts who have found a way to combine strategy and entertainment. None of them will reveal foolproof strategies to win, but fun is guaranteed.

Some online slots streamers to watch on Twitch are:

3. Use a strategy to play online slots for real money

The truth is that there is no strategy that guarantees a win when it comes to real money slot machines, but it is possible to optimize your approach to online gaming, for example, with careful budget management and always keeping an eye on volatility and RTP.

play at slots with a high return percentage (therefore at least above 96-97%) or with a High Volatility greatly increases the chances of a big win.

Another always valid option is to select one slots where you "win" more thanks to the higher payout .

In this regard, we have also prepared a video! Watch it on our YouTube channel:

4. Always ask yourself what is your budget?

And then again: how often is it likely that you will pay? Will the average premium be large or small? What is our overall potential? You need to have the answer to these questions before spinning the reels of any video slot.

Learn to manage your bankroll prudently and effectively Track the expenses related to gaming sessions, perhaps using a specialized app, and seriously consider the possibility of setting lower limits than the current ones.

And if you can't afford to play, don't. Is simple. You should never spend more than you can afford. Also remember you can always play online slots for free.

5. Exactly… Play slots for free!

Before you start playing for real money, we recommend that you do a few practice sessions playing games free slots , thanks to the demo or for fun mode.

In this way you will be able to familiarize yourself with the slot machine and its mechanics, without however having to put your real money balance at risk.

Most operators offer the possibility to play free to play, even if you have not registered an account on the site!

The providers of the best online slots

Due to the massive popularity of online slots, the number of slot providers or of game developers grows every year, which leads to the release of new slot games every week.

But it's important to remember that not all game developers and their online slots are of equal quality or worth your time and money.

Some of our favorite providers are:

NetEnt it is often referred to as the number one provider in the world.

Some of its online slot games have taken on the status of icons of the digital world. Just think about Starburst , Fruit Shop or Gonzo's Quest .

Yggdrasil is one of the most creative and innovative development teams out there.

This provider creates games with engaging plots, spectacular animations, and special features. In many cases, Yggdrasil slots bridge the gap between the world of casinos and video games.

Some of the most famous titles are Vikings Go Wild e Vikings Go Berzerk .

Pragmatic play It is a software for slot machines but also live table games that stands out for the very high quality of its products and services globally. In addition to 3D graphics and special features, it stands out for the originality of its content.

Among the best online slots of this provider, in our opinion, there are Sweet Bonanza e Peaky Blinders !

Big Time Gaming is the company behind Megaways slots, one of the revolutions of recent years.

With the Megaways slots you can activate up to 117,649 ways-to-win every time you spin.

In addition, many well-known slots get the Megaways “treatment”, as the examples of Bonanza , Extra chilli e White Rabbit .

A brand new provider in the panorama, Nolimit City is expanding its slot game portfolio with tons of new special features, especially including Wild symbols!

Among the goodies of this study we mention Punk Toilet e Tombstone R.I.P .

Online slot machines – Glossary

Playing online is primarily fun, but having a certain knowledge about certain aspects of this world can be useful if you want to play responsibly. This means having a clear understanding of certain concepts that describe slot machines and also knowing how to use them to your advantage.

For this reason, we have also prepared a short glossary for you! Alternatively, you can also consult our complete dictionary of casino terms .

Token - The token is the betting unit of a slot machine. The money you spend in the game will be converted into tokens.

Round bonus - It is an opportunity for an extra win compared to the main game on a video slot, which usually leads to a different screen with themed animations and special functions. If you win in this case, you get special bonuses or free spins. The bonus game is very common but not available on all online slots.

Hit rate (or win frequency) - This is a value that determines how often one will win on a specific slot machine, or how frequently a winning combination can be seen. If the considered slot machine has a low win rate or hit rate, it means that seeing a winning combination will be rarer, but this case is often associated with higher winnings, contrary to higher win frequencies that instead result in lower winnings.

House edge (or margin of the house) - It refers to the advantage that the casino holds over the player. It can also be considered as the opposite of RTP. So, if the RTP is 96%, the house edge will be the remaining 4%.

Jackpot - It is the highest payout available for a certain slot machine. In practice, it is the highest achievable prize. There are various types, such as fixed jackpot or progressive jackpot (which increases as users bet on the game). Nowadays, several software studios have started creating other types of jackpots that can be triggered in various ways, for example, by a countdown or the number of users connected online.

Payline or win line - It is the imaginary horizontal line on which the slot symbols must appear to create winning combinations. It is also called a line or sequence of wins. With the innovation brought by some slots, such as Cluster Pay™ slots or Megaways™ slots, there has also been talk of ways-to-win, as winning combinations no longer necessarily have to follow a real line but can be achieved through the proximity of the reels and/or the quantity of matching symbols.

Multiplier - It is a feature typical of slot machines that involves an increase in winnings based on a specific symbol represented by an X. It can multiply the payout by 2, 3, and so on, up to a hundred times or more (in some games even unlimitedly).

Minimum and maximum bet - These are respectively the minimum and maximum total that can be wagered for one spin or per payline. There are indeed slots with different minimum and maximum bets, and this concept is useful if one's budget is limited or, for example, if one does not want to spend too much on a game they are trying for the first time. Our advice in these cases is always to try playing without spending one's own money, therefore with bonuses from the house.

Re-spin - It is a feature of some slot machines that grants extra spins, allowing you to play longer and try your luck multiple times without spending additional money. It is sometimes triggered when a specific symbol appears on the reels or during a particular bonus game.

RTP or Return To Player - The RTP is the theoretical calculation of the opportunities that players have to profit from a game in the long term, expressed as a percentage. For example, if the RTP is 97%, this means that the slot machine will "return" approximately $97 for every $100 acquired by players. We can consider the RTP as a complementary value to what the house keeps for itself, and therefore to its profit. For example, if the house has a margin of 5%, the payout return will be the remaining 95%.

Reels – These are the vertical lines of the slot machine, which are spun to try to find winning combinations. There are slots with 3, 5, 6, 7 reels or even more!

Scatter Symbol - It is a symbol that awards a certain prize or activates a special feature on a slot machine. Usually, at least 3 of them are required to activate the famous bonus game. It is not always a paying symbol.

Wild Symbol - It is a symbol that can replace any other symbol in the game, like a Joker, except for the Scatter symbol. It helps to create winning combinations with other symbols and often coincides with the most important symbol in the game.

Wild Symbol - It is a symbol that can replace any other symbol in the game, like a Joker, except for the Scatter symbol. It helps to create winning combinations with other symbols and often coincides with the most important symbol in the game.

Expanding Wild – A Wild symbol that can expand to cover entire reels.

Spreading or Walking Wild – In this specific case, the Wild symbol can spread or move freely on adjacent reels.

Sticky Wild – It is a type of Wild symbol that "sticks" on the reels for a few spins and thus allows you to obtain higher winnings in subsequent spins.

Stacked Wild - It is a special Wild symbol that can cover an entire reel, and each one is presented in different forms, depending on the slot being considered. In some slots, it may only appear on specific reels, while in others, it can appear on each of them without any difference.

Paytable or payouts – This is the grid showing payouts for different types of winning combinations.

Volatility - It is a term that represents the probability of winning in a particular slot game, and it can be high, low, or medium. The higher the volatility, the higher the potential winnings, but also the higher the difficulty in obtaining them. High volatility is therefore synonymous with a higher risk of losing the bet. The opposite is true for low volatility slots, which will have a lower risk, as well as the potential winnings that can be obtained from them. These latter slots are the best choice for those who want to cautiously explore their possibilities.

Real money online slots – Conclusions

In short, slot games are nowadays among the most common and popular in the world of online casinos. With this article, we hope to have provided you with a complete overview that allows you to play and have fun responsibly.

If you are looking for a list of casinos to practice and try your luck, find out which Legal licensed online casinos we have reviewed for you In addition to being safe and legal, these casinos also offer our readers a great range of games: you can find all the information about the best online casino slots and, thanks to our guides, an updated list dedicated to the most played and/or recently released slot machines.

Join us for an exciting adventure in the world of the best online slots!

Remember that you can try the games first without spending a dime, until you feel confident enough to play online slots for real money.

Good fun!

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Frequent questions

The best way to increase your chances of winning at online slots is to choose games with the highest RTP, or with a very high payout (the maximum win). This data will give you an indication of how often a slot pays back players in the long term. Another factor to keep an eye on is the presence of a bonus game (or a bonus buy feature) within the slots that can give out big prizes or jackpots.
Online slots are the digital version of the classic slot machines found in traditional casinos and bars. As you can see for yourself by reading this page, online slots now stand out from other electronic machines thanks to their innovative gaming features and high RTP (not to mention their original themes, music, and cutting-edge 3D animations).
There are no real tricks of this kind! The operation of online slots is based on an algorithm called "random number generator" (RNG), which is a microchip that provides random numerical results for each spin of the game. This means that each reel spin is completely independent of the previous one; in this way, it is ensured that the outcomes of each game are impossible to predict and therefore the game remains fair.
To find out which online slot pays the most, you will always need to check the RTP (return to player) and the game's payout (the highest possible win per spin). The first factor, expressed as a percentage, determines how often a slot pays back players in the long run. By law, online slots cannot have an RTP lower than 90%, but in our opinion, a good RTP should be at least 96%. As for the payout, which is the maximum win with a single spin, the range varies as some slots offer a payout ranging from 2,000x to over 100,000x! In light of these factors, we recommend alternating between slots with high RTP and slots with jackpots or high returns.
These are the ones our team of experts at decides to review! Jokes aside, in our opinion, the best online slots on the market are the most modern ones, with high-quality graphics and animations, and usually many new and interesting features to try. For this reason, we recommend you also read our page of information on the most popular providers of the moment (Nolimit City, Pragmatic Play, and ELK Studios, to name a few).
No, like any online slot game in casinos, even the best video slots are certified by third-party testing companies (such as eCogra and iGaming Labs) and regularly verified to ensure their proper random functioning. This way, random and fair results are always guaranteed, and any kind of tampering is avoided.
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