Boom City

Dice but not only: a futuristic and visionary game show

Six betting options, a big screen with three bonus games and two dice shakers: are you ready to enter the Boom City? Learn how to play, payouts and strategies to win!

Casino where to play in Boom City

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Boom City Review

A giant screen full of prizes and functions that allow access to 3 bonus games, but they will always decide the outcome of our bet: the dice!

With Boom City we are sure that we are dealing with something that has never been seen before, after all the same provider of the game, Pragmatic play , had anticipated it on July 27, 2022, the day of the global launch of this ingenious Game Shows , billed as a “breakthrough product” to add to our list of favorite titles for the Live casino .

You obviously play live, while a live presenter accompanies us during all phases of our game: the menu includes six betting options, a PowerUp box that increases the earnings given by the multipliers, plus dice battles, lucky throws, and multi-level win climbs of that kind. Cash or Crash .

Did you think you've seen them all too? Well, maybe with Boom City it's time to think again.

Boom City Game Show
Data sheet Boom City
Providers: Pragmatic play
RTP: 96,21%
Functions: Bonus Games; PowerUps; Hyper Jump
Minimum bet: 0,10$
Maximum bet: 3.000$ 
Maximum win: 500.000$

Where to play Boom City

Given the premises of this title, as well as the guarantees of innovation and quality from a provider of Pragmatic Play's caliber, Boom City has immediately attracted the interest of some of the main... online casinos They did not miss the opportunity to include it in the catalog.

You can find it, for example, within the live game selection of LeoVegas and of StarCasino (for a complete overview of the proposal of the various sites, please refer to ours page Reviews ).

However, remember that, being a live game show, this title does not offer a demo version and therefore cannot be tried with virtual money: one more reason to keep reading our guide before starting to invest your real balance.

What is Boom City?

Boom City is a game show by Pragmatic Play consisting of a main game and three bonus games, Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust, where each stage offers different types of bets, but always follows the result of two dice rolls and is hosted by a presenter.

The main game is characterized by a vertically arranged large screen divided into 36 segments (6x6), each indicating a specific game result: Bronze 1x, Silver 2x, Gold 5x, PowerUp segments that can increase all multipliers, three segments related to the Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust bonuses, plus another segment called Sballa, which means instant game over.

Initially, you will have six betting options available, three for direct multipliers and three for unique bonus games: the segment on the big screen will be determined by the result of the two dice rolls, and based on your bets, the outcome of the round can be winning, losing, activating the PowerUp symbol before the repeat of the two rolls, or taking you to one of the three bonus games.

Boom City Game Show

How to play Boom City?

As you surely understood by reading our brief introduction, it is a game show that cannot be tackled without proper preparation, namely a complete understanding of its rules, segments, and stages in which your games will be divided.

And it is here that our guide comes into play, created to explain to you in detail the progress of each round, starting from the choices you can make during the betting phase and ending with analyzing the incredible opportunities offered by each of the three bonus modes.

Obviously, we will also focus on the payout and theoretical RTP of the game, evaluate the graphics and audio department, and finally give you some strategies or 'tricks' to adopt to increase your chances of leaving Boom City with the satisfaction of having also obtained a good income.

The betting stage

Launched the game, you may already find on the bottom part of the screen your chips, worth 0.10$, 0.50$, 1$, 2$, 5$, 10$, 25$, 50$, 100$, and 500$, or you may have to wait a few seconds for the current game to end and the next one to begin.

So we start with the betting phase, in which you can place your chips on each of the six colored positions, corresponding to the segments on the big screen (1x, 2x, 5x, Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust).

The entire amount of the bet will be displayed under the heading "Total Bet", while once the message "Bets closed" appears, you will not be able to add or remove chips.

Boom City

Conduct and outcome of the round

The game begins with both dice shakers.

The result of the two throws will be represented by a vertical yellow line for the first die and a horizontal blue line for the second die, both highlighted on the big screen, finally the intersection of these two lines will define the result of the game.

Boom City Dadi

If one of your bets covers the winning segment, you will receive a win or access to one of the three bonus games. On the other hand, if the combination reveals a segment on which you did not bet or the segment is "Sballa", all your bets will be losers.

In cases where the indicated segment will be the PowerUp segment, the following events will occur:

Boom City

Dice Battle bonus game

If you have placed a bet on the Dice Battle position, and the winning segment will be Dice Battle itself, you will be able to participate in the bonus game, which, as the name suggests, will take place as a kind of 'dice battle'.

At the beginning you will be asked to choose one of the two sides of the next Dice Battle (gold or blue), each associated with one of the two dice shakers.

The time for choice is running out (if you don't make it, one side will be randomly selected for you by the game), each of the two dice will be rolled three times: the higher the total score achieved through the dice rolls, the larger the multiplier assigned.

Although a win is guaranteed in both cases, if you bet on the winning side of the Dice Battle, which is the one with the highest multiplier, you will receive an additional multiplier equivalent to the score of the losing side.

Dice Battle Boom City

Lucky Drop bonus game

In the Lucky Drop bonus game, five columns will be occupied by multipliers, starting at 5x, and each of them will be dedicated to a specific dice roll: the higher the value of the dice results in a column, the higher the multiplier will be.

At the start of the bonus round you will have to make your choice by selecting one of the six possible outcomes of the two dice, which again will be rolled three times.

After each result of the throw, the corresponding multiplier will be added to the winning column, and finally you will receive your winnings based on the multiplier reached by the column with the result you bet on.

Boom City Lucky Drop

Boom or Bust bonus game

Last but not least, the Boom or Bust bonus game consists of a multi-level climb where you will be called upon to make a decision: cash in the achieved prize or continue playing for a higher win but with the risk of failure.

The big screen will be composed of a total of eight levels, each of which will be divided into six segments: the first dice roll will determine the guaranteed multiplier of the bonus game, which cannot be lost.

Once the game has started, subsequent dice rolls will define the result of each level, determining one of the six segments which, randomly, can assume the following values:

Every time you get a multiplier segment, you will have to decide whether to continue playing, thus participating in the next dice roll, or accept the proposed sum through the "Cash Out" button, an option that will be automatically selected if you do not make a decision before the end of the countdown.

Boom City Boom or Dust

Boom City Payouts

In the following table you will find the number of segments which, for each value, can be shown on the giant screen and also the payments relating to each outcome of the round.

Segment on the big screen Number of segments Payouts
Bronze 1x From 12 to 13 1:1
2x silver From 9 to 11 2:1
5x gold From 4 to 6 5:1
Battle says From 1 to 2 Based on the result of the bonus game
Lucky Drop From 1 to 2 Based on the result of the bonus game
Boom or Bust From 0 to 1 Based on the result of the bonus game
PowerUP 3 Depending on the multiplier that came out, between x2 and x5

Maximum payout and RTP

The maximum win you can get playing Boom City is $500,000.

The theoretical optimal return to the player (RTP) stands at 96.21%, although depending on the various phases it can drop to 93.49%.

Boom City Win

Strategy and tricks to win in Boom City

As always, our first advice applies to every game and that is to study the rules well to better face the match that awaits you.

If you have already learned how the game phases work, the payouts for each round outcome, and the difference between the various types of bets through our guide, then you will definitely find yourself less indecisive and know how to make the right choices.

As for the game itself, place a bet on all six squares, stick to your predetermined budget as usual, and based on this, occasionally raise the stakes on the three bonuses: you may have to wait a few rounds before unlocking one, but the potential winnings with Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust are unmatched anywhere else.

PowerUp Boom City

Graphics and sounds

Boom City will give you a highly immersive experience from the first impact.

The environment is that of the most classic TV game shows, with virtual graphics to make everything even more electrifying, against the surrounding backdrop of a nocturnal metropolis.

While the presenter will comment on the various phases of the game, the various shots will take you around the studio, even showing you the dice shakers up close.

The colors of the outline change depending on the unlocked bonuses, but obviously you will be more interested in the new graphics of the maxi screen, which will assume other compositions from the 6x6 grid, offering you the games Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust.

Boom City Dice

More similar game shows to try

If you liked Boom City and in particular its 'package' with three bonus games, then other game shows with multiple modes could be for you, above all the beloved Crazy Time Live .

Also the wheel of Dream Catcher can give you many unpredictable surprises, if instead you are looking for something to do with dice, you would surely have a lot of fun even playing with the bonuses of MONOPOLY Live e MONOPOLY Big Baller .

And if you too have fallen in love with the Boom or Bust bonus game, the choice here becomes simple: Cash or Crash , where you always decide whether to continue playing or cash out.

Conclusions of the review

Boom City is certainly something that was missing in the panorama of live game shows and which, fortunately, has finally arrived!

What at first may seem like the classic dice game quickly takes on the traits of a futuristic and visionary gameplay, where each double roll gives us the opportunity to obtain winnings indicated by multipliers or unlock one of the three bonus games.

Our eyes are obviously focused on the big screen that fills up with colored segments, hoping that even the dice shakers have done their job. Then, who knows, it will be time to play the bonus, where the graphics and game modes change, but certainly not the quality of the 360-degree experience and our level of involvement.

On the contrary, with Boom or Bust, the player decides whether to withdraw the winnings or continue, climbing the eight-level ladder with the help of the Hyper Jump feature. And even the jump in prizes will be extravagant!

Frequent questions

To start playing Boom City, you will need to place a bet on at least one of the six squares in front of you on the screen, divided among the three Bronze 1x, Silver 2x, and Gold 5x multipliers, and the three bonus games Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust.
You can find this Pragmatic Play game show in the live game catalogs of major online casinos, including LeoVegas and StarCasino.
No. Being a live game show and therefore taking place live, the game does not offer any demo version that allows you to play with virtual credits.
The maximum win that can be achieved in a single round is $500,000. Once the win is paid out, the main game or bonus round will resume as usual.
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