How to Manage a Bankroll

Complete guide to casino budget management

What is meant by bankroll management, how it works, and why it is so important when playing online. All the information you need to always be sure to protect your budget: discover the advantages, tools, and 9 invaluable tips!

Why bankroll management is important

As is known to many experienced players, playing on sites of Online casino it involves the possibility of winning large sums of money which are also accompanied by the obvious risks.

Even the so-called "black days" can be avoided through proper bankroll management, also known as bankroll management, which is a strategy that could prevent you from quickly burning through funds while pressing the spin button on the slot machine. Slots You are aiming at the tables of the Live casino .

By planning and setting your budget in advance you will reduce the time spent gambling in an uninteresting manner and therefore also the unnecessary losses.

Bankroll management also helps to understand which games are truly suitable for you, since with a predetermined spending limit, you will only choose the truly advantageous ones and stay away from those that you would only bet on whims.

Even more importantly, safeguarding your budget will always keep you above a certain level of spending, allowing you to play more calmly and ensuring that your pockets thank you later.

What is meant by bankroll

In the world of online casinos, the term bankroll refers to the money that players have set aside and intend to spend on their gaming sessions on the sites of the various operators.

For example, if you have set aside $100 to use on slot machines, you would never start betting $25 per spin, because with such a choice you would only get an infallible method to quickly burn through your bankroll.

Most of us know very well that every game, no matter how enjoyable and fun it may seem, can also hide side effects if time and money spent are not managed correctly.

Bankroll management = more fun, longer, safer!

Proper bankroll management equals more time for you to enjoy, although sometimes even this factor takes a back seat when you find yourself extremely involved in the games.

To successfully manage your bankroll, it is important that even before playing, you already decide how much you are willing to spend or lose, and then stick to the predetermined amount, obviously always making your evaluations based on your income and lifestyle.

Remember that the purpose of the game, in addition to the possibility of winning prizes, is entertainment: beyond the winnings that everyone aspires to, never make the mistake of considering it as a second profession.

Bankroll management: 9 tips to keep in mind

Find below some excellent advice from GaymerX to start adopting right away!

1. Only bet money you can afford to lose

We can't stress enough how important it is to only bet amounts you can afford to lose.

Going in with the idea that you might walk out with losses remains the best approach, so make sure you've done your math before kicking off your games.

While it may seem like child's play to you, it's actually quite easy to lose control by getting carried away by an addictive game session.

2. Use responsible gaming tools

All Legal certified online casinos provide their users with the classic tools for Responsible Gaming such as deposit, wagering and time limits, which can usually be accessed from the personal account page.

Even if you think you don't need to, we suggest using all three, depending on how much money and time you feel you can invest in a day, week, or even month.

In this way you can count on an automatic "safety net" that will eliminate the risk of exceeding the budget or the hours you set for yourself.

3. Take advantage of the bonuses and free spins offered by the casino

All the major operators always have gods ready Bonuses welcome for new subscribers to which are added the Offers periodicals to accompany users throughout their casino experience.

It is not uncommon then to find promotions with Free Spins to be used on slots or even others reserved exclusively for live casino tables.

Whatever your specialty, the bonus will give you an extra margin of spending that you can exploit to your exclusive advantage.

4. Don't spend it all on one game

On one hand, the two underlying goals of the game are to win and have fun, but it is equally important to remember not to make hasty decisions that could lead to a rapid depletion of your bankroll.

Many beginners, caught up in the excitement of the moment, start placing high bets on live tables or betting large sums on slot machines, so before they realize it, they have already exhausted their entire balance.

A mistake that you too can avoid both by choosing games that allow you to place low bets and by always being careful to invest your money gradually.

5. Choose games with the highest payouts

It goes without saying that the most advantageous opportunities will be found in the slots with the highest payouts and in those with indexes higher than RTP , as well as of course in the live tables with the lowest house edge.

Choosing one of these games will tilt the odds less in favor of the casino and more in your favor. And with higher or more frequent winnings, your budget will be better protected.

6. Withdraw your profits

Remember to withdraw your winnings along the way. This way, you won't be tempted to increase the stakes or spend the profits during your subsequent games, risking not only your budget but also those winnings.

7. Use electronic wallets

Let's talk about the so-called e-wallets, a tool that has become increasingly popular over time, even among casino players, and that will give you the opportunity to keep your bankroll separate from your bank account.

Before choosing one, make sure that the casino does not impose any restrictions, for example on bonuses, for using e-wallets like Skrill or PayPal instead of the classic circuit cards VISA e MasterCard .

8. Control your emotions

It is a topic that we partially touched on in point 3. Allowing oneself to be excessively carried away by the excitement of the game can be as simple as it is counterproductive for bankroll management.

One golden rule indeed provides not to play with your own emotions but rather with logic, in order to stay faithful to a game plan by dispelling the euphoria that some winnings could give you or the discouragement of a series of negatively placed bets.

9. Recognize the exact moment to stop

As mentioned, all online casino sites offer settings to help better manage gaming habits, automatically limiting gameplay after reaching a certain spending or time threshold. However, in many cases, it will be up to the player themselves to manage.

The more emotional users could in fact fall back into dangerous game patterns and for this reason also need external help:, the professionals of GambleAware GamCare e Players Anonymous they offer the support you need in cases where you are dealing with a problematic game.

Bankroll management, put the advice to good use

Playing online at casino sites can be a fun and overwhelming experience at the same time.

Operating a correct bankroll management strategy is therefore a way that helps you live the gaming experience with more serenity, ensuring that you always have full control over your budget.

With our 9 useful tips you should already be well on your way to becoming a real bankroll management expert and thus building a healthy relationship with the game.

Because remember: winning will always be one of the goals for which you start playing, but what really matters is having fun.

Frequent questions

Whether you are a poker player or prefer to place your bets on slots, the key points for proper bankroll management are always the same. Follow our 9 tips at the top of the page and you will have a clearer understanding of a proper bankroll management strategy.
In online stores, you can find various apps that help manage finances and, if used correctly, can also be applied to the budget you decide to invest in the game.
Proper bankroll management ensures that you are aware at all times of how much you spend playing online, keeping your budget safe.
All operators provide users with settings for spending limits, betting limits, and time limits. By adopting all three, you can rely on an automatic 'safety net' that will eliminate the risk of exceeding your budget or the hours you had set for yourself.
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