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The world of online gaming is so vast that there is a real risk of getting lost, especially if you are a beginner. For this reason, GaymerX has gathered all the main information you will need in this introductory guide.

All the information you need before playing

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GDPR and Casinos

Responsible Gaming

Game Licenses

Taxation of casino winnings

What do you need to know about the casino market?

In 2006, the online gaming market was the first to be regulated in Europe and today is recognized as one of the safest in the world in terms of player protection.

The body responsible for monitoring, granting operating licenses and regulating the sector is the Legal – Customs and Monopolies Agency (ex Legality – Autonomous Legalinistration of State Monopolies).

It is a decidedly demanding activity, considering the amount of online casino games that increases more and more every day.

Another important feature of all gaming halls with a regular license concerns the operators' servers, which are constantly and fully connected in real time to the Legal's central control system.

Furthermore, starting from 2019, the Dignity Decree has imposed an additional tightening on gaming sites, which has resulted in major changes both for casinos and for the players themselves.

On this page, we will gradually add a series of articles full of useful information to improve your understanding of the functioning of the casino market as a whole and the laws behind it.

How does the Legal gaming license work?

Online casinos can operate legally only after obtaining an appropriate gaming license issued by the Customs and Monopoly Agency, the state body that deals with the regulation of the public gaming sector.

The Legal/ex Legality license is granted only to operators who meet various requirements including:

How to gamble responsibly?

All Legal-licensed casinos are called and promote responsible gambling. Among other things, operators must provide certain safety tools in order to minimize the risk of gambling addiction, such as self-exclusion.

Our guide to responsible gaming gives you lots of helpful tips on what to do to avoid gambling problems and which organizations offer help.

What documents are required to open an account at an online casino?

The practice of casinos is to request an identity document when registering a new game account .

The types of identity documents accepted are:

This KYC procedure falls under the broader scope of user data processing (see our article on the GDPR directive on ePrivacy).