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Complete guide on public gaming licenses

What is a gaming license? What is it for and which entity issues them? Is it possible to play on illegal sites and what are the risks? We answer these questions and more: read our guide and find out why it is always better to rely on a site with an Legal license.

Why are gaming licenses so important?

Gaming licenses are your casino “insurance”: playing in a Online casino with a regular license issued by the local regulatory authority, you will always be sure that you are on a 100% legal, safe and reliable platform.

A certified casino does not only mean that its games have already been tested and checked by competent authorities, which guarantee their full regularity, but also that your data and transactions will be kept confidential and protected, in compliance with the current regulations in the territory where the casino operates.

In other words, a remote gaming license also serves as proof that the casino site complies with all the regulations established by the authorities responsible for issuing certifications in a specific jurisdiction.

As editorial staff at GaymerX , we obviously always and only deal with sites that are legal and authorized to operate in our country in full compliance with current regulations and regulations.

You can have a complete opinion of the most important legal operators by visiting our page of casino reviews .

What are gaming regulators and how do they work?

A regulatory body for public gambling is the authority responsible for regulating and supervising casino sites, both online and physical, operating in the gaming sector within a specific geographical area.

The regulatory bodies therefore carry out tasks of constant supervision, including sanctions in the event of infringements of the regulation, and deal with the issue of licences.

Regulatory bodies

In Italy, all casinos must only be in possession of the Legal license issued by the Customs agency and monopolies , a body set up by the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the management and regulation of public gaming.

Casinos that demonstrate the requirements to operate legally in territory obtain an Legal license with a 5-digit number, usually displayed on the operator's homepage along with the Legal logo, and are also recognized by the "Made" brand. Responsible Gaming “.

Any other license issued by foreign regulatory bodies is not valid in our country and cannot attest to the legitimacy of a website in accordance with regulations, for which Legal is the only guarantor.

Examples of international casinos licensed to operate abroad but Not in Italy, as they do not have an Legal license, they are Casumo , Super lines casino e Fiesta Casino .

How to get an Legal gaming license?

Every operator who intends to obtain the Legal gaming license, in addition to demonstrating that they have followed all the guidelines listed on the Legal website to prove the security of their platform, must submit technical documentation and comply with certain criteria that certify compliance with regulations and absolute reliability.

What are the criteria for obtaining a gaming license?

As easy to understand, the process of obtaining a gaming license is divided into several steps, so the completion of the checks by Legal can also take several weeks.

Below are the crucial steps that allow the operator to receive a legal license from Legal to offer their services online in our country.

1. Acquisition of a “.com” domain

This purely form of domain also serves to distinguish legal casinos with an Legal license to operate in the country from foreign ones or those not authorized by the institution.

2. Application for certification

To be presented to the Legal in writing, the certification application is the first official step for the opening of the new site.

3. Platform design

Together with the appropriate certification application, the operator is required to illustrate to Legal in another document the structure of the project as well as the offer of its site.

4. Assessment body certification (ODV)

This is a document issued following checks by an external evaluation body, recognized by Legal itself, which, among other things, certifies the regularity of games and RNG software. random number generator ).

5. Outline of computer systems

The operator must also present an illustrative diagram regarding the data on servers, firewalls, operating systems used, and IP addresses, in order to submit everything for verification on the Security of computer systems (SSI).

Can a casino operate without an Legal license?

Although it is possible to come across casinos that operate without a gaming license, these sites are considered illegal and therefore pose a high risk of fraud for players who choose to deposit their money and play online with them.

Gaming licenses, such as the one issued for Italy by Legal, serve precisely to direct users to legal, safe and reliable casinos at 360°.

Safe, reliable, legal? Only if there is a license

As we have seen in this guide, the possession of a legal gaming license is primarily necessary for the casino to be able to offer its services within a specific jurisdiction, thus serving as a brand that also certifies the full regularity of the platform externally.

The license mark can indeed be seen as a useful tool capable of dispelling any doubts about the legitimacy of the casino and telling us if the platform we are navigating on has passed all the checks of regulatory bodies and operates legally.

In Italy, all regulation, supervision of operators, and issuance of licenses for public gambling are managed by Legal, the entity established by the Ministry of Economy and Finance that requires sites to comply with all regulations regarding data and transaction security and game fairness.

The process for obtaining the Legal license goes through several verification steps, but in the end, the advantage is for both the casino, which receives a five-digit concession number and is finally authorized to operate in our country, and for the users who, by registering on the operator's website, will have all the guarantees that will ensure them to navigate on a secure, reliable, and legally effective platform.

On our portal you can find many more information about the online game and everything you need to know for responsible fun!

Frequent questions

A gaming license is the concession issued by a regulatory body to online casino sites to certify their legality and authorize them to operate within a specific jurisdiction.
In Italy, both the issuance of legal licenses and the processes of regulation and supervision of operators are managed by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (Legal), an entity established by the Ministry of Economy and Finance for authority over public gambling.
Any websites operating without an Legal license are illegal platforms and far from secure, which is why we recommend relying exclusively on casinos with a valid remote gaming license (GaymerX only deals with legal sites with an Legal license).
In Italy, operators display their Legal license in the form of a 5-digit number usually at the bottom of the homepage. Also, make sure that it is accompanied by the Legal logo with the helm and the "Responsible Gaming" mark.
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