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Do you need an unbiased and reliable opinion to find your favorite casino site? On this page, we guide you through the world of online gaming with an updated list of the best casinos certified by Legal. The review you were looking for, written by a group of experts.

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First name Total rating Popularity Usability Customer service Available from
888 86 90 90 70 26/07/2011
bet365 86 90 84 80 01/01/2000
Betfair 82 90 80 77 29/05/2017
betway 81 84 80 74 01/01/2006
bwin 81 84 74 80 01/01/1997 82 80 76 90 12/02/2017
Eurobet 87 88 85 78 05/03/2006 63 65 90 80 -
Digital Game 83 86 80 78 -
Jackpot City 79 80 74 74 15/09/2022 93 97 90 90 01/01/2012
NetBet 77 80 87 85 06/03/2001
Poker Stars Casino 91 95 84 80 01/01/2001
Snai 91 93 95 70 27/05/1990
StarCasino 93 97 86 100 02/02/2015

How we rate online casinos

There editorial staff of GaymerX has found a foolproof method to review all online gaming platforms in an objective and natural way!

All of our reviews have been written with care and are updated periodically to ensure they are still true and accurate.

First we define what are the criteria for identifying the best online casinos . 

Among the most important factors to determine the quality of a gaming operator's offer, the following should be mentioned:

  • the presence of regular gaming licence
  • the generosity of casino game bonuses
  • the presence of free spins to try new slots
  • the quality and efficiency of customer service
  • the variety and cadence of new promotions
  • other benefits such as those of VIP programs
  • and much more!

Obviously the crucial aspects do not end here, but the factors mentioned above represent a solid starting point to go in search of the ideal platform.

Are you looking for an updated and Legal-certified list of online casinos? Here at the top of the page, you will find all the links to our reviews. Below, discover our analysis system and all the steps we follow to write each casino review!

Casino reviews: step list

  1. Pay attention to the license
  2. Let's find out what promotions and bonuses are being offered
  3. Let's try the selection of games and find out the providers
  4. Let's check which payment methods are available
  5. Let's see what the RTP of the casino is
  6. We make sure that the casino has good customer support
  7. We download the mobile app
  8. We inquire about their responsible gambling program

1. Pay attention to the license

Casinos can operate because they have licenses issued under the concession of regulatory bodies., for example, casinos must obtain the Legal license, for which the guarantor is the Agency of customs and Monopolies They are recognized by the "Legal and Responsible Gaming" brand.

If the casino you are visiting Not is licensed under the Legal, we strongly advise against playing it for real money. In our reviews we obviously reiterate what has been said.

To find out more, also watch our video guide on the GaymerX YouTube channel:

2. Find out what promotions and bonuses are being offered

When we examine a casino website, we always check if there are any bonuses available. A diverse and constantly updated bonus program helps to have a pleasant and, above all, long-lasting experience on any platform.

Indeed, one of the first things we check and mention in our casino reviews is the presence of bonuses ; a varied and constantly updated bonus program helps to have a pleasant and above all long-lasting experience on any platform.

And if you're a high-roller, you can apply the same criteria when evaluating the casino's VIP program.

Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus it is always the most prominent in our reviews.

Many gaming operators opt for a diversified welcome package, which includes different types of bonuses within it, such as credit for free plays at tables and free spins on online slots.

free spins

THE Free Spins (o giri gratis) are a casino bonus playable on slot machines. This bonus can be awarded following the participation in a specific promotion, upon the player's request, or as a bonus for new members, after the creation or validation of the gaming account.

Some free spins are called no deposit, as they do not require any type of payment to be unlocked and credited. In our analysis we also take care of them!

Seasonal offers

Each season has its own set of offers, with themed slots and exclusive benefits dedicated to the most important holidays of the year ( Christmas , Easter , but also Saint Valentine e Halloween ).

If the casino is among the operators also active in this sense, rest assured that we will let you know.

Recurring promotions

Welcome bonuses and free spins aren't the only types of bonuses we consider. If you want to know what each gaming brand can offer you, you can't avoid taking a look at the promotions section .

Only in this way can you get a complete idea of the range of active offers on each casino's website, separating recurring promotions from special ones and maybe comparing them with those that have ended, which can be found in the archive.

In each review we also provide a small taste of the active offers at the time of writing.

VIP program

The VIP program or loyalty program is the section of a casino that high rollers focus on the most, i.e. players who have more experience and who bet larger sums.

Often the program is not so convenient for small players, precisely because you need to generate a consistent volume of play to be part of it.

A good VIP program will offer its members bonuses, free spins, freeroll tickets, as well as the care of a VIP manager who takes care of the players and various benefits, such as the opportunity to win tickets to special events or even trips.

3. Let's try the selection of games and find out the providers

The number and variety of slots and games available are one of the most important distinguishing features of our casino reviews. The best sites offer a comprehensive lineup of slots, card games, live tables, and even the latest online game innovations, such as game shows.

Often the platform can count on sections specifically dedicated to particular games (poker, for example) or to verticals separate from the casino itself (sports betting, lotteries).

Online Slots

The online slot machines They are the most popular type of game, so it is understandable that the best gaming portals take care of their offerings by trying to launch the latest creations from the most prestigious software houses on their platform.

When choosing their favorite slot, most players pay attention to features such as the chosen theme, the presence of progressive jackpot , grid or reel format, and RTP (theoretical return to player).

For this reason, we also list a few links to our favorite slot games in the review!

Providers available

The availability and variety of Game Providers they represent clear strengths, which should certainly be mentioned when analyzing the casino.

Moreover, the more you play, the more likely you are to develop a preference for products from certain software houses compared to others, whether it's slot machines or live casino tables! Some of the most appreciated providers are... Playtech , Play'n GO , Microgaming , NetEnt e Big Time Gaming . 

And obviously the roster of games available on a website depends on agreements between providers and operators, with some platforms often choosing to focus on a more or less limited number of production houses.

Exclusive games and branded tables

Several sites boast absolutely exclusive live table games within their platform.

This can be as much a result of collaboration with providers as it is of in-house development. Either way every casino will feature these titles prominently on their pages!

It is worth noting that such games can only be accessed with a registered account.

Poker room

The area Poker it is one of the constants of both online and traditional casinos. In the Poker lobbies it will be possible to play for example a Texas Hold'em , Omaha and other variants as well.

Tournaments and freerolls are launched on a weekly basis and are mentioned in our review.

Tables with live dealers

The best brands almost always have one live section . Here it is possible to play in live streaming at tables with live dealers and croupiers.

The most popular live games are Roulette , Blackjacks e Baccarat , but some operators also include dice games, quizzes and wheels of fortune, which are usually classified as Game shows . 

4. Let's check which payment methods are available

In the review that we propose we also present the deposit methods most common in the casino.

Usually they are without a shadow of a doubt the credit cards of the circuit VISA e MasterCard , closely followed by prepaid and rechargeable cards such as PostePay .

However, more and more players prefer the use of electronic wallets such as PayPal , Skrill e Neteller , but the latter in some cases cannot be used to make the first deposit on the gaming platform.

5. Let's see what the RTP of the casino is

By law, casinos and slot machine developers are required to disclose the RTP (Return to Player) of their games. This percentage represents how profitable a particular slot is in the long run: the higher the RTP, the more likely players are to win. high RTP The better the slot!

This means, for example, that by playing 100 coins in the long run on a slot machine with a 94% RTP, there will be approximately 94 coins left at the end of the session. The remaining percentage is called the house edge or the casino's advantage, which is the margin allocated to the casino's operations and game developers.

In Italy, online slots are required to have a minimum RTP of 90%. You can find the RTP data in the introductory tab of each game, both on your preferred casino and on the provider's website.

Recensioni Casino online - Perché i Casino online sono diventati così popolari?

6. We make sure that the casino has good customer support

The speed, thoughtfulness and competence of customer support are a factor that should not be underestimated when choosing which casino to play at.

It can happen, in fact, to be disappointed by a casino, even in the presence of a varied game schedule and exciting bonuses, precisely because the customer support does not live up to expectations or simply is not suitable for the needs of certain specific categories of players, such as VIPs.

The speed, promptness, and competence of customer support are factors not to be underestimated when choosing which casino to play at. It can happen, in fact, to be disappointed by a casino, even in the presence of a varied game schedule and exciting bonuses, precisely because the customer support does not live up to expectations or is simply not suitable for the needs of certain specific categories of players, such as VIPs.

Let's check when operators are available

The best online casinos are equipped with 24/7 live chat. This is the optimal situation as players can receive immediate assistance at any time of the day and night.

But if not, it is better to take into account the availability of customer service.

We test the speed in answering

We test the response time and troubleshooting by customer support.

Ideally, we expect a "queue" of up to a few minutes. No one likes to wait!

We check the variety of contact channels

At a minimum we expect to find customer service support reachable by email or phone.

The best gaming portals can also often be contacted via social media or live chat.

Let's see if customer support can really help

We always try to be objective in checking the elements mentioned above and finally look at the overall level of customer service efficiency.

Obviously, our opinion on this matter greatly affects the final evaluation of the casino!

7. We download the mobile app

Some casinos offer the possibility to download their casino software.

What does it mean? That you don't have to use a browser, but can simply choose to play from a desktop application or even from a mobile app dedicated to the casino . Some players prefer this mode as an experience type.

8. We inquire about their responsible gambling program

A trustworthy trader will always remind its users to play responsibly and measuredly , making all the necessary tools available.

Remember not to use duplicate accounts, not to play if you are under 18 years old, and not to exceed the allowed bets. These are common mistakes and violations, so the penalties imposed by casinos range from temporary account suspension to permanent cancellation.

Reviews of online casinos and all types of platforms we analyze

Some casinos choose to focus on specific niches.

For example, there are operators that focus only on live games (Live Casino), platforms that exclusively accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies (although they are not yet legal), casinos that offer only internally developed games, casinos available only on mobile, and more.

In any case, we are 100% convinced that an online casino is always the better choice than a land-based casino. If you want to know more, also watch our video guide about it:

Classic / standard casinos

This category includes all those casinos where it is possible to find almost all varieties of games: live tables, video slots, classic slots, progressive slots, video poker, etc. Some typical examples are... LeoVegas or StarCasino .

100% live casino

It is a casino where you can only find live tables roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, dice, all live. These casinos have their own dealers to preside over the tables and, of course, a wider range of live games compared to traditional operators.

Crypto casino

In recent years some non-Legality casinos have begun to offer accepted payment methods Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

Unlike traditional fiat currencies, these cryptocurrencies are not issued and controlled by any central bank, and this, along with price volatility, has made them difficult to regulate in various sectors.

Overall, we can say that the gambling industry is still treading cautiously into cryptocurrency territory, but with growing interest.

Bitcoin casino

At the moment there are no Legal casinos that allow you to make payments directly into bitcoins , which is the most famous, widespread, and capitalized cryptocurrency in circulation. But there are shortcuts to overcome this situation. E-wallets like Neteller accept bitcoin deposits; later, it will be possible to convert and transfer your funds to the casino you have chosen to play.

mobile casino

A mobile casino is a platform that allows you to play from a smartphone or tablet. Nowadays, practically all brands offer the possibility to play on mobile devices (Android, iOS).

A conclusion about our online casino reviews

On this page, we have taken a look at all the aspects that distinguish the best online portals. The ability to recognize and evaluate these factors allows us to help you make an informed choice when selecting your gaming platform.

We recommend you to take a look at the pages with our reviews of Legality casinos, where you will find only the best operators on the market. We sincerely hope that GaymerX can become your reference point for online gaming!

We just have to wish you good luck and, above all, have fun!

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We recommend only the best legal and secure online casinos, those with Legal license, .com internet domain, and the widest selection of games and promotions. On this page, you can always find an updated list of these operators.
The best casinos are those that regularly offer a good variety of games combined with bonuses and promotions, without compromising the safety of the players. LeoVegas, StarCasino, PokerStars, are just some of the names you will find on our portal. We recommend our readers to only sign up for gaming sites authorized by the Legal. Read our reviews for more information!
As you have read on this page, our team of expert editors has an infallible system for reviewing all gaming portals following a standard list of steps. You can trust our advice, as we have years of experience and know all the active brands inside and out!
There are no methods or strategies that can guarantee you to win at the casino every time. Luck plays a crucial role. However, there are some precautions that, if followed, can significantly increase your chances of winning. For example, try to always play slot machines with a high RTP, or take advantage of promotions with bonuses and free spins, preferably with low wagering requirements or no wagering requirements.