European Roulette

Rules, advantages and strategies of European roulette

Despite the arrival of more modern versions, online European roulette remains one of the most fascinating and engaging games in the live casino offering. Discover the tables of the most popular operators, betting systems, and tricks to win on this wheel!

Where to find the best European roulette

PokerStars Casino

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Where to play the best European roulette online?

THE Online casino allow you to access their proposal of games, therefore also of Roulette "both from PC and mobile. You can also register and start playing European roulette on ones right away, but first we suggest not to miss our tips, starting from our top 3 tables of the" Live casino which we consider the best for this variant of the wheel.

1. PokerStars Roulette (Evolution)

Exclusively on Poker Stars Casino , all the thrills and glamor of live European roulette in front of a live dealer and native speaker. A table for professional and non-professional players, with a maximum bet of $1,000.

2. Leo Roulette Show (Evolution)

An all-table, with native-speaking dealers, in the prestigious Exclusive room of . You can switch views and watch the game from a different angle thanks to HD video definition.

3. Unibet Roulette (Evolution)

European roulette Unibet takes you to a splendid lounge area with attention to the smallest details, with soft and green lights that recall the color of the table. For a unique and unforgettable experience.

European roulette rules and odds

With its simplicity in the bets and in the execution of the rounds, European roulette is certainly among the favorite games in casinos: let's get to know its features better rules !

Purpose and operation of European roulette

The croupier throws a ball into a wheel with numbered slots from 0 to 36. Once it stops on a number, the ball determines the winners of that round. The player is not subject to any specific regulations to participate, they just have to choose their bet from the many available options.

Types of European Roulette bets

The large number of available bets is definitely one of the strengths of European roulette. From the simpler ones with smaller payouts to the more daring ones with bigger winnings, we can divide them into two categories.

Inside bets

This is the riskiest, but also the most rewarding type of bet in this game.

Episode name Description
Single number It covers only one number on the board.
Couple It covers two adjacent numbers on the board, such as 22 and 23, and chips must be placed on the line that separates the two numbers.
Triplet It covers three consecutive numbers, such as 4, 5 and 6, and the chips are placed on the side line of the row.
Three numbers Not to be confused with the triplet, this bet always covers three numbers, but one is inevitably 0, resulting in the combinations 0, 1 and 2 or 0, 2 and 3.
Quatrain Four numbers face down, and the chip is placed on the point where the vertical and horizontal lines of numbers cross, for example 7, 8, 11 and 10.
Four numbers As with three numbers and a triplet, this should not be confused with a quadruplet, as a four number bet only covers the combination 0, 1, 2 and 3.
Sestina Episode very similar to the terzina, with the difference that this covers two adjacent rows of numbers, such as 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18, and the chip is placed on the side of the two rows, on the line that separates them.

Outside bets

Outside bets allow you to choose groups of numbers on the European roulette table, which translates into a higher probability of winning.

Episode name Description
Red or black A type of bet where you bet what color the next number will be.
Even or odd Similar to red or black, you bet if the next number ends on the chosen type.
Tall or short The player bets that the next number is low, from 1 to 18, or high, from 19 to 36.
Column You bet on which column of numbers the ball will land on. An example of a column is the sequence 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31 and 34.
Dozen The player bets on which dozen numbers . The dozens are divided into sequences, from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 and from 25 to 36.

Other types of bets in European roulette

Very popular among players, we find the bet called "nassa", which consists of betting on pairs 0 and 3, 12 and 15, 32 and 35, and on dry numbers 26 and 19.

Another widely used bet is that on the "neighbors of zero", which includes the numbers in the arc of the wheel from 22 to 25 passing through zero.

RTP, payout and house edge

European online roulette, like physical roulette, offers many types of bets to its players, but are we sure that the game is worth the candle? Let's try to find out with some data.

Bet type Payment Probability of winning House edge RTP
Single number 35:1 2,70% 2,70% 97,30%
Couple 17:1 5,41% 2,70% 97,30%
Triplet 11:1 8,11% 2,70% 97,30%
Three numbers 11:1 8,11% 2,70% 97,30%
Quatrain 8:1 10,81% 2,70% 97,30%
Four numbers 8:1 10,81% 2,70% 97,30%
Sestina 5:1 16,20% 2,70% 97,30%
Red-black 1:1 48.64% 2,70% 97,30%
Even odd 1:1 48.64% 2,70% 97,30%
High Low 1:1 48.64% 2,70% 97,30%
Column 2:1 32,40% 2,70% 97,30%
Dozen 2:1  32,40% 2,70% 97,30%

RTP (Return To Player)

The RTP of European roulette is among the highest of all the many variants of this game, with its percentage of 98.37%. Obviously, this is always a theoretical value: for example, this percentage indicates that out of 100$ that you bet, you could expect an average return of 98.37$.


The numerous available bets in European roulette ensure that the payouts are also many and quite different, from the more lucrative ones of the inside bets to the lower ones of the outside bets. However, the latter obviously compensate for the smaller winnings with a higher probability of success.

The house edge

The low percentage of House edge The house edge makes European roulette one of the most popular games in both online and physical casinos. In fact, its value of just under 2.70%, compared to the 5.26% of the American version, clearly explains why players prefer this variant.

Differences between European roulette and other variants

The game of European roulette (also known as the English variant) stands out from the rest variants with more or less evident differences, such as the 00 (double zero) present in the American variant, the en prison bet of the French one, the RTP values ​​and the house edge.

European Roulette French Roulette American Roulette
Number of boxes 37 37 38
Double zero No No Yes
RTP 97,30% 97,30% 94,74%
House edge 2,70% 2,70% 5,26%
En prison rule No Yes No

Difference between European and American roulette

The main difference between these two types of roulette is the presence of the 00 slot in the variant only American , which leads to the different values of RTP and house edge seen in the above table. When you switch from a European roulette variant to an American one, remember that the arrangement of numbers on the wheel will also be different.

Difference between European and French roulette

Talking about French Roulette The main difference is given by the en prison rule: if the 0 comes out, bets on even-money chances are postponed to the next round, effectively offering an additional chance of success.

How a round of European roulette is structured

Let's see in detail how a European roulette round is made up.

  1. Start of the round

Each player at the table will make his own bet, deciding the amount to bet.

  1. Wait time and spin of the wheel

The croupier throws the ball inside the wheel but in the opposite direction; you still have a few seconds to bet.

  1. Stop betting

The croupier signals the stop to bets, making valid only those placed up to that moment.

  1. The wheel stops

When the ball lands on a slot on the wheel, the croupier places a disk in correspondence with the same number on the board in order to signal it as a winner.

  1. Conclusion of the round

Losing bets are collected and winning bets paid.

Advanced European Roulette Strategies

Being a game based almost entirely on luck, European roulette does not feature strategies absolute or always winners, but offers some interesting ones. Being advanced methods, we advise you to implement them only if you have already become familiar with the basic rules.

Martingale strategy

Risky strategy that involves doubling your bet for each loss, in order to recover everything with the first win.

Reverse Martingale Strategy (Anti-Martingale)

Unlike the previous one, this tactic doubles the bet after wins, while reducing it in case of loss, so that in case of victory the player will benefit enough to reduce losses.

Fibonacci strategy

The most complex of the strategies, which involves using a sequence of numbers in which the next number is the sum of the two previous ones, starting from 1. If you don't win, you have to bet an amount equal to the sum of the two previous bets in the series.

Andrucci strategy

Considered one of the best strategies, it requires the player to observe the first 7 numbers drawn, and if these are unique numbers, the player must bet on the 30 numbers that have not yet been drawn. By doing so, they will have a winning probability of 93%.

From theory… to practice!

Especially for its simplicity in betting and the basicity of its rules, regardless of whether it is European online or physical roulette, this variant of the wheel always attracts a large number of enthusiasts and players.

We have seen what its main rules are and how European roulette differs from the American and even the French version.

In fact, the double zero of American roulette gives rise to a greater advantage not only for the European "sister" but also for the French one, the only one where the en prison rule applies.

Despite its simplicity, even playing European roulette you may decide to rely on one of the most convincing strategies and which best suits your set budget.

After that it will be time to wait for the verdict of the ball. Good luck!

Frequent questions

European roulette has 37 numbers, divided into 18 red and 18 black, plus the zero colored green.
There are no guaranteed ways to win in this game, however there are bet-based strategies that increase your odds.
In European online and real roulette, there are many types of bets, more or less risky and rewarding. They are mainly divided into inside bets and outside bets.
Yes. Several sites allow the player to try this version of the game totally free, or at most by registering for free.
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