Casino Crash Games (Quick Games)

The new trend of online casinos, now also

A complete guide to the latest trend of online casino games. Becoming extremely popular in crypto casinos, crash games have recently been introduced in the catalogs of online operators. The operation is always the same: cash in or... crash.

The best casinos to play crash games


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List of crash games & quick games reviewed by us

Below are the reviews of the games we have dealt with so far:


Fireworks crashes


What are crash games?

Have you ever heard the word “crash games“? We are not talking about video games, but about one of the most growing trends of the moment, which has entered the universe of video games just a few years ago Online casino .

These are actually games that first became popular in the cryptocurrency casino and only recently landed on legal sites with a regular license for remote gaming. Be careful though, in our country the casinos regulated by the Customs agency and monopolies (Legal) have nothing to do with crypto casinos, and have simply adopted these games produced by providers such as Pragmatic play , without involving any cryptocurrency transactions.

The development of a game is quite simple and, given its original connection to cryptocurrencies, some of you will notice the similarity with "virtual stock market" games: the objective, as the name suggests, is to cash in our money before the value crashes!

In this guide, we will explain everything about crash games, starting from how they work, going through the legal casinos where you can already find some under the game categories "soft games" and "quick games".

Can I play crash games?

Yes, but only in their version without cryptocurrencies. As mentioned, these games were born and continue to be one of the main attractions in crypto casinos; it is a trend that is currently popular abroad, while they have recently entered, albeit in various variants.

In fact, as we well know, casino games involving crypto transactions are not currently regulated in our country, which is why crash games offered in casinos only accept bets in euros and are often included in the soft games or quick games section to differentiate them from other games. Online Slots , along with other instant games like scratch cards, to be clear.

We are certain that the phenomenon will soon become popular in our country, which is why as you scroll down the page, you will also be able to read about the most commonly used strategies and a couple of "tricks" that will allow you to make the most of these games right away.

To get an idea of ​​what we're talking about, you can already take a look at a trailer of Aviator , a quick game offered in the catalog by some operators, such as Sisal e StarCasino .

How do crash games work?

Graphically, we see a parabola that rises, increasing the payout of the bet, until it "crashes" and stops the increase in value. If you cash out before the crash, you receive the winnings; otherwise, you lose any chance of a prize and, of course, the bet.

Timing and strategy are our best weapons in a game of this type, but we'll see later how we can use them to increase our chances of success.

First of all, the skill lies in predicting the peak of the trajectory, then being able to collect at the point of maximum payout before our bet "crashes".

As soon as we place our bet, on the screen we will see a curve rising, representing the multiplier of the payout: the higher the value, the higher our winnings will be.

However, we must remember not to wait too long, the curve will collapse sooner or later and we can kiss our hopes of ending the round with a win goodbye.

As we have seen, their operation is very similar to investments in cryptocurrencies or stocks: we put our money in because we hope for an increase in price, but everything will obviously depend on the market trend. And on our skill in withdrawing the bet before the crash.

How to play crash games?

We are talking about games that are quite intuitive in their basic functioning and also very simple to play. A session is normally divided into the following three phases:

Spaceman (Pragmatic Play) is offered by BetFlag, LeoVegas and StarCasino

Did you know that…?

Spaceman is one of the very first "crash" version quick games created by the famous provider Pragmatic Play. The crypto-free version is available in many regulated online casinos, such as Snai , PokerStars , NetBet e LeoVegas .

Why play crash games?

We are not surprised that crash games have also taken hold outside of crypto casinos, such as, for example, where we find them within the soft games and quick games categories.

As it is clear, these are unique games of their kind and able to offer us different betting opportunities from those we were used to until recently.

Nothing to do with hoping to get the perfect score in blackjack or the number we bet on in roulette. With crash games we play on another field.

Still not convinced? We give you three more reasons to think again:

Strategies for winning at casino crash games

Although luck remains a crucial factor (as well as in soft games and quick games), by implementing some very simple strategies we can have a better chance of ending the round with a win.

Below we explain some of the most commonly used methods to win crash games.

1. Auto Cashout Strategy

Don't want to run the risk of blowing your pot due to excessive waiting? Then this method is the right one.

The automatic cashout strategy is very simple: before the start of the round, establish the value of the multiplier to cash out automatically (Auto Cashout), then you can sit back and observe the result.

You can choose to set a minimum value multiplier (x1.5) or go up the scale (x5). The higher the multiplier, the greater the chances of crashing, but the potential winnings amount will be much more substantial.

2. Bonus strategy

If you consider yourself a person with nerves of steel, you could then opt for the bonus strategy. Some quick games offer an extra prize for the last player who manages to cash out before the crash.

Does your favorite crash game offer no bonuses? You can always console yourself with one of many Bonuses of the casino!

3. Martingale system

The Martingale system (in martingale), already known for table games such as the Roulette , is easy to understand and also apply to crash games as well as soft games and quick games.

Simply put, it's about doubling your bet amount when you lose and then going back to your original bet after a win.

However, this "doubling strategy" is not for everyone: players with a limited budget will not be able to offset gradual losses with their bankroll, whereas high rollers will have fewer problems.

TNT (Giocaonline provider), offered by Lottomatica

Play casino crash games on mobile

Like all casino games, this type can also be played on both PCs and devices mobile such as tablet or smartphone.

Of course, on a mobile screen we expect more compact graphics, but all the functions of the game will be present.

In summary, we can have our favorite quick games and soft games always at hand… literally!

Are crash games legal?

You ask if they are legal in our country, given that they come from crypto casinos without regular licenses? The answer is yes. We remind you that online gambling is completely legal, as long as we are on the website of a legal online casino.

It is therefore a question of complying with all the regulations on remote gaming and therefore operating under the supervision of the Customs and Monopolies Agency (Legal).

Whether they are soft games like the explosive TNT, which we find on the site of Goldbet , or quick games like the much appreciated Aviator , powered by and also featured in the Arcade games section of StarCasino , each of these games can be played carefree and responsible on online casino sites with a regular Legal license.

Are crash games rigged?

You don't have to worry at all as long as you bet on a legally licensed online casino site.

In Italy, all casino games must be certified by an independent testing laboratory listed among the companies approved by Legal. Once approval is obtained, before being launched on the sites, the game must undergo a certification process by Legal itself.

This ensures the regularity of the game mechanics, from the theoretical odds of distribution of winnings (RTP) to the random number generator ( RNG extension ) which must be synchronized correctly.


In summary, all quick games and crash games, soft games, and quick games offered by online casinos certified by Legal are reliable and safe, 100%. Thanks to their simple but innovative gameplay mechanics, we are almost certain that this category will become increasingly popular in the coming years!

While waiting to find out when and how these new online games will evolve, we invite you to browse our portal and discover the other game categories we deal with!

Frequent questions

Casino crash games are a new type of online casino games where you have to collect your winnings before it crashes. In these games, we see a line rising parallel to the multiplier until it collapses. If you cash out before the crash, you win. Otherwise, the bet is lost.
The main reason is that the operation of crash games can resemble the operations of those who deal with cryptocurrencies: one is attentive to the price movements of their investments, with the constant risk that things can go wrong at any moment. Cashing out before the crash is a necessary move, just like in these new online casino games.
You can find this type of game under the denomination of soft games, quick games or arcade games on the sites of Goldbet, Sisal and StarCasino.
In our opinion, Aviator is the best crash game currently available. As mentioned by the provider Spribe, the success of Aviator is perhaps due to its great winning potential: with a bet of just 1$, you can reach a winning of 1,000$ thanks to the 100x multiplier.
Playing is very simple and intuitive! You just need to select the bet value and then click on the button to place a bet before the "roll" starts. Once about 10 seconds of waiting are over, a new round of the game begins and it is up to the player to decide when to cash out (withdraw the winnings), of course before the game crashes!
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