American Roulette

American roulette rules, payouts and strategies

Not only double zero, but also a simplified betting system and other features that make many prefer it over the French and European variants. Discover the best tables, probabilities, and most exploited methods to win at online American roulette!

Where to find the best American roulette


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Where to play the best American roulette online?

As you probably well know, in the category of Roulette of the Online casino Your task is to translate into English without additions or comments, only translation. Here is a fragment of the article for translation: we find included several types and variants, among which one of the main ones is American roulette. But before we delve into the subject and discover the peculiarities of this wheel, let's start right away with the usual top 3 favorite tables of our. editorial board .

1. American Live Roulette (Evolution)

From Vegas to… LeoVegas but not only that, because online American roulette evolution it is found, among others, also in the catalogs of Snai e Unibet . In this low limit table you will live the live experience of American casinos, with the additional "five bet" that will allow you to cover five numbers with one chip.

2. American Roulette (Evolution)

You can find this other Evolution version available in the Live casino Of StarCasino You will also play here with the American double zero roulette and all the classic rules of this variant: after the ball is thrown, the croupier will place the marker on the table to indicate the winning number, while you will enjoy the multi-angle experience.

3. American Roulette (Playtech)

Moving up Digital Game Finally, you can choose to try American roulette Playtech , another game provider (also live) able to guarantee an immersive experience faithful to the traditional version of the game. As always, there will be a live dealer accompanying you who will oversee every phase of your game.

Rules and odds of American roulette

The American version is a simplified roulette, which has fewer bets than the French and European versions. Thanks to its essential characteristics, this variant easily adapts to less experienced players or those who prefer a more basic set of rules.

The goal of the game

differenze nelle regole e nel layout del tavolo. rules internal property, as well as presenting different types of boxes and tables.

Types of bets in American roulette

The bets of online American roulette are divided into two main categories: inside bets and outside bets. For those who are already familiar with the world of roulette, we anticipate that in the American version of the game, bet types such as "orphans" are not included, which are instead adopted in both French and European roulette.

Inside bets

Internal bets are defined as such because they exclusively concern the numerical value of the box. This type of bet is much riskier but also more profitable, precisely because it has a lower probability compared to others. Let's now see the characteristics of each internal bet.

Outside bets

External bets are defined as all bets that are not tied to the mere numerical value of the box, therefore they also involve external factors such as color, numerical sequences, or whether the result will be even or odd. To understand more, we have listed all the allowed external bets in online American roulette.

Other types of bets

In American roulette, there are no bets other than the traditional inside and outside bets. For this reason, this variant of the wheel is considered one of the simplest and most traditional.

RTP, payout and house edge

Next to a good dose of luck, in the game it is also necessary to refer to fundamental data, which can help understand how convenient it is to play one variant or another, and which bet is more profitable. Among these data, the following should be remembered: the RTP index (return to player), the payout, and the house edge.

Let's see in the following table the details for each type of bet of online American roulette.

Bet type Payouts Probability of winning House edge RTP
Full or single number 35:1 2,63% 5,26% 94,74%
Horse 17:1 5,26% 5,26% 94,74%
Triplet 11:1 7,89% 5,26% 94,74%
Carré or quatrain 8:1 10,53% 5,26% 94,74%
Sestina 5:1 15,79% 5,26% 94,74%
Red or black 1:1 47,37% 5,26% 94,74%
Even or odd 1:1 47,37% 5,26% 94,74%
Dozen 2:1 31,58%  5,26% 94,74%
Column 2:1 31,58%  5,26% 94,74%

RTP (Return To Player)

The RTP value is a very important percentage for all players who would like to evaluate the convenience of any casino game, as it determines the amount that is returned to the player based on the funds played. To simplify this definition, we can say that the RTP index of American roulette, equal to 94.74%, will on average offer the player a return of $94.74 for every $100 played.


Different values in the probabilities of winning bets obviously also lead to different payouts, from the more rewarding ones of the inside bets to the lower ones of the outside bets. A lower stake always corresponds to greater chances of success.

House edge

The House edge The house edge is one of the most important pieces of information in table games. As is well known, the house has a greater chance of winning compared to the players, and in the case of American roulette, this value stands at 5.26%. This is a higher margin compared to the French and European variants, determined by the presence of the double zero.

American roulette and other variants compared

American roulette is just one of many variants Your task is to translate into English without additions or comments, only translation. Here is a fragment of the article for translation: "di roulette a disposizione sui siti dei principali operatori. Esistono infatti numerose variazioni che, pur mantenendo le regole di base, presentano delle alterazioni alla tipologia del tavolo e di puntate ammesse. Per fare chiarezza, abbiamo riassunto le differenze principali tra le tre varianti più celebri: roulette americana, europea e francese." Translation: "of roulette available on the websites of the main operators. There are indeed numerous variations that, while maintaining the basic rules, present alterations to the type of table and allowed bets. To clarify, we have summarized the main differences between the three most famous variants: American, European, and French roulette."

 American Roulette French Roulette European Roulette
Number of boxes 38 boxes 37 boxes 37 boxes
Double zero Yes No No
RTP 94,74% 97,30% 97,30%
House edge 5,26% 2,70% 2,70%
En prison rule No Yes No

Difference between American roulette and European roulette

American roulette is distinguished by the number of slots it has European Roulette "which differ from the European ones, which do not include the double zero and stop at 37. Therefore, based on the number of squares, the percentage of the house edge varies, which is higher in the American variant compared to the two 'sisters'."

European roulette also allows for types of bets such as "neighbors of zero" and "orphans" that are not accepted in American roulette. In other words, American roulette almost exclusively allows for inside and outside bets.

Difference between American Roulette and French Roulette

Unlike American roulette, the French Roulette It presents dividers between the numerical boxes of the wheel that allow the ball to bounce. As a result, the path of the ball is less smooth but, on the other hand, it is faster. In American roulette, there are no dividers, so the ball takes longer to stop on a box.

As in the case of European roulette, another difference concerns the number of slots: in the American version, there is an additional double zero that is absent in the French variant. Furthermore, despite American roulette being derived from French roulette, the two variants do not share the same bets, as the former lacks the so-called "call bets," as seen previously.

How an American roulette round is structured

So far we have explored all the features of online American roulette, but now let's see in detail how a normal game round takes place.

  1. Choose the table and evaluate the bet

Once seated at the table it is good to evaluate, based on your budget, a game strategy and what risks to take. Based on these choices, you choose the value and the bet to place.

  1. Throwing the ball

After recording all the bets of the participants at the table, the croupier declares the bets closed and spins the roulette wheel. The pocket where the ball stops will be the winning one.

  1. Stop betting

The croupier signals the stop to bets, making valid only those placed up to that moment.

  1. The ball stops

When the ball lands on a slot on the wheel, the croupier places a disk in correspondence with the same number on the board in order to signal it as a winner.

  1. Conclusion of the round

The croupier collects the losing bets and pays the winning bets. The game restarts with new bets and new ball throws

Advanced American Roulette Strategies

Even in online American roulette the implementation of different strategies it can prove to be more profitable compared to a mechanical and random game. Below you will find a list of the most exploited methods by experienced players: as these are advanced strategies, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the basic rules before trying them.

Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy involves doubling the value of the bet after a loss. By doing so, the player aims to reach a winning hand and recover all previously lost bets.

Reverse Martingale Strategy (Anti-Martingale)

Just like the Martingale system described above, the reverse Martingale strategy is applied in the same way but by doubling the bet value after each win.

Fibonacci strategy

The Fibonacci strategy takes its name from the sequence of the well-known mathematician and reproduces its mechanism of addition and subtraction. In summary, after each loss, the next bet must have the value of the sum of the last two losing bets in the series.

D'Alembert strategy

The D'Alembert system is known as the pyramid system and involves calculations of addition and subtraction based on winning or losing. If the bet is a winner, the player must subtract one unit from the value of their bet, whereas if the bet is a loser, they must add one unit to the sum of the bet.

James Bond strategy

The James Bond strategy is also known as the "flat bet" strategy. The system consists of always betting the same amount in each round: based on the sequences 13-18 and 19-36, James Bond always bet the same amount, ensuring 25 winning numbers and 12 losing ones.

Noted? Now it's up to you!

We have seen how American roulette is a variant that is placed 'halfway' between French and European roulette.

Compared to the other two 'sisters', the table with the numbers of American roulette has 38 boxes and the double zero is included in the wheel.

Precisely because of the presence of an extra space to favor the house, the house edge in American roulette is higher than that of the other two variants.

We have also explained the technical differences of the wheel, which determine a different smoothness of the ball, and seen other crucial differences in the regulations, such as the Legalission of inside and outside bets and the exclusion of other types of bets.

To be considered a truly skilled player, you will then need to learn how to apply the most profitable strategies, always keeping your budget and table betting limits in mind, and finally, once seated at the table, it will be up to the dealer. Actually, up to you!

Frequent questions

Compared to other variants, American roulette is considered less advantageous for players, who may have a higher chance of winning in European or French roulette. However, American roulette also has simpler rules, allowing only inside and outside bets.
Looking at the payout table, the most profitable bet is on a single number (straight up). Obviously, this is a much riskier bet compared to simpler outside bets.
Sure, implementing a good strategy can increase your chances of ending games on a positive note. However, always remember to keep your budget and table limits in mind.
Yes. Many sites allow you to access a trial version (demo) and therefore free of the game, providing you with a virtual and therefore not real balance.
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