GaymerX East 2017 Players Guide

Our con chair Toni’s got some tips and tricks for you to enjoy your GaymerX East experience!

Arriving at the event

GaymerX East takes place at the Microsoft offices in Times Square!

The address is:

11 Times Square
New York, NY 10036

The entrance is on 8th Ave between 41st and 42nd.
Closest subway station is 42nd St (A, C, E lines)
Doors open at 10AM on Nov 4th and 5th.

The Schedule!

We are using an app called Sched to manage the schedule for our event! If you haven’t used it yet, make sure you make an account so that you can put things on your schedule! There’s a LOT to do at GaymerX so make sure you explore a lot and use your schedule on Sched to make sure you don’t miss stuff! That being said, try to take it easy and have fun, you don’t have to make it to every single thing!



Password: msevent32gd

Speaking of apps, there’s going to be wifi available at the event courtesy of our wonderful hosts at Microsoft! During the time of GaymerX East, the wifi password will be “msevent32gd” and we’ll have it posted at the event as well! If you forget, just ask Con Ops!

Check out the Expo!

Don’t forget to stop by the expo hall and see some of the cool stuff there! Most vendors and developers will be showing off stuff that you cannot get online yet so don’t miss your chance! Protip: One of your friends not at the show? Get them that super rare print or game. You’ll be their hero.

Be good to each other!

GaymerX isn’t a place to start or continue beefs! It’s a place for folks to have fun. Any offensive jokes or weirdness can wait 48 hours. Trust us, you’ll have A LOT more fun! There’s a whole bunch of rules but the main important thing is to make sure you’re just kind to one another!


There will be a A LOT of board games all at the event! Feel free to take them with you and a group and play them around the con! There are scheduled sessions in the Sched, show up early to make sure you get a spot! Protip: This is a great way to rest your feet.

Try new things!

Make sure you try things that you haven’t before! Try new video games, check out cool projects in the Expo, learn a new tabletop game, listen to a talk on a subject you don’t know much about! Protip: Make sure you check out some VR!

Make friends!

GaymerX is always a great place to meet people and make friends! There are various meetups throughout the event and plenty of space to hang out and chat with folks!

Need help?

Don’t hesitate to ask someone if you have any questions! There are volunteers placed all over the place as well as folks in Con Ops. As always, if you have any questions feel free to email us at