PowerUP Roulette

All the charm of roulette in the PowerUP version!

Bets and traditional rules, but also interactive statistics, bonus spins with multipliers up to 8,000x, and an immersive setting that makes PowerUP Roulette a true game show. Roulette enthusiasts (and not only) may have found their dream table!

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PowerUP Roulette Review

Are you ready to savor all the thrills of traditional roulette in a completely new guise?

With PowerUP Roulette by Pragmatic play the revolving wheel of the casino turns into an exciting one live game show , with unique and amazing features that will make your heart beat faster!

As the wheel spins, a charismatic host will guide you through each stage of the game, creating an engaging and fun atmosphere.

But the surprises don't end here: with the additional PowerUP features, you can exponentially increase your earnings, multiplying the suspense and fun as well, for a maximum cumulative win of up to 15,525x!

In short, roulette enthusiasts (and not only) may have finally found the table of their dreams. Ready to learn more and become a true expert? Well, even if you're not a fan of roulette, after reading our review, you may have changed your mind!

PowerUP Roulette logo
Data sheet PowerUP Roulette
Providers: Pragmatic play
RTP: 97,30%
Functions: PowerUP
Minimum bet: 0,10$
Maximum bet: 5.000$ 
Maximum win: 500.000$

Where to play PowerUP Roulette

The title, released only recently on October 7, 2022, has already won over players thanks to its innovative combination of traditional roulette and special game show features.

And you don't need to be sitting at your computer to have fun: PowerUP Roulette is also available for smartphones and tablets thanks to the apps for mobile casino and browser versions optimized for smaller screens, guaranteed for example by LeoVegas , StarCasino e PokerStars .

Also, if you register with one of these casinos you will be able to enjoy advantageous offers and promotions reserved for new members and not only, which will allow you to start playing with an edge.

What is PowerUP Roulette?

PowerUP Roulette is an engaging version of the classic roulette that offers additional chances to win big prizes thanks to a series of bonus spins, activated by random assignments more typical of game shows.

Just like in the traditional version of roulette (this is the European variant with only one 0), the initial objective in PowerUP Roulette is to guess which of the 37 numbers on the wheel the ball will land on. But the round, this time, can continue in a bonus!

During each spin, there are indeed equal chances for 3, 4, or 5 numbers to become PowerUP numbers, and if the ball stops on one of these numbers, all bets on any straight number participate in the first PowerUP bonus round, with the possibility of winning up to 500 times the bet!

It is possible to activate up to 5 consecutive PowerUP spins, with prizes that increase in value with each turn up to a maximum of 8,000 times the bet, for a maximum cumulative win of 15,525 times the bet on the full number!

PowerUP Roulette: inizio del round

How to play PowerUP Roulette

We are finally ready to play our game and discover all the secrets of PowerUP Roulette!

In this journey, we will see together the mechanics of the game show and its unique characteristics. We will start by exploring the different types of bets, and then delve into the heart of the game and observe with trepidation the outcome of the wheel, until the activation of the bonus spins that will give us moments of pure excitement.

I will then provide you with crucial information on payout and return to player (RTP), we will analyze the attention to detail in graphics and sound, and finally, I will share with you some valuable tips and strategies that you can apply to your game to maximize profits!

The betting stage

To participate in the round you must place your chips during the betting period on the virtual roulette carpet, which displays all standard betting positions.

The bets placed on the number map or on the lines between them are called inside bets, while those placed on the special boxes below and to the left of the table are called outside bets (for a general review, I recommend visiting our page on). Roulette rules ).

PowerUP Roulette: le puntate

When you move the mouse cursor over the bet positions, the numbers that would be included in your bet are highlighted. The basic options available to you are:

The bets on the sectors of the roulette are complex bets known worldwide and used by experienced players. These bets are placed using the Roulette Track on the left, which represents the numbers as they appear on the roulette wheel rather than on the table.

Place your chips, the total amount of your bets will be displayed in the "Total Bet" area, then the message "Bets closed" will indicate the end of the betting period. No further bets will be accepted after this message.

Conduct and outcome of the round

The ball will be thrown inside the wheel in the opposite direction to the rotation of the wheel, then 3 to 5 PowerUP numbers are randomly chosen.

At the same time the roulette game table is divided into different zones, each of which is equipped with secret multipliers in view of a possible PowerUP bonus round.

The battery lines on the side of the area provide an indication of where the larger multipliers are located: more lines near an area indicate larger multipliers hiding on the numbers in that area.

Round di PowerUP Roulette

When the ball stops in a box, the winning number will be highlighted on the game interface: following the classic rules of roulette, if any of your bets cover the winning number, you will receive a payout according to the paytable (we will analyze them in detail in the next section), and the total winnings will be displayed in the winning message.

If the winning number is also one of the PowerUP numbers, the game continues with a first PowerUP bonus round that all players can access, even those who did not bet on the winning number. Let's see what it's all about!

PowerUP bonus round

The roulette table is thus transformed into a PowerUP game table, with the numbers revealing the multipliers that have already appeared on the screen behind the presenter.

During each PowerUP bonus spin, the ball is spun on the wheel according to classic roulette rules, while new PowerUP numbers are also randomly determined.

The winnings obtained from the initial spin and all subsequent PowerUP bonus spins are collected in a "Total Win" container and paid out at the end of the game. Only bets placed on the initial spin are valid for the first and any additional PowerUP spins, and remain on the roulette table.

When the ball stops on a number, the new winning number is highlighted in the game interface, just like in the base game. If you have placed a Straight bet on the winning number, you receive the payout based on the multiplier displayed on the number.

If the winning number is again a PowerUP number, the win is collected in the "Total Win" container and the game continues with a new PowerUP bonus round. All multipliers are then increased, revealing even more substantial wins for the next PowerUP round.

During a bonus game up to 4 more spins can be retriggered, i.e. up to a total of 5 PowerUP bonus spins in a row, with winnings increasing on the table after each round.

The bonus game ends after the fifth PowerUP spin or when the ball no longer stops on a PowerUP number: this is the moment when all the winnings collected so far in the "Total Win" container are paid out!

Il bonus PowerUP

PowerUP Roulette payouts

In the following table we see the payouts awarded according to the classic roulette scheme, with the only exception of the PowerUP bonus spins where the prizes on individual numbers increase exponentially through the application of multipliers.

Bet type Covers Payouts
Full 1 number 24-7.999*:1
Horse 2 numbers 17:1
Triplet 3 numbers 11:1
Carre 4 numbers 8:1
Sestina 6 numbers 5:1
Column 12 numbers 2:1
Dozen 12 numbers 2:1
Red-black 18 issues 1:1
Even odd 18 issues 1:1
1-18 / 19-36 18 issues 1:1

*during a PowerUP bonus round

Maximum payout and RTP

The maximum win of PowerUP Roulette amounts, as in most game shows, to $500,000, which can be reached thanks to the PowerUP multipliers of the bonus rounds.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Full House bets is 97.19%, while for all other bets it rises to 97.30%.

Strategy and tricks for PowerUP Roulette

To improve your chances of winning, it is essential to adopt an effective strategy and acquire a detailed knowledge of the tricks and tactics used by professional players. As experts know well, adopting a solid strategy can indeed help you make better decisions during the game and maximize your earnings.

According to your game plan, there are several methods you can adopt, such as the Martingale strategy or the Fibonacci strategy, which are based on mathematical patterns and have proven to be effective over time (for detailed information, please refer to our page on... roulette strategies ).

One tactic I often use is to place the majority of my chips on an outside betting option, such as red or black, odd or even, or the series 1-18 or 19-36, as they are the safest in roulette.

Although the payouts are lower compared to internal bets, the chances of winning for external bets are indeed much higher, so it could be an option to consider even in terms of a bankroll management more protective.

Going full-bet on a single number may seem risky, but it can lead to very large winnings if the winning number is a PowerUP number.

If you decide to go full bet also because you are aiming for the bonus round, make sure you keep an eye on your bankroll and do not bet more than you can afford to lose.

Risultato del giro PowerUP

Graphics and sound

Colorful and vibrant graphics, with an intuitive user interface that allows players to easily navigate between the different betting options on the table and between roulette sectors.

Various camera angles will take you inside the studio depending on the stage of the game, with the wheel in the foreground during the ball launch and the numbers lighting up on the board behind the host.

At the bottom of the screen or on the right you can consult the latest numbers released (hot and cold) and, using the star key, you can also access some special bets with more chips.

Passing the mouse pointer over each sector of the numbers in the pie chart, you can even view quick information showing how many times that number has come up during the selected number of game rounds (the fuller the sector, the more times that number has won). In the Charts tab, you will also find the percentage of Columns, Dozens, and Red, Black, Even, Odd, High, and Low numbers.

Even the sounds and music of PowerUP Roulette are of high quality and contribute to creating a realistic and highly immersive atmosphere.

The sound of the ball spinning on the wheel, the ticking of the numbers passing by, and the electronic ignition of the multipliers during the PowerUP bonus spins make the experience even more engaging, while the voice of the presenter and the sound effects of the audience enhance the social dimension of the game show!

Vincita su PowerUP Roulette

Game show similar to PowerUP Roulette

If you are a roulette enthusiast and if you like the attention to detail of Pragmatic play , you may also want to bet on spins on the wheel of Mega Roulette , another game show, where instead of the bonus rounds the provider has inserted random Mega Multipliers up to 500x!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for another electronic whiteboard with PowerUP multipliers, then the obvious choice would be Boom City , where instead of betting on roulette you will have five betting options, including those on the three bonus rounds, while the result on the big screen will be sanctioned by the dice!

Conclusions of the review

For lovers of Online roulette or for those who simply hunt for the best game shows on the market, PowerUP Roulette is a gaming experience that does not disappoint.

All the charm of roulette but in a much more modern version, as can be seen from the well-designed graphics and user-friendly game interface that provides us with a complete picture of interactive statistics and betting options.

The addition of the PowerUP feature (already tested in Boom City) gives the game an element of surprise and increases the chances of winning, allowing us to participate in a maximum of 5 consecutive PowerUP bonus rounds with multipliers that increase with each ball throw, for an even more exciting and fun gameplay.

The high RTP, well above the 97% threshold even when it comes to full bets, is an additional incentive to try to guess the next number on the wheel. If you already have a solid strategy in mind, all that's left is to wish you good luck and play your game!

Frequent questions

The game show allows you to easily choose from different types of bets, including classic bets on single numbers, bets on groups of numbers (Corner, Trio, etc.), outside bets such as bets on colors, and complex bets on wheel sections.
If the winning number is also one of the PowerUP numbers, the game continues with a bonus round that all players have access to, even those who did not bet on the winning number. During the PowerUP bonus rounds, the game table transforms into a PowerUP table with higher win multipliers, and the ball is relaunched: if you placed a Straight bet on the winning number, you receive the payout based on the multiplier displayed on the number. And if the winning number is again a PowerUP number, another round is awarded, up to a maximum of 5 PowerUP rounds!
Yes, the game is also available for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, thanks to mobile casino apps provided by operators like LeoVegas and StarCasino, and optimized browser versions for smaller screens.
The RTP of this game show is 97.19% when you bet Full on the single number, while for all other types of bets the figure rises to 97.30%.
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