Adventures Beyond Wonderland

A fantastic journey beyond Wonderland!

Inspired by the famous novel with Alice, Adventures Beyond Wonderland recreates a world where fantasy and reality blend, while the characters of the story accompany us along the Bonus adventures. Ready to discover how deep the White Rabbit's hole is?

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Adventures Beyond Wonderland Review

Welcome to a world where anything is possible, where fortunes never stop turning and each round can allow you to dive deeper and deeper into a land full of wonders.

This live game show was developed by the leading provider Playtech , former author among others of The Greatest Cards Show Live , therefore a guarantee in terms of high quality gaming experience and engaging storylines.

Inspired by Lewis Carroll's famous novel, recently celebrated in the cinema by director Tim Burton in the film starring Mia Wasikowska (Alice) and Johnny Depp (the Mad Hatter), Adventures Beyond Wonderland promises to be an unprecedented journey, where every spin of the wheel can lead you to encounter eccentric characters and explore Bonus rounds full of surprises and exciting wins.

So let's get ready to go on fantastic adventures, heading to Alice's Wonderland and beyond!

Adventures Beyond Wonderland: schermata di presentazione di Playtech
Data sheet Adventures Beyond Wonderland
Providers: Playtech
RTP: 96,82%
Functions: Bonus Games; Multipliers
Minimum bet: 0,10$
Maximum bet: 500$ 
Maximum win: 500.000$

Where to play Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Officially launched by Playtech in November 2020, Adventures Beyond Wonderland quickly became a must-play title for players seeking an exhilarating experience and generous rewards.

You can find this game in the game show section of the Live casino Of Snai , StarCasino , William Hill e Betfair , where you can play live and for real money.

Of course, taking place live, there is no demo version of the game show, so get ready to gamble on your success.

To get started on the right foot, you can take advantage of one of many Welcome Bonus offered by Online casino . Just remember to read the terms and conditions to find the complete list of games on which you can use the promotion.

What is Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is an exciting live game with two wheels (main and Bonus), hosted as usual by a presenter (in this case always a female) who, together with the White Rabbit, will accompany you throughout the main game and beyond, heading towards Wonderland.

By placing your bets, you can try to win regular prizes or the Wonderspins Bonus round, which follows the White Rabbit to Wonderland, where the Bonus wheel spins to award as many multipliers as possible and enhance the final prize.

Pay attention also to the Mystery section that assigns a random Bonus, while the same Brucaliffo, just before the result of the main wheel is revealed, could grant you a surprise power-up to multiply one of the bets on the numbers.

The game comes alive even more when the wheel lands on the Magic Dice mini-game section.

Your goal here is to move across a 4x6 grid, from bottom to top, to reach the 100x multiplier!

Adventures Beyond Wonderland: le puntate

How to play Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Given the necessary premises, we are finally ready to go and discover together how deep the rabbit hole is.

In the following sections, we will explain the game mechanics and its unique features. We will start by analyzing the types of bets and then begin an actual game, focusing on the outcomes of the wheel. After that, we will discover the winnings and the characteristic features of the Bonus games.

We will then provide you with information on the payout and the return to player (RTP), analyze the graphics and sound, before closing with our tips and strategies to help you win the highest prizes offered by this game show.

Presentatrice Adventures Beyond Wonderland

The betting stage

To participate in the round, you must place your bet on at least one of the eight positions drawn on the bottom of the screen and associated with the different segments of the wheel: 1, 2, 5, 10, Magic Dice, 2 Wonderspins, or 5 Wonderspins.

Through the trail bet you can also place your chips on the different positions simply by sliding your finger or the mouse cursor on the numerical track.

Conduct and outcome of the round

As for the mechanics of the main wheel, this is divided into 54 sections, 46 of which are reserved for the four numbers:

If you bet on 1, 2, 5 and/or 10 and the wheel stops on that number you get the corresponding payout (we will study the payouts in detail later).

In the same way, by aiming for Magic Dice, 2 Wonderspins, 5 Wonderspins, you can participate in these Bonus games if the wheel stops on the associated segment, while if the result is the Mystery section, the round is resolved with the random choice between two other Bonus games (to participate, you just need to have an active bet on any outcome).

P.S: Running out of time for the episodes, the Brucaliffo, while the wheel set in motion by the presenter is still spinning, could add a Power-Up to one of the four numbers, namely a multiplier that would enhance the corresponding prize.

Let's discover the bonus stages now!

Ruota della Fortuna Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland: Bonus games

As you may have already guessed, the wonders of Adventures Beyond Wonderland are mainly hidden within its multiple Bonus mini-games. Here too, everything depends on our bets and the outcome of the main wheel.

Wonderspins and Bonus Wheel rounds

To participate in the Bonus Wheel game, it is necessary to place a bet on the positions 2 Wonderspins and/or 5 Wonderspins and for the same section of the Wonderspins bet to be the result of the wheel.

The Bonus Wheel consists of two wheels: one inside and one outside. The inner wheel results are randomly determined by a RNG extension (random number generator), on the contrary the outer wheel is moved by the presenter.

The inner wheel is divided into 12 sections which show the value of different multipliers and additional spin icons:

The outer wheel is instead made up of 54 sections:

I Wonderspins Bonus in Adventures Beyond Wonderland

First of all, the result of the inner wheel is revealed and highlighted on the screen along with one of the characters from Wonderland, after which the outer wheel is also spun, based on the number of Wonderspins available, and the final result of the latter determines the win of the Bonus round.

The accumulated multiplier value (several multipliers are added and not multiplied) is always visible on the game screen and is updated constantly.

Example: The result of the inner wheel is +10, after which the Dormouse icon is revealed on the screen: the Dormouse's default multiplier is 3x and becomes 13x. The outer wheel then starts spinning and the result is the Cheshire Cat: it means that your Wonderspins bet is multiplied by the Cheshire Cat's default multiplier (12x).

Dettaglio Bonus sulla ruota di Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Mystery section bonus

To participate in one of the two Mystery Bonuses, all you need is an active bet on any position on the table. Once the wheel stops on the Mystery section, only one Bonus is randomly chosen among:

During the first one, you will see 4 Soldier Cards arranged face down on the game screen, along with four buttons with the card suits aligned with the Soldier Cards. Each suit will be linked to a hidden multiplier (randomly selected from a series of multipliers).

You will have to choose one of the suits and press the corresponding button (if you don't decide in time, a suit will be randomly selected). Once the time is up, the multipliers will be revealed and your total bet will be multiplied.

Example: Your total bet is 7.5$ on 3 bet positions: 5$ on bet position number 1, 2$ on bet position number 10, 0.5$ on 2 Wonderspins. The wheel stops on the Mystery section and the Bonus of the Soldier Card's Mystery Bet Multiplier is randomly selected. You select a suit with a hidden 2x multiplier: you receive a prize of 7.5$ x 2 = 15$.

As for the Free Spin Multiplier of the Sultan, you don't have to take any action: the Sultan will add a spin after the Bonus round, and each betting position receives a special multiplier that is applied during the respin.

Example: Your total bet is 7.5$ on 3 bet positions: 5$ on the bet on number 1, 2$ on the bet on number 10, 0.5$ on 2 Wonderspins. The Brucaliffo's Mystery Free Spin Multiplier is 5x for the bet on number 1, 4x for the bet on number 10, and 3x for the Wonderspins. The main wheel spins and the result is 10. In this case, the initial bet is returned for the corresponding number bet, so your prize is 2$ x (10 x 4) + 2$ = 82$.

Note: If instead the outcome of the respin is the 2 Wonderspins section, you access the Bonus Wheel with the default multipliers of the characters multiplied by 3x.

Accesso ai Wonderspins

The Magic Dice mini-game

If you have bet on this Bonus and the wheel stops on the appropriate section, the Magic Dice mini-game begins, where you will first have to decide whether to follow the red dice or the white ones (if you don't decide in time, the dice will be randomly selected).

The game grid will then be shown, divided into 4 rows and 6 columns. At the base of each column, there is a dice value, from 1 to 6: your goal is to advance upwards, row by row, and your path is determined by the value of the dice after shuffling (a red and a white dice are thrown each time).

There are three types of boxes that determine the progress of the game:

Magic Dice: il lancio dei dadi

The maximum number of rolls that can be obtained from a die is equal to four, in cases where you get the box
Feed and 2x Multiplier or Feed on first row and Feed boxes on second and third row.

Note that the final result of the multiplier is multiplied by the Magic Dice bet, while the initial bets are not returned.

It is also possible that the mini-game Magic Dice derives from the result of the Bonus Multiplier of the Brucaliffo's Mystery Spin, in this case the multiplier of the first Bonus is applied to all the multipliers on the grid, except for the Advancement and 2x Multiplier squares.

La griglia Magic Dice di Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland payout

On the following table we see in detail the payments associated with each possible outcome of the wheel.

Bet type Payouts
1 1:1
2 2:1
5 5:1
10 10:1
2 Wonderspins Based on the result of the Bonus
5 Wonderspins Based on the result of the Bonus
Magic Dice Based on the result of the Bonus

Maximum win and RTP

The maximum win limit is $500,000, which can only be achieved through the Wonderspins Bonus Wheel or the Magic Dice mini-game.

The theoretical maximum RTP (return to player) percentage is 96.82%, although, as shown in the table, this figure may vary according to the type of bet.

Bet type RTP
1 96,82%
2 96,69%
5 96,58%
10 96,70%
2 Wonderspins 96,66%
5 Wonderspins 96,67%
Magic Dice 96,58%

Strategy and cheats for Adventures Beyond Wonderland

To increase your chances of success, there is nothing better than adopting a good game strategy, along with knowledge of some tricks that can help you get the most out of this game show.

For example, a practical advice that I always give is to learn the rules and functionalities of the game well, including the various types of bets available. This way you will be able to choose the one that best suits your goals and preferences.

Furthermore, it is always good practice to follow a precise plan of bankroll management , setting a budget before you start playing and never exceeding it, so you don't spend more than you're willing to lose.

If you aim for higher earnings, I recommend regularly betting on the Bonus Wonderspins and Magic Dice features (also consider the trailing bet that allows you to save time). As we have seen in the previous sections, these mini-games offer the highest winning opportunities, and if you are lucky, you could take home really substantial prizes.

Il Bianconiglio di Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Graphics and sounds

The vivid and captivating graphics recreate an immersive and fairy-tale atmosphere that will make you feel as if you are truly inside the world of Wonderland.

The game on the wheel and the bonus rounds are presented with smooth and entertaining animations, while the characters from Wonderland come to life on the screen and the environments stand out for their bright colors and realistic textures.

The sophisticated and engaging soundtrack serves as a background to the voices of the presenter and the Brucaliffo. Every event, such as the rotation of the wheels or the activation of the Bonus, is accompanied by characteristic and well-crafted sounds that enhance the gameplay, making it even more exciting!

Adventures Beyond Wonderland: la grafica

Game show similar to Adventures Beyond Wonderland

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If, on the other hand, you are a fan of prize wheels, I suggest you try the hugely popular ones Crazy Time Live , MONOPOLY Live e Dream Catcher with the quality guarantee of the provider evolution .

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Conclusions of the review

For fans of Lewis Carroll's novel, the films, and more, Adventures Beyond Wonderland is, as the name suggests, a collection of adventures that go beyond Alice's Wonderland.

The immersive atmosphere in which we are welcomed, composed of the characters and environments of the story that are enhanced in all their liveliness and brilliance by the 3D graphics engine, also serves as a backdrop for the bonuses and special features that increase variety and fun.

The different types of bets and an RTP that goes well over 96% make the gaming experience complete and satisfying.

Fantasy and therefore reality merge, inviting us to take part in an extraordinary journey. Are you ready to dive in?

Frequent questions

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is a live game show based on Playtech's prize wheels, which takes you into an immersive world inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland.
Yes, there are several special features and bonuses that increase the variety and fun of the game. Among these are the Wonderspins Bonus Wheel and the Magic Dice mini-game.
The theoretical percentage RTP is 96.82% when betting on the number 1. The figure drops slightly when choosing the other betting options.
Yes, the game show is also available on mobile devices, so you can play wherever and whenever you want by connecting, for example, through the apps or websites of Snai, StarCasino, William Hill, and Betfair.
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